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Me & My Friend's Enjoyed My Wife -- Desi Gangbang Story
10-07-2014, 05:55 PM
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Part -1

I am Tripti, fair and good looking married female in my mid thirties having fully ripe body and bit fleshy physical assets. I would like to start by saying that this is about when I cheated my husband for the first time and I feel the reason of that was none other than my husband itself.

Nearly after seven years of my marriage with Sharad I started realizing that now I will never get sexually fully satisfied like I use to in the beginning of my marriage and like I always needed. I feel that I have a very active sex drive in comparison to normal Indian female and unfortunately I am married to male who is just opposite, my husband is a low desiring male as compared to normal man.

Initially for nearly couple of years my husband Sharad was good and consistent in bed and he use to think about my physical needs too but gradually his business went on flourishing and he went on going busier in minting money and especially after birth of a child his priorities changed drastically.

It was not that sex was totally vanished from my life, but it was very infrequent hardly once or maximum twice in a month and that is when he (my husband) needed, and with that more or less Sharad never succeeded in retaining himself inside me till my climax and hardly bothered about my demand and mood.

I can easily say that 100 out of 100 times when I asked my husband to get intimate he said no to it because at that time either he was busy with the work he use to get at home or he use to be tired of working for whole day. Truly speaking financially we were always in very comfortable position but it was never enough for my husband, he went on going mad over making money and increasing his assets and in that time span I started feeling starved for physical love.

We went through arguments regarding this problem many times but it really did not changed much as far as my sex life was concerned. Slowly I accepted my fate and like unmarried time I started masturbating and watching blue films in solitude, for some time I got satisfied but gradually fisting also failed in full filling my lust and desire of manly love and I started feeling frustrated over tiny matters and slowly started getting into some sort of depression.

Things changed a bit, one day Sharad’s first cousin Anurag whom I never met till that day came to our place with his close friend Deepak to stay for few days. Anurag and Deepak were planning to do some professional course from here and he was planning to stay in the same town, rather nearby our house while doing his course and in week’s time after getting admission in one institute he spoke to Sharad that he is seeking a house on rent nearby to live.

My Husband casually told them to continue staying with us and they agreed for that for the time being, till they will not get kind of accommodation they are looking. Although in those days I was really very starved for sex but truly speaking as such at that time I did not had anything like that in my mind for anyone of them,

rather since Anurag and Deepak were here I was little uneasy as in past before their arrival I use to roam in the house very freely without bothering what I am wearing but as they started living with us I got restricted to wear proper Indian outfits, like Sari or Salwar Kameez with proper Duppta on my shoulders and slowly my uneasiness increased as many times I found these two males staring at my sexual assets,

especially Anurag who always smiled whenever I caught him staring at me and my body lustfully. Although initially I did not found Deepak staring at me but nevertheless he was a male of same age group and nobody could stop him from getting spoiled in Anurag’s company, in next couple of days I found Deepak too getting into same mode,

I found him staring at me numerous times but unlike Anurag he never smiled while looking at me when he realized that I have seen him ogling at my physical assets rather he always got conscious and tried to go away from my vision, nature wise Deepak was little shy and not at all like Anurag who seemed very cunning to me.

Anyway like this initially things went on going bad for me, my husband was working six days a week or sometimes even seven days and these two had five day week institute and in weekdays too leaving around 9 both of them use to come at home around 5 and my husband use to come home around 8 or sometimes around 9 and initially I was really very uncomfortable because of all this.

I really don’t know how but gradually nearly in two weeks time my uneasiness started changing its face and awareness of this fact that Anurag and Deepak look at me lustfully started occupying my mind heavily and when they were not around me I started missing them a bit and don’t know how I started feeling aroused and bit horny about them.

It was my lust which was raising its head, certainly in the beginning I was not ready to accept this truth within myself that somewhere I am also lusting over any of them, even though I was sexually starved because of my husband’s disinterest in sex. Truly speaking I tried a lot not to think about sex keeping Anurag and Deepak in mind but really failed, I was always over conscious about my appearance in their presence and always assumed that they are looking at me.

Gradually lust started rising further in me and made me go out of my mind in assuming things, once I was watching a Hindi movie in solitude in the mid day and there was a zabardasti scene which made me think about them and for next few days I started assuming that they might attempt a fuck on me,

this mind set aroused me so much that I started remaining wet for some time and finally tranquilized my urge by masturbating by visualizing myself getting roughly handled by these two. Being a faithful wife I tried to find a way out too to control my filthy mind, I decided to lock myself in my bedroom in the evening, just to avoid seeing them and to get out of their vicious eyes and that really turned bad for me for the moment and increased my lust a lot.

On the very first day after leaving my son in the neighborhood to play with a child of a same age I came to my bedroom and bolted the door from inside and switched on the television and tried to spend time but I was realizing that I am restless because I wanted to masturbate.

I was not touched by my husband from more than one month and above that because of bit of guilt feeling I did not even masturbated from nearly one week, guilt because from last fewer times I was realizing that while masturbating I could not control myself thinking about these two and just to keep all this out of mind I stopped masturbating.

But that day I was not in my control, I was somewhat desperate to masturbate and I convinced myself that there is nothing wrong in assuming things. Deep inside I was attracted towards Deepak, he was bit shy and timid in talking to me, I wanted to assume that I am dominating him and he is fucking me the way I am asking.

As I said sometimes I use to watch blue movies while fisting my fuckhole that day once again after a long time I thought about playing a blue movie while masturbating and did that, after inserting a disc into a DVD player I took of my Salwar and Panty completely and came to bed. It was sheer co incident that the disc I took out was having a 3some video at the beginning

and that is of two males and a single female and at that instant lust was at its peak into my gesture and as such there was nothing which could stop me visualizing myself on place of that middle aged voluptuous slut who was getting banged by two very masculine males which I assumed are Anurag and Deepak.

I got so aroused that climaxed just in 2-3 minutes, when those males were just licking and sucking that female and real penetration was very far from there, I was exhausted and for a moment I felt guilty too but more than that I was feeling bit relaxed and once again I convinced myself that I have not done anything wrong as I have not done anything in reality.

Anyway that evening ended more or less there, I took a nap and came out of the room around 8 when my husband was about to come home. After that day onwards I continued this routine for a week and next couple of days I saw that particular movie in parts while masturbating, till they fucked that female up to their limits and assumed myself getting fucked by two comfortably without feeling any guilty.

Must mention that in those couple of days I was realizing that assumption of getting fucked by two is much more arousing then the other, the one in which I use to assume me getting fucked by Deepak alone. Some more time passed like that once again I became regular in masturbating and I starting taking shower at the time when I use to be alone in the house so that I can masturbate.

Apart from this to my surprise now gradually I was also getting comfortable with Anurag’s and Deepak’s nasty eyes, especially Anurag’s and I started chit chatting with them and started assuming Anurag fucking me alone too. Outwardly I never showed any physical attraction to them, rather to show them my clean intentions I started addressing them with Bhaiya after their name,

even though they were much younger than me and certainly I never thought about cheating my husband at that instant, I was just feeling comfortable with fantasizing and living with these two as a friend, although I was well aware of this fact that deep inside, both Deepak and Anurag has a hell of lust for me and now both stare me even more and really don’t care even if I will catch them.

Very soon my mindset started changing again, as I said I was regular in masturbating assuming these two, sometime together and sometimes separately and with time once again because too much of masturbating I started losing interest in that and gradually my eagerness to get a real physical pleasure increased a lot.

Even then like a faithful wife I did not gave a thought to cheating my husband and tried to find out the solution one more time and went through an argument with my husband for this and for an instant my husband Sharad understood my physical need and fucked me up to his limit, not mine but his that enthusiasm ended too, just in two days,

when he was asked to put a quotation for a real big order by some foreign buyer, which was almost triple of his capacity and he somehow managed grab that opportunity. Like that once again after hardly two-three days of tiny sex, my life came back on old track and to add up my disappointment Anurag and Deepak told us that they have found the accommodation they were seeking.

I don’t know what was happening to me; some time back I desperately wanted them to go out of my house but that instant when I heard that they are shifting I got depressed, although I did not reflected any such expressions from my gesture but somewhere deep inside I was sad, I was realizing that in last couple of weeks our frankness was increasing and I was enjoying this friendly relation with Anurag and Deepak.

Anyway in next three days they shifted and the bad part was unlike they needed there new accomation was bit far from our house rather it was closer to their institute and for the time being my connection broke with them. Once again I was alone as my husband was busy in completing his order before target date and this time my isolation was even more killing,

because of Anurag and Deepak I was bit out of loneliness for some time and when I again got alone I felt like crying and I cried too sometimes in the mid day or in the night. Nearly in one week or bit more I started realizing that I am at the peak of frustration as out of seven days my husband use to come home hardly for three or four nights,

for him it was his lifetime opportunity to get an international exposure in his concerned profession, moreover few foreigners of the buying house for whom he was working this time were suppose to come to his unit to check safety measures and work environment so along with working in late hours he started making his production unit according to their standards and to do that he started living there day and night.

While being alone at home in the mid day once again I started masturbating and this time my thoughts were not at all in my control, this time I started assuming myself getting brutally fucked by these two and I literary enjoyed that for the time being but gradually my lust rose so much that I failed to convince myself that whatever I am thinking is morally wrong,

slowly I was getting so desperate to get a manly treatment that I was not ready to think about anything like ethics or morals and after assuming lot of things I started thinking about cheating my husband and trapping Deepak into my lust. In spite of this fact that I use to enjoy fantasizing two of them fucking me at the same time,
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10-07-2014, 05:56 PM
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practically for me it was not possible to approach both of them so among two I chose Deepak because he was shy in nature and I could see that he will be any day safer then Anurag as far as privacy of this matter is concerned. I made few statements within myself to give him a hint about my desire, to speak to him on phone but never succeeded in gathering courage to call him to say all that.

Couple of days passed in this perplexing mind state and I failed to even call Deepak, I just continued assuming things that how I will take him on bed and what all I am going to do with him after taking his clothes off and every time my lust reached to its peak I ended up by masturbating while fantasizing myself on top and fucking Deepak furiously in my bedroom and this really increased my frustration and I went on going more and more desperate.

Finally my desperation got relieved and I got fucked but not like I was expecting. I remember week was about to end and while going to his production Unit on Friday morning my husband Sharad told me that now he will return home straight on Sunday morning.

I tried to spoke to him one more time about my loneliness but like always he started giving me logics and disappointed me. Somewhere deep inside I was really eager for this opportunity and within myself I decided to go for it in these two days. I called Deepak once casually and asked him how is everything going, are they settled or not and he spoke to me gladly,

I was thinking about giving him a hint that I am missing him but at that time nothing came out of my mouth. Next after around an hour once again I gathered some courage and I called him again, I planned to give him some task, I told him to arrange one filled LPG cylinder for me as the one I am using is about to end.

It can be assumed easily by readers that from my side I did that with pure intentions to call him at my home when nobody is here, as far as LPG was concerned I never faced any problem, I had a no. of a local supplier who use to deliver me gas cylinder within two hour whenever I needed.

Anyway Deepak promised me on phone that he will come and get my spare vacant cylinder and get the filled one, as expected though out remaining day I was desperately waiting for Deepak to come. It may seem funny to readers but truly speaking once again I started assuming things and went on going wetter and wetter in my Panty.

Though I felt like masturbating many times but I controlled myself as now I was confident that this time anyhow I will speak to Deepak and we will get laid on bed. But I was wrong; it was not so easy, Deepak came to my place to get an empty cylinder somewhere around 5 and told me that he will be back soon with a filled one.

He was in so much hurry that he did not waited for me to serve him even water. After Deepak’s exit I bought my son in the neighborhood to give him play time with his companion with sheer intentions for being alone at home at his arrival with a filled cylinder.

Although my heart was pounding high with the kind of intentions I was having for Deepak after his arrival but some sort of lust was driving me and I was somewhat sure that I will be able to hold him here only and get on bed with him quickly. Unfortunately nothing like that happened.

Deepak came back nearly in 25-30 minutes and entered in the house while holding a filled cylinder and straightaway went to the backyard where I keep that and came back and once again seemed in hurry. I asked him if he wants to have tea, but he refused and tried to get away by just saying “nahi Bhabhi..abhi main jaldi mein hun”, I asked him the reason of being in hurry and he told me that he has a plan to go for a movie with Anurag and few other friends.

I got disappointed and before I would have spoken anything to stop him he moved out of the house by saying “achha main chalta hun”. For a moment I felt like crying, all my hopes, all my efforts to bring him here alone got shattered in a moment and for an instant I could not think anything.

I came out of the house and took a long walk and decided to give up trying all that and tried to talk to my husband but he did not picked my phone in first attempt, I called him again, this time he responded and straightaway asked me “Haan kya baat hai” means what is the matter?

I asked him if he can come tonight and requested him to come home, Sharad responded very badly to my request and told me not to disturb him again in very rude tone with few disgusting statements and his this behavior once again changed my mind I was burned deep inside in anger with Sharad’s behavior and I came back home after a long walk with a decision that I

have to cheat my husband anyhow and truly speaking I feel at that time my mind state was so weird that if anyone among Deepak and Anurag or both at the same time would have came in front of me I would have tore off my cloths then and there but unfortunately nothing like that happened.

Anyway something was running in my mind from the time I was back home and somewhere around 8:30 when I was somewhat sure that Deepak will be out of the auditorium I called him again and asked him if he can come again to connect the fresh cylinder as the one which was connected is finished and he agreed.

I asked him details of his location and found myself really very lucky when he told me that he is riding alone towards his home as Anurag has gone with some other friend to their accommodation. I immediately disconnected cylinder and bought in the new one from backyard and eagerly waited for me.

Finally Deepak came, just to connect the cylinder; and casually asked me when Sharad is going to come home, I told him that he will not come in the night and in continuation detailed him his whole program that now he will come straight on Sunday morning and I have to stay alone for two nights.

From my side I was giving him all this information intentionally with a hope that he will read my intentions but at that instant for me it was too much expectation from Deepak, he did not took my words that way and while fixing the regulator on the outlet of the cylinder casually told me to lock my doors from inside properly for security reason.

I don’t know what was happening to me, I wanted to ask him if he can stay here with me because I am scared but nothing came out of my mouth as just with a thought that what I am going to speak my heart beat went high and I got nervous and my uneasiness somewhat got significant from my face and in response Deepak asked me reason for that by asking “kya hua aap preshaan kyun ho rahe ho?”

I looked at his face, into his eyes and once again tried to gather some courage to speak my desire of getting intimate with him but ultimately failed and statement which came out of my mouth was just “mujhe akele bahut darr lagta hai….” Deepak smiled on my facial expressions as he could not read my mind and asked me “what is the reason to feel scared”

in sarcastic tone by saying “arre iss mein darne ki kya baat hai?” I was disappointed, from his words and from his expressions I could feel that he will not understand but for a instant I tried again and casually spoke bit about past saying that I use to feel secured when you two use to stay here by saying “jab aap dono yahan rahte the to security hoti thi…aaj kal to bahut darr lagta hai”.

“Bolo to hum dono fir se aa jaate hain yahan rahne” Deepak replied to my words and smiled a bit. I skipped my heart beat, somewhere deep inside I felt rapture, I felt that this time my words has clicked a bit, although from Deepak’s expressions I could see that, whatever Deepak has said was just a reflex statement and he has not guessed my intentions, he has just replied casually with a giggle without understanding anything.

At my end for me it was a moment which I could use and don’t know how I used that, certainly if I would have thought over whatever I was about to speak than I would have stopped but without giving a thought to what I am going to say I just uttered “dono nahi….sirf aap aa jaao aaj raat ke liye”.

My tone was timid and even I could not believe what I said, my heart was beating high and from Deepak’s initial expressions I could see that he has yet not understood what I meant as he smiled a bit but in few fractions when I continued looking into his eyes seriously without a flick, he understood and I saw his expressions changing a bit.

For me now it was not possible to step back, neither I wanted to step back, I was up with my words and now I wanted to break the bars and once again I gathered some courage and spoke out whatever came in my mind with a pounding heart while looking straight into Deepak’s eyes “Bhaiya main bahut akeli hun…Sharad ko mujh mein koi interest nahi hai….unko sirf paisa kamane se matlab hai”.

Deepak was stunned and from his expressions I could see that he could not believe whatever he heard, even I could not believe whatever I said, don’t know when and how my lust took me to this stage that I got ready to cheat my husband and spoke out everything clearly to the person I hardly knew from few months. “Bhabhi I hope you know what you are saying?”

Deepak replied in low voice in questioning tone just to confirm what he has understood. “haan…but aap please ye baat Anurag Bhaiya se matt aapki aur meri baat hai…aap mujhe achhe lagte ho, Anurag Bhabhi bahut cunning hain” I replied and gradually I could see that my confidence was rising and I was speaking everything clearly.

We saw in each other’s eyes for few seconds and finally Deepak uttered “ok”. I knew that he will get ready; certainly he was shy in nature but not at all a fool who would have said no to this opportunity. Although I could see that he was little uneasy but more than that he was delighted and his gesture was telling his mental state,

I feel he was in the state where he could not believe his luck and at my end even I was bit scared but somewhere deep inside I was feeling very happy as finally I was succeeded in breaking the bars and now there was nothing which could stop me fucking Deepak. Next Deepak told me that he will come to me late in the night,

I tried to stop him from going and told him to have dinner with me but he said that Anurag and few other friends are waiting for him on dinner at his place and he will come back to me after having dinner with them and giving Anurag some excuse.

Finally Deepak took leave from there with a promise that he will come around 11:30 and from his tone I could see that he was still bit nervous and I was somewhat desiring that gesture from him on the bed. It was a span of nearly two and half hour or may be bit less and only I know how I passed that time, initially I was feeling bit scared and insecure also bit of at fault but I remained wet and leaking too.

Virtually I had my dinner and fed my child too and bought him to the bed to make him sleep little early but mentally I was very restless and still could not believe whatever I did, while lying on the bed in the dark room with my son I started realizing that very soon all my fantasies of fucking Deepak are about to get real and I somewhat started day dreaming that I am dominating

and making him suck my fuckhole like I use to see in blue movies but never experienced and also I am riding over Deepak and fucking him madly while jumping on him and he is screaming in pleasure and pain but to my surprise destiny had something else for me for that night.

Anyway as I already knew very soon my son went into sleep, he was awake since morning and intentionally I never let him sleep in the mid day just to have hurdle free night with Deepak. I prepared guestroom to get laid with Deepak and came back to my room and waited for his arrival.

He came as he said around 11:30 and my nervous increased a bit as I saw into his eyes after opening the door. We smiled a bit and walked into the room silently, he asked me if my child is slept and I said yes to it. “kahan karna hai?” Deepak asked me again in bit hesitant voice while looking into my eyes and I replied by saying “guest room mein chalte hain”

“main shower lene ki soch raha tha….Aap bhi lelo” He spoke again and told me that he is thinking about taking a shower and suggested me to do that too and then stopped for a while and spoke again with timid voice and said “agar aapke wahan par baal hain to clean kar low… if it is possible….”

He paused for a fraction and then spoke again “aap please mind mat karna….” I smiled on his shyness a bit and just said ok to him. He went inside guestroom and then to the bathroom attached to that room and I came into my bathroom and shaved my fuckhole and took a quick shower.

At that time I was feeling really very glad and as such there was no sign of guilty in me, I came out and wore a long nighty after wearing fresh bra and panty and knocked the door of the guest room and entered slowly into that room.
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10-07-2014, 05:57 PM
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Part -2

Wearing shorts and undershirt Deepak was waiting for me on bed and once again we smiled as we saw in each other’s eyes. I sat down on the bed on the other side and rested my back on the back of the bed with a pillow and asked him that what excuse he has given to Anurag by saying “Anurag Bhaiya ko kya keh kar aaye ho?”

Deepak smiled a bit and replied by saying “kuch samajh hi nahi aa raha tha ki kya bahana lagaaun…iss liye usko saath hi le aaya”. I was surprised with what he said and initially could not believed what he said but he was right, before I would have reacted on his words he addressed Anurag’s name and called him in the room by saying “Anurag aaja Bhabhi aa gayi hai” and just then Anurag entered in the room from bathroom.

I was in utter shock and my heart started beating very high. Like Deepak, Anurag was also wearing shorts and undershirt and he walked slowly and sat down in front of me on the same bed bit far and continued looking into my eyes with a smiled and finally uttered in sarcastic tone “kya Bhabhi…? aap Deepu (nick name of Deepak) ko dene ke liye tyar ho aur mujhe nahi doge?...main to aapka asli devar hun…mera to pahla haq hai”

I was disappointed over my act of trusting Deepak and at that instant I could not decide how to react on this, I looked at Deepak, he was smiling, I looked at Anurag again and continued looking into his eyes without a flick and waited. Anurag spoke again “Aapne ye kaise soch liya ki aap Deepu ko kuch kahoge aur wo mujhe nahi batayega?....we are best friends”

Anurag paused and continued looking into my eyes and I moved my eyes from him in embarrassment.“So Sharad Bhaiya ko aap mein koi interest nahi hai…hmmm” Anurag spoke again and repeated my words spoken to Deepak few hours back to embarrass me and then continued speaking “…koi baat nahi hum to hain…? hum apni Bhabhi ko satisfy karenge”

he paused again and then spoke again “aap humen pahle bol dete..hum yahan se shift hi nahi hote”. I was uneasy but truly speaking from deep inside I did not wanted to do anything to avoid whatever they were about to do with me, I was aroused since morning and intentionally never tried to masturbate to ease out because I wanted to enjoy real pleasure

but I can easily say that still there was something which was scaring me or I don’t know if I was pretending that I am scared in front of them and sensing my mental state Anurag spoke again “Don’t worry Bhabhi… aapke saath koi zabardasti nahi hogi… I assure you aap bahut enjoy karoge… hum dono aapki bharpoor sewa karenge” he paused and then spoke again

“raat se lekar subah tak…aur fir subah se lekar raat tak…..Bhaiya to Sunday ko aayenge” “Cheeku(my son) ka kya karenge?” Deepak asked him in between, “wo subah dekhenge …? Abhi to shuru Karen” Anurag replied him by turning his face and then looked at me and extending his hand he rubbed his palm over my fleshy thigh over the cloth and asked me again

“aapne wahan ke baal saaf kar liye na…hmmmm?” I immediately removed his hand and went bit away from him and like last few minutes remained silent and continued looking into his eyes with nervous gesture and he spoke again “dikhaao na” and with that came closer to me and once again rubbed his hands over my thighs and tried to lift my nighty.

I stopped him and uttered “Bhaiya please” “kya please…Deepu ke saath karna hai hmmmm….? Mere saath nahi karna…. Maine aapka kya bigada hai…. Waise for your kind infornation Deepu se jayada mujhe experience hai ladki Chodne ka…” Anurag used the word Chodna for fucking, hardcore Slang which I barely use to listen but I knew its meaning very well and it aroused me a bit.

Once again Anurag tried to lift my nighty and once again I stopped him, although I could see that Anurag was getting excited and I will not be able to stop him anyhow. Next he took off his undershirt and got bare chest in a fraction and turning his face spoke to Deepak who was sitting bit far from us, he called him there to make me nude by saying “Aaja Nanga karte hain Bhabhi ko” and Deepak obeyed him and came closer to me.

Truly speaking if I would have desired to quit from there at that instant then I would have certainly succeeded, I knew that they cannot dare to do anything forcibly to me because houses in our colony are not very far and if I would have screamed and asked for help then people would have listened me but the matter is only if I would have desired.

I was burning in desire of getting fucked by someone, just because I was never fully satisfied by my husband from years and at that moment intentionally or unintentionally I decide to surrender and enjoy this moment. Both Deepak and Anurag were very close to me and as expected they tried to lift my nighty together and this time I lifted my arms reflecting some inadvertent hesitation to them and in a fraction I was just in bra and Panty in front of the duo.

My heart was already beating high and as I got exposed I started breathing even heavier, they threw my nighty on the floor very far and came further close to me. “ufff…. Bhabhi Kya Bowbe hain aapke” Whilesaying that Anurag tried to touch my breast and somewhat succeeded, I removed his hand immediately and tried to hide my deep cleavage and he rolled his hands down to my body

and caressed ample flesh of my thighs and hummed in pleasure and spoke again “Hmmmm…mazza aa gaya”, I removed his hands one more time but they were unstoppable. Next Deepak also moved ahead and they touched me together and I shivered deep inside strangely. “tu Bra khol main neeche se Nanga karta hun inko”.

Excitement was rising in all of us and Anurag was the only one who was expressing that excitement by speaking up naughty statements and his words were arousing me even more. In a moment Deepak got up and unhooked my tight bra from behind and took it out from my shoulders and just then Anurag pulled my legs and made me lie down and bought my panty down to my feet in a fraction and threw it away on the floor.

I was lying stark naked in my own guestroom in front of two guy and from there gesture I could see that they were stunned to see my voluptuous body, I was wet and aroused and exploding like a bomb from every inch of my fair and fleshy body. They were looking at me like hungry dogs, particularly at my fuckhole.

I tried to hide it behind my hands and between my thighs but Anurag kept my thighs apart and Deepak removed my hands forcibly, to see my exploding fuckhole clearly. As expected my pleasure juices were significant over my clean shaven fuckhole and I myself could smell the aroma of my liquid, “Hmmm…..Bhabhi aapki Chut se to pyar ki nadiyan bah rahi hain”

Anurag spoke as he saw me flooding from my fuckhole and his Hindi word Chut for fuckhole aroused me a bit and simply remained unmoved on the bed with bit spread thighs. Talking about me and my physical appearance, I am fair skinned good looking female of around 5”4’ with bit fleshy sexual assets, especially my erotically spread ass which is jutting out of my body significantly and has plenty of flesh to hold and caress.

I have thick fleshy thighs and arms and my breasts are also big and they always desire to get sucked madly since years, though I have bit of belly but still my body is exploding sex from every inch. Anyway I was lying on bed leaving myself totally on their disposal and next both Anurag and Deepak started taking off their remaining clothes and got stark naked in a fraction and slowly came closer to me.

They were erect and as I saw the size of their hard Penis, I felt my nipples getting even harder, they both were equally thick but Anurag was significantly long in length as compared to his friend and with a thought that I am going to get fucked by two at the same time, like I use to see in movies, I hissed in excitement and started breathing very heavy.

In a moment Deepak was playing with my milky juggs and while being partially on me Anurag started kissing me, for few seconds I kept my lips locked but Anurag went on sucking my soft rosy lips and slowly I surrendered and opened my mouth for him and he kissed me like a true lover and explored my mouth completely.

Deepak was rubbing my soft body with his hands and waiting for his turn to kiss me and after a minute Anurag stopped kissing me and Deepak started. I opened my mouth for him too and he also kissed me like my lover gave me full affection as if I am his girl friend.

Finally Deepak also stopped after couple of minutes and we looked at each other for few seconds as if we are deciding what to do next and just then Anurag spoke again to Deepak, he told him to suck my milks and said that he is going to suck my fuckhole and his Hindi words were “Tu doodh pee Bhabhi ka…main Chut chusta hun inki”.

Once again his hardcore Hindi slang aroused me up to the height that hissed loud in pleasure and started puffing continuously with a thought that now I am going to get sucked over my fuckhole. Being a regular watcher of porn movies, specifically from the time my husband started showing disinterest in sex,

I always wanted to experience this pleasure but my husband Sharad never felt like doing it, even though I use to suck him many times before getting him inside but he never thought about giving me this pleasure even after lot of persuasion from my side.

Anyway in a moment Anurag widened my fleshy thighs and moved his hand over my freshly shaved fuckhole and spoke again “Hai Bhabhi…kya chikni Chut hai aapki….mann kar raha hai poora ghus jaaun isske andar” with that he inserted his finger in my starved fuckhole and fisted me bit fast and I started moaning.

I don’t know if Anurag was speaking out Hindi erotic statements just to arouse me but certainly his slang was leaving impact on me and apparently I was getting out of my control, from my side I wanted to behave as if whatever is happening with me is against my will but because of Anurag’s continuous erotic comments, especially with the words Chut, Chodna, Nanga karna and were making me behave positively.

Anyway as Anurag said in a moment Deepak started sucking my milks and chewed my nipple to make me shudder in dual pleasure. Very soon, stopping fucking me with his finger Anurag widened my fleshy thighs further apart and buried his face into my crotch and immediately started licking my soft fuckhole like a dog and closing my eyes once again I shivered like never before and moaned loud with the initial touch of his thick and rough tongue over my wet fuckhole.

Deepak was sucking both of my nipples like a hungry child and along with that he was squeezing my milks brutally and I was enjoying that roughness over my heavy fleshy melons. Down there holding my thighs as wide as possible Anurag was moving his tongue over my fuckhole like a crazy lover.

For me feeling of that moment was so divine and weird that I felt as if I am going to burst just in few seconds and just in few seconds my moans rose high up and I started crying in pleasure. I was releasing fresh streams of my pleasure juices and my Devar was lapping every drop of my love juices like a thirsty animal.

I went on moaning in pleasure and in a minute or two I felt two fingers opening my fuckhole, Anurag was trying to get into my fuckhole deeper with his tongue and with that he started fisting my fuckhole with his finger, truly speaking it was a pleasure which I could not bear for even for a minute and I tried to stop him and pushing Deepak away I got up on the bed.

Anurag stopped and raised his face to see me and smiled while looking at my face and asked me “Bhabhi mazza aaya na”. I did not responded to his question, I was puffing hard while looking at both of my fuckers but truly speaking certainly I enjoying whatever they were doing with me but somehow I was still feeling hesitant to respond positively.”

Aaaja tu bhi taste kar meri Bhabhi ki Chut ka paani …. Bahut meetha hai” Anurag spoke to Deepak and called him down to suck my fuckhole and taste my pleasure juices as it is very sweet and they switched place. They pushed me on bed and once again I went on my back, Deepak went on my lower half and widened my thighs and started sucking my fuckhole tenderly and Anurag started kissing me again.

I responded to his kiss immediately like a bitch in heat and he explored my mouth thoroughly, I somewhat tasted my own pleasure juices in Anurag’s saliva and felt bizarre. Down there widening my fleshy thighs Deepak was licking my fuckhole and I could easily make out that the pleasure he was giving me was nowhere closer to the pleasure Anurag gave me few minutes back.

Deepak was hesitating a bit in sucking my fuckhole and truly speaking not only because of fuckhole sucking but from the overall way of loving and handling of a female like me I can easily say that Anurag was much better lover as compared to Deepak.

The way Anurag kissed me and explored my mouth was really amazing and after kissing the way he massaged my heavy breasts was very pleasurable, while squeezing my heavy milks he was pinching my nipples between his thumb and finger, just to make me shudder and hear my loud moans and I could not stop myself in reacting the way he was desiring me to.

By now widening my thighs down there, over my fuckhole Deepak was trying to suck me hard and gradually his hesitation was disappearing and he was doing good job and now my fuckhole was twitching in desire to get stuffed. I was moaning loud and I could see both the males were also very excited as they were hard like iron rod,

especially Anurag who was sitting beside me and now I was expecting that anyone among them is going to fuck me and I was getting desperate to feel the real pleasure of being a female after really long. I wanted Anurag to fuck me as I was expecting that he is will be more powerful and long lasting then Deepak but Anurag was not in mood to fuck me at that time, neither he wanted Deepak to fuck me.

He stopped Deepak from sucking me and widened my thighs further apart and somewhat ordered Deepak to hold my thighs tight and wide by saying “Achhe se khol aur kas ke pakad inki taange”. Deepak obeyed what his friend said and next moment Anurag started fisting my fuckhole brutally with two of his fingers.

I started crying in unbearable pleasure and my shrill cries excited him even more and he increased his speed of fucking my fuckhole and added another finger and started fisting me with three of this thick fingers brutally and spoke in anger and excitement “Bhabhi aapne soch kaise liya ki aap Deepu se Chudwaoge aur mujhse nahi Chudwaaoge….Hmmmm…abb aapko patta chalega ki Anurag kya cheez hai”.

I could make out that Anurag was bit angry with me, just because I approached Deepak instead of him and he was somewhat taking revenge of that by fucking me hard with his fingers. I was crying in intense pleasure and leading to orgasmic burst with every passing second and in a moment I felt as if my fuckhole is going to explode.

I wanted to cum, I was at my climax and I wanted Anurag to stop but he was unstoppable, I tried to push them away by moving my legs randomly with my full strength but they held me tighter and tried to jam my movements and Anurag spoke to Deepak one more time and told him to spread my thighs even more by saying “aur khol inki jaanghe…Aaj main inki Chut faad dunga”

Deepak widened my thighs further apart using his full strength and just then Anurag inserted one more finger in my fuckhole and continued fucking me, now I was somewhat getting unconscious in pleasure, that moment was something which I could not dream in my weirdest imagination.

I was opened like never before as along with fisting my fuckhole madly Anurag and Deepak was trying their best to keep my thighs open so that I cannot squeeze my fuckhole between them and cum easily. Within a minute of that brutal treatment Anurag stopped fisting me but continued rubbing my fuck opening with his full energy and spoke to Deepak one more time

“ye dekh yahan kahin Bhabhi ka clitoris hai….issko aise rub karte hain” for the first time in my life my clitoris was getting rubbed and that is so brutally. At my end I was in the state where I was feeling that now I am going to die in this pleasure, I was getting short of breath and I started trembling strangely and just then suddenly Anurag stopped everything and spoke to Deepak again and told him to keep my thighs apart by saying “khol ke rakh inki taange”.
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10-07-2014, 05:57 PM
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I was exploding and both of my fuckers held my thighs wide apart to see me shiver madly in shattering orgasm. Friends truly speaking I cannot forget that moment, as Anurag stopped rubbing my fuckhole I went even crazier; I was cumming massively, I trembled helplessly like never before and tried to set myself free but totally failed as they were any day stronger than me,

I wanted to close my legs and press my fuckhole tight between my thighs to prevent my liquid flowing out of my fuckhole, that is the way how woman can cum with ease and feel the pleasure of evacuating her pleasure juices but Deepak and Anurag were holding me tight and not letting me do anything and the feeling which was hitting my body at that moment was almost same as if I going to die now.

I lost breathe for few seconds, I was in state where I could not even scream, I was humming in a very rough tone and with that I was getting strange jerks over my abdomen while cumming and my moaning voice was really very strange. After few jerks I felt some sort of liquid stream flowing out of my fuckhole and that feeling took out shrill whimper out of me and I trembled in breath taking pleasure like I never imagined.

I heard Anurag saying me “Bhabhi next time ye mistake matt karna….jab bhi bulana hum dono ko bulana” with that both released me and got away from me. I squeezed my fuckhole between my thighs and tried to suppress that weird itching which was making me tremble feverishly and remained on bed for a while; I was totally discharged and dead tired.

I got up slowly and drank some water given by Deepak and further got up to use the toilet and while peeing tried to recall whatever they did with me just now. Certainly whatever Anurag and Deepak did to me was very weird and brutal and breathe taking for me but still there was something, may be my sluttyness which was making me feel good about that.

I can easily say that in a way it was first real orgasm of my sex life, I was realizing that I have never felt so light and relaxed after any sex session with my husband in past seven years of my married life. Anyway I sat in the washroom for a while to get some rest as I knew that both, Anurag and Deepak are aroused and as soon as I will go out both will once again start playing with me.

Now I could easily guess what all they will make me do, I was suppose to suck there monsters and to my surprise I was more or less prepared to do that. As expected as I came out I saw them jerking their Penis back and forward while waiting for me. “Chal shuru kar…pahle apna Lund Chuswas fir Chod meri Bhabhi ko” once again Anurag uttered and spoke to Deepak “pahle tu Chod” Deepak replied back,

“nahi pahle tu Chodega…ye tujhse hi to Chudwana chahti thi” Anurag replied back to Deepak and told him to fuck me first and with that he himself moved forward and took my wrist in his hand and from the door of the washroom he bought me to bed again and while bringing me there he moved his hand over my jutting out hips and squeezed one of my fleshy ass mound

with his hand and slapped me there nicely just like guys in blue movies do with sluts and spoke to me “Bhabhi waise abhi aapki punishment poori nahi hui hai…main abhi bhi aapse naraaz hun” I looked at him, into his eyes and spoke “Sorry Bhaiya…please ab waisa dobara matt karna”

“sorry worry nahi chalegi… punishment to aur milegi…ye nahi…koi aur and tonight we are going to handle you roughly…you can’t escape” with that Anurag pushed me on bed very forcibly that I could not control myself and collapsed on bed and spoke to Deepak “chal daal apna Lund inke muhn mein aur Chuswa…”.

I didn’t knew what was running in his mind, I just knew that he was angry with me because of which he was behaving roughly with me and somewhere deep inside I was enjoying all that, that’s what I use to fantasize many times while masturbating. While being on bed I continued looking at him seeking mercy and he sensed expressions and spoke again “Bhabhi aapko hum pyar kal se karenge….Aaj raat bhar hum aapko Randi ki tarah chodenge”.

Next both Anurag and Deepak came to bed and Anurag made me sit on his lap and started playing with my milks by wrapping his hands from behind Deepak was jerking his rod to give himself pleasure and slowly he bought his hard Penis closer to my mouth and once again Anurag spoke,

this time he somewhat whispered in my ear and his words were “Bhabhi Chuso… Deepu ka Lund” from the very beginning Anurag was speaking out erotic stuff and it was arousing me a lot. Certainly even at that instant sexually I was in the state where I did not hesitated to do that, I simply took Deepak’s penis in my mouth and started sucking him and continued jerking skin of his rod.

Deepak was leaking and I tasted his pre cum and slowly uncovered foreskin of his erect Penis using my lips. “Ahhhhh…..” Deepak groaned in pleasure while arcing his head in air, behind me showing no mercy Anurag was fondling my big and heavy breasts brutally and while doing that he kissed closer to my ear couple of times, I moaned in pleasure every time he rubbed his lips there.

Once again Anurag spoke out something in the same fashion, in low voice close to my ear in sensual voice and his statement was really very arousing, even though in a way he abused my husband by saying “main soch raha tha Sharad Bhaiya kitne bade idiot hain….din raat sirf kaam karte rahten hain….aur yahan unki biwi humare saath bistar garam kar rahi hai”

with that he once again kissed around my neck and took my earlobe in his mouth and sucked it nicely and I really failed to resist myself from moaning loud, releasing Deepak’s Penis from my mouth I grunted loud in pleasure. Once again Anurag took my face closer to Deepak’s crotch and once again I continued sucking him.

Anyway I sucked Deepak very well and he enjoyed a lot, I could feel it from his condition he was moaning in pleasure and in between I could see bit of shivering on his belly. By now Anurag’s hand was over my fuckhole and he was rubbing my opening and because of that once again I desired to get fucked and it happened soon.

Anurag stopped Deepak by saying “chal aaja ab…daal de Bhabhi ke andar” with that Anurag pulled me a bit and made me lie on my back on the bed and spoke to Deepak again and this time his words were “chadd ja fatafat aur andar hi chhod diyo…Bhabhi ka dusra bacha humne paida karna hai….”

Once again his words aroused me a lot and I started breathing heavy, fever was rising deep inside me, I was about to get fucked by Deepak, truly speaking I was not at all afraid of pregnancy rather I was not ready to think about that as knew many way to avoid that, after so many days of day dreaming finally I was about to get what I was desiring and my gesture was telling my state, I was humming continuously in low voice like a bitch in heat.

Anyway after that without wasting even a single second Deepak stretched my fleshy thighs apart and inserted his penis in my fuck hole in somewhat missionary position an went deep inside me just in a fraction. Unintentionally my hands went to his back and I pulled him over me and wrapped my thighs around his waist to make it proper missionary.

While jerking his rod in his own hand Anurag was resting beside me he was somewhat waiting for Deepak to finish and from Deepak’s fucking gesture I could make out Anurag will also be fucking me very soon. I could see that Deepak was really very excited as from the very first moment he started fucking me with reasonably fast strokes and his pace increased within few seconds,

I was moaning in intense pleasure and grabbing him in my arms and thighs tighter. Deepak was trying to control himself but he really seemed out of control to me. Suddenly he stopped, got up and withdrew his penis from me and just hummed. I could make out that he was about to cum and he stopped just to delay his ejaculation.

I was breathing heavy and somewhat desperate to get him again but he was very aroused and to control his climax he told Anurag to fuck me by saying “abb tu Chod thodi der…mera bahut jaldi nikal jaayega” “nahi… tu Chod aur nikal de….main baad mein Chodunga”.

Once again Deepak started riding on me very fast as he was over excited and the way he was fucking me I could see that he will not last for even one more minute and it happened next moment, Deepak grunted loud while banging himself into me couple of times and started shivering, his throbbing Penis trembled deep inside me and I felt his hot gunk getting injected in me.

I too moaned loud in fucking desire, I was yet not over and I desperately wanted to get fucked like this for little more but Deepak was shrinking and after hardly a minute his limping rod slipped out of my thirsty fuckhole. I was filled with his hot jizz and Anurag wanted me to clean all that and he told me to get up and wash it away by saying, “Bhabhi saaf karke aao” I got up and washed my fuckhole and took out whatever Deepak filled in me.

Anurag was really excited now, he was waiting for me on the door of the washroom and as I came out holding my wrist he took me to the bed and like some time back he played with my heavy and erotically spread ass and slapped me there 2-3 times in excitement. “Bhabhi mere saath kaunsi position mein karna hai”

Anurag asked me while squeezing my fleshy ass mound “jaise aapko achha lage” I replied to him in timid voice, he smiled a bit and spoke “ok… fir Ghodi ban jaao…. Peeche se daalunga” he wanted to fuck me in doggy style and that was the position I really use to enjoy, may be because I was fucked very less in that position by my husband.

I came on my four and widened my legs in that posture to give clear assess of my fuckhole to my Devar and like past once again Anurag slapped me on my ass and spoke erotic, “Hai Bhabhi kya gore gore Chuttad hai aapke…mann kar raha hai poora ghus jaaon aake chut mein” I moaned loud in pleasure,

his words and everything he was doing with me were setting my desire to burst but before that I wanted to get licked one more time, I wanted to feel Anurag’s tongue over my fuckhole, it was impact of too much of watching of blue movies that I was desiring to do all filthy acts and anyhow I uttered my wish to him by turning my face back and speaking

“Bhaiya please suck karo na thoda saa” Anurag smiled a bit and spoke to Deepak in somewhat sarcastic tone “Hmmmm…..meri Bhabhi garam ho gayi hai” I was continuously humming in desire to get sucked and Anurag granted my wish and buried his face into my ass and tried to lick my fuckhole in same posture and as his tongue reached to my fuckhole

I once again shivered in rising lust and gave him more accesses of my fuckhole by lifting my bottom and enjoyed clear movement of his tongue over my hot fuckhole. Holding flesh of my ass cheek tight with his hands he was trying to get deeper and deeper into me with his tongue and I was grunting in pleasure like never before.

He stopped after few minutes and slapped my ass one more time and suddenly took a big bite of my ass with his teethes and continued biting my plump ass flesh till I tried to get away and collapsed on bed, he was excited and he uttered in rising lust again “Bhabhi aaj main aapko kha jaaunga”.

Now I was expecting that he will make me suck his Penis but he did not wanted me to do that, Anurag wanted to fuck me now and that’s what I was desiring, I was left in the middle by Deepak and truly speaking now I was expecting a lot from Anurag, he was a kind a of male which I always desired as my bed partner, rough and demanding and he really proved himself perfect male for a slut like me.

Once again I was on my four, this time to get his monster in my starved fuckhole and Anurag first moved his fingers over my fuckhole and plunged me with his two finger roughly without looking at it, just to locate my opening and then guided his monster into me from behind and next moment I felt my virginal muscles stretching up to max.

“Oh God” I moaned loud, Anurag was thick and hard and he went on going deeper into me till my heavy ass met his crotch. I moaned in delight of getting stuffed after a long tease. Holding my waist Anurag stood still and buried his monster in me till the root of it and spoke again “Bhabhi aapke andar bahut garmi hai….aaj main aapki saari garmi nikal dunga”

once again his words made me shiver in strange desire and just then Anurag started fucking me with slow and steady speed. I arched my back raised my face in pleasure and moaned loud while getting fucked in my favorite position. Anurag was fucking me consistently showing no hurry and I was getting bizarre with his way of screwing my fuckhole from behind,

moreover position in which I was getting fucked by Anurag, it use to produce strange sensation in my body which I use to enjoy a lot but my husband Shard always avoided fucking me in this posture because it involves lot of his efforts, while thinking about his comfort he always preferred fucking me while being on my top.

Anyway after minute or two excitement rose in Anurag and he clenched flesh of my ass tightly and slowly increased his pace of screwing my fuckhole and just in few seconds he started pumping me fast and hard from behind. Now he was getting out of control with every passing second so was I,

within few more seconds he pushed my upper half down to raise my bottom to access my fuckhole better and stood up on his feet and started riding on me fast like I never experienced, it was amazing and the way Anurag was fucking me I was realizing that I was in desperate need of somebody like him in my life,

his every thrust inside my fuckhole was taking out a shrill cry of pleasure from my soul and like me Anurag was also moaning in pleasure and slowly our cries were rising in volume and we were reaching to our climax. I was expecting that Anurag will also release his gunk in my womb but something else was running in his mind.

We both started shivering in orgasm almost at the same time but instead of burring his rod in my fuckhole Anurag took out his ready to release Penis from my fuckhole and pushed me hard on bed and sat around my face and immediately bought his ejaculating Penis closer to my mouth and saying “Bhabhi muhn kholo” told me to open my mouth in excitement.

I was not willing to get his gunk in my mouth but he was not ready to leave me without that and to open my mouth he pulled my hairs, to make me cry and as I screamed and opened my mouth he inserted his dripping Penis in my mouth and jerked his rod with his own hand to release his white paste in my mouth.

That was something filthy which I did not wanted to do it but I really failed to avoid it and my mouth was totally filled with his monster and I was feeling his gunk getting released in my mouth over my tongue. I was not ready to swallow it and I tried to push Anurag to spit out in the wash basin but he held my arms and kept his monster in my mouth.

He could see that I am holding his gunk in my mouth “Bhabhi pee jaao usko….aapko peena padega” keeping his penis in my mouth Anurag spoke to me, he was desperate to make me swallow his jizz and to do that he clipped my nose with his finger and thumb to stop me breathing and anyhow I have to swallow.

Finally he got up from me, when he was sure that I have swallowed, I started coughing as I got up and tried to take out whatever was gone to into my throat and looked at Anurag with unpleasant gesture and his words to that was “Randiyon ko aise hi treat karte hain….aur Bhabhi aap Randi hi ho”.

I got up and use to the toilet and collected my clothes and came to my bedroom and none of them stopped me as they were also exhausted but just for the time being. I lied beside my son in the dark room; he was sleeping sound totally unaware of this fact that his mother has just become a slut.

Finally it was done, I was fucked by two and that is roughly, more or less like I use to fantasize while watching that porn movie. Must say that I was sexually satisfied like I was never in my entire married life, but now apart from feeling satisfied I was feeling guilty and more then that bit scared too.

The way Deepak tricked me and the way Anurag treated me like a slut, I could not trust any one of them and because of their nature of I started assuming what will happen if they will tell all this to my Husband, and what will he do when come to know all this.

I was sure that Sharad will never understand me; he has hell of ego, male’s ego because of which he never gave importance to my desires. While assuming all this things I don’t know when I went into sleep.
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10-07-2014, 05:58 PM
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Part - 3

Nearly after an hour or bit less I got up with a feel of a hand over my legs, Anurag was trying to wake me up and told me to come out in whispering voice. I came out “Aap to sow gaye jaakar…” he paused and then spoke again “Bhabhi ye sab raat bhar chalega…aap sow nahi sakte” Anurag was bare chest with just boxers on his lower half and he spoke to me while looking into my eyes shamelessly.

“Bhaiya please main bahut thak gayi hun” I tried to convince him that I am tired “aap Kal din mein sona aaram se… Chal aaja” he replied to me and in continuation spoke to Deepak and told him to come, he was sitting in front television in the living room and then again he spoke to me with a smile

“actually we are not sure ki aap humen dobara apni sewa ka mauka doge ya nahi…iss liye aaj hum jitna kar sakte hai kar lenge” and before I would have replied anything he asked me “Aapke pass Condom hai?” I said yes to him, I don’t know why I did not tried to avoid getting laid with them again, maybe because I was also desiring all that and I simply moved back to my bedroom and opened the Elmira to get the condoms.

Anurag followed me and while I picked up the pack of condom he took out one cotton Duppta from the pile of my cloths and rolled it around his neck. At that time I took that casually and he took me out of the room while wrapping his arm around my waist and once again we entered into the guest room to have sex and I was more or less prepared to get on bed with them again.

I was just moving in the flow and truly speaking that guilt and fear which was dwelling in me some time back when I was alone in my bedroom with my son was disappeared and now I could not feel anything wrong in that.

Anurag lifted my nighty from behind and in a moment I was almost naked as I was not wearing any bra underneath and just in few more seconds he drifted down my panty too to my feet and pushed me on bed and took off his boxer and got naked. Deepak also took off his clothes and got naked and both once again came to bed and took me in the middle of the bed.

“Bhabhi sabse pahle to aap mera Lund chuso” Anurag spoke in bit of excitement and bought his semi erect Penis to me and filled my mouth. At my end after first session I was somewhat adjusted with what they were doing to me and I was also feeling like having sex. “tu taange khol ke Chut mein Khus jaa Bhabhi ki”

Anurag spoke to Deepak and tried to spread my thighs to show him my fuckhole and Deepak followed what Anurag told him to do and in a moment I was almost lying on bed on my back with a pile of pillows under my head and along with having Anurag’s monster in my mouth I was getting sucked over my fuckhole by Deepak.

That moment was really very weird and for a moment I could not believe whatever was happening with me as the scene on the bed was nevertheless then a threesome porn where two guys enjoy single female and to my surprise I was enjoying all that.

I sucked Anurag slowly in the beginning and felt him growing in my mouth and down there I could feel that while holding my thighs as far as possible Deepak is trying to bury his mouth in my fuckhole as deep as possible and Deepak’s tongue was roaming all around my fuckhole and that was making me shudder in divine pleasure of getting sucked.

I must say that as compared to first time Deepak was doing wonderful job and I could not feel him hesitating in doing that filthy act. After few minutes Deepak stopped and came to my upper half to get him sucked and Anurag turned me towards his friend and bought my mouth to his crotch and now leaving Anurag’s monster I started sucking Deepak and once again I found him bit limping and leaking.

I tasted his pre cum and peeled off foreskin of his monster to suck him and he grunted in pain and pleasure. I was lying sideways and Anurag was behind me and he was doing what he always loved to do, he was playing with my body, my big milky juggs and heavy ass, he slapped my ass couple of times and started squeezing my massive hips brutally,

enjoyed rubbing my fleshy thighs for a while and then parting my thighs a bit he reached to my fuckhole to rub my love opening and fisted me nicely to arouse me even more. I moaned couple of times in rising lust but somehow continued sucking Deepak, I was going crazy with the things happening with me and they could see that I am comfortable with what they are doing with me.

“Bhabhi waise Bhaiya ka Lund mota hai ya humara” Anurag asked me and bought his lips closer to my ears and brushed it in that area. Leaving Deepak’s monster I moaned loud and he asked me again by just humming and saying “Bolo…kiska mota hai” “aapka mota hai” I replied in lustful voice.

Like Anurag Deepak also grew in my mouth and by then he was at his full size and by then I was also well aroused and I was desiring to get stuffed again and that his with Anurag’s monster and I was expecting that Anurag will fuck me in the same posture, after lifting my one leg up in sideways position and will make me suck his friend at the same time,

just like I use to see in threesome porn but I was wrong, my punishment was yet not over and he was thinking about doing something really weird to me. Anyway next while I was sucking Deepak, Anurag started tying my wrists together with the Duppta he took from my clothes and I asked him “Bhaiya ye kya kar rahe ho”

“kuch nahi….. bas aapke saath thodi si zabardasti kar rahe hain…I am sure aap easily bear kar loge” he replied to me casually while tying my hands, I was feeling insecure and I spoke to him in requesting tone “Bhaiya please…. main aaram se karwa to rahi hun…fir haath kyun baandh rahe ho?”

by now Anurag was up with tying my wrists and he turned me bit more on my front and slapped my ass mound nicely and took ample flesh of my hips in hand and played with that and spoke “actually ab hum aapki Gaand maarne waale hai”, I knew what does “Gaand Maarna” means, they wanted to fuck my ass and for a moment I was shocked and could not believe my ears

and tried to get away from bed immediately but both of my fucker were in good position to hold me and I failed to get away. “Bhaiya please ye sab kya kar rahe ho…? please aage daal low….” I started pleading and requested him to plunge me in my fuckhole but Anurag was not in mood to fuck me there and he replied in sarcastic tone by saying

“Bhabhi aapke aage ke chhed mein to humne ek baar daal chuke hain ….ab peeche ke chhed ki baari hai” I turned bit more to see him and requested him again not to do that by saying“ Bhaiya please mujhe bahut dard hoga…please aisa mat karo” “I am sure…dard to hoga but I am also sure ki aap dard bear kar loge”

Anurag was holding my ass mound nicely in his hand and he replied casually while looking into my eyes, “hum condom lagga ke daalenge…taaki kisi ko infection na ho…. aur thodi thodi der hi karenge …..humen bas ek baar anal sex experience karna hai” this time Deepak spoke while rubbing his hand over my soft skin, he started from my waist and reached to the destination;

my ass and he too took ample flesh of my other mound and played with that like Anurag played. I was terrified with the thought that now they will plunge there monsters into my tiny ass and I could see no escape from that, my hands were tied up and I was almost on my stomach, bit sideways and both were partially on me, just to block my movement.

What I could do at that time was just begging for mercy and before I would have requested them not to fuck me there Anurag spoke again “you know Bhabhi jab se maine aapko dekha hai…. maine hamesha aaki Gaand maarne ki hi sochi hai” he paused and slapped my ass one more time and spoke again “Aapke in mote mote chuttadon ko dekhte hi mera khada ho jaata hai”

“mera bhi” Deepak also accepted that even he gets erection as he look at my heavy ass and just then Anurag started moving his finger in my ass crack somewhat to located my tiny ass opening with a tip of his finger and I went through strange sensation and joined my ass tight and trembled significantly although it was good feeling but I was terrified with a ultimate act they were going to do with my tiny asshole and I somewhat started crying for mercy

“Bhaiya please…please aisa mat karo…mujhe bahut dard hoga…please…” “hum aaram aaram se karenge…fast nahi karenge…” Deepak spoke that and moved one of my fleshy thigh bit up to help Anurag to locate my ass opening between my heavy ass mounds. I tried a lot to keep myself tight but finally failed and in a minute or so one of my leg was folded from my knee

and raised up and far away from the other and now they could easily access my asshole and in a moment Anurag reached to it with his finger and inserted just fraction of tip of his finger into my pot “Ohh….haaaa….” I cried loud, it was weird, I arched my back like a bow and moaned loud and trembled feverishly with bizarre sensation.

Anurag very well knew what all he has to do, leaving my asshole for a while he started rubbing my fuckhole, I thought he is trying to arouse me and it might be the one of the purpose. As he started fisting me I started moaning loud and I felt like bursting, fever of getting ass fucked was arousing me and I was charged up like a bitch in heat but along with that desire,

terror of feeling intense pain was taking my senses off and I was crying with mixed feeling of fear and pleasure. Anurag made me wet and dripping over my fuckhole and using his 3-4 fingers he tried to get my love juices to my asshole and that really increased my uneasiness and I started moving weirdly to set myself free and they held me even tighter and empowered my movements with bit of efforts.

By now Anurag was on his knees and doing what he was trying to do, he was trying collecting as much of my vaginal juices to lubricate my asshole and I was really very restless and could not speak anything, I was crying in pleasure and fear and they were enjoying my state and one again Anurag spoke erotic

“Bhabhi sach kah raha hun…Sharad Bhaiya ke jagah main hota to ab tak aapko taango ke bich se poora faad chukka hota….”, as Anurag said that Deepak spoke too and his words were “Bhaiya inki Chut to maarte nahi hain…Gaand ka kya maarenge”.

By now from their body movement I could feel that they were ready to sodomize me and next moment Anurag spoke to Deepak again and told him that he is going to fuck my ass first by saying “Deepu pahle main daalunga ….” He paused and then spoke to me “Bhabhi aapki ki Gaand ka ribbon main kaatunga” with that he told Deepak to hold me tight and with some efforts I saw Anurag covering his monster with a Condom given by me.

Next Anurag told Deepak to place a pillow under my belly, I tried to get away at that time but somehow while holding me tight they managed to place two pillows under my belly and now my bottom was raised up.

Deepak was holding me from my shoulder and Anurag was over my lower half, in very good position to plunge my ass and once again he parted my fleshy ass cheeks to see my ass opening clearly and spoke in rising lust “Hai Bhabhi kya tight cheed hai aapka …? mann kar raha hai…main khud poora ghus jaaun aapki Gaand mein”.

Truly speaking friends I cannot forget that moment in my entire life, it was lust at its worst, at one end I was terrified with the upcoming pain of getting sodomized and surprisingly down there my fuckhole was twitching in desire to get stuffed, may be because I was rubbed there badly to release my juices for the purpose of lubricating my asshole.

Finally after parting my ass cheeks with his full strength Anurag started rubbing his monster over my tiny opening and I went bizarre and once again tried to set myself free but Deepak jammed me where I was and Anurag continued rubbing me there to pleasure himself and spoke “Bhabhi main dheere dheere daalunga…aapko bass shuru mein thoda sa pain hoga…” and I really don’t know what I was thinking,

I just knew that something terrible is going to happen to me and just then Anurag squeezed his thick monster-tip in my tiny ass hole and pushed it hard into my heavy pot and just then Deepak placed hand over my mouth “Ahhhhhhhhhhh……… ahhhhhhhhhhh …….. ahhhhh ahhh…. Bhaiya…. Bhaiya….” somehow I cried to reveal my pain but none among them was bothered about me,

they just wanted to experience tightness of female’s ass and unfortunately I was that female. Anurag ripped me in very first attempt and I was feeling as if somebody has inserted hot iron rod into my ass. “bass Bhabhi abb ho jaayega…”

Anurag was also puffing in pleasure of fucking tightness of my tiny ass and just after saying that he went further inside my pot hole and I could feel every inch of his monster ripping my tiny ass hole. I was crying at my worst and along with holding me tight somehow by putting his hand over my mouth Deepak was trying to control my voice.

My eyes were closed and mouth was opened as pain was unbearable, I buried my face in the bed to bear the pain and control my voice, certainly I did not wanted my neighbors hearing my ass ripping screams. Slowly Anurag was getting further inside my ass and I could feel my asshole getting stretched and going wider.

“ohhh….Ahhh….” I cried in pain like mad as suddenly Anurag pulled out his rod from my asshole almost completely and just in fraction he went into my pot again and with that jerk he tried to go deeper and that really took my breath. I think at that instant half of his monster was inside me and closing my eyes I was trying to bear the pain,

just then Anurag moved back and forward couple of times and started fucking my ass slowly and that really made me go out of my senses. He was enjoying tightness of my tiny ass up to max; I could hear his pleasure puffs and his pleasure moans were enough to arouse Deepak who was holding me so that his friend can fuck me easily.

While being over my head Deepak was rubbing my body and squeezing soft flesh of my back his hands were moving nicely till my ass and he was somewhat parting my ass mounds to open my tiny hole better. Burying my face in bed I continued bearing the pain and while grunting in delight Anurag kept on going in me deeper and deeper in my ass,

but very slowly and with steady in and out movement soon I felt Anurag’s crotch touching my ass. Slowly his whole mammoth length was inside my ass and I was moaning with broken voice and could see that Anurag was in intense pleasure; he was holding my waist and enjoying sodomizing his brother’s wife.

Within few more seconds of ass fucking I felt that my asshole is stretched up to the thickness of Anurag’s monster and in and out movement of his penis has become easier, even then every time Anurag pushed his rod inside my ass hole, I skipped my beat with a pain and as he took it out I shivered in strange sensation of getting plunged again,

and like that Anurag continued plunging tightest hole of my body comfortably and gradually in a minute or two I got bit adjusted with a pain. My ass was raised well up and thighs were spread up to maximum, and in spite of my heavy ass buns brother of my husband was having clear access of my ass hole and he was riding on me well as if he is riding horse.

“mujhe bhi daalna hai” very soon excitement in Deepak reached to its peak and he spoke to Anurag and told him that he too wants to fuck me there and Anurag called his friend by saying “aaja daal le”. Anurag withdrew his monster from my ass and leaving me Deepak started covering his rod with condom and turning my face once again I asked them to leave me in crying state by saying
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