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शादी की मिठास
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शादी की मिठास

Ragni = myself, Cheenu = meree mauseree bahan, Rajeev = mere jeeja yani ki Cheenu ke pati dev, Champa = maid servant, neelu deedee = meree baDee mausee kee beTee, manjh'lee mausee = Cheenu's mom, phone kee ghnTee baj rahee thee, aur mEn'ne bekhayalee men hee phone uThaaya kyonki mEn ap'ne mausere bhaee yaani ki cheenu ke bhaee kee Anevaalee shaadee ke khayaalon men khoee huee thee. mere us'ne mujhe bata
diya tha ki use office se chhuTTee naheen mil sak'tee is'liye mEn
pareshan thee ki is shaadee men mEn shareek ho paungee ya naheen. meree manjh'lee mausee ne kal hee phone kiya tha aur bataaya ki is shaadee men cheenu bhee naheen A rahee hai, is'liye meree jimmedaaree aur baDh jaatee hai.

jab mEn'ne phone par pyaare jeeju Rajeev, meree cheenu ka Thokoo; kee Avaaj sunee to meree tndra bhng huee. bhaav'naon ke atirek men mere mukh se Avaaj hee naheen nikal rahee thee. tabhee jeeju kee Avaaj sunaee paRee ki hey Ragni phone par tumheen ho na. mEn keval it'na hee kah sakee han jeeju Ap'kee seva men hamEsha. jeeju kah raha tha,
to Ap kis kis prakaar kee seva detee hai.

jo aap kahiye. customer satisfaction guaranteed. He said pleadingly,

to de do na And I teased him,

aj jab service dene vali bahar chalee gayi hai to saali ki yaad aayi

Yaad to barabar aati hai lekin ye batao ki aap kab tak aa rahi hain. I
showed mock anger, aap and he immediately corrected,

ok tum kab aa rahi ho .I told him my difficulty,

mere unko chhuttee nahin mil rahi hai. He has taken a lot of leave
recently and it is almost impossible for him to come. Jiju laughed and

ye to aur achchha hai tumhare vo nahi honge aur meri bhi vo nahin hain you remember your promise and it is time for you to fulfill it. You
know it has been almost 15 days since Cheenu has gone. I interrupted and said,

aur aapka upvas chal raha hai. lekin jeeju int'jaar karo, mEn Agaee to
Age peechhe ka saara hisaab chuka doongee. lekin jeeju mEn Ap'ko
achchhee tarah se jan'tee hoon. meree deedee ke jaane ke pah'le Ap'ne advance men us bechaaree se bahut kuchh le liya hoga.

are naheen. tum Oraton men saale kaafee jhnjhaT jo hote hEn. vo 5 din or mardon kee chhuTTee, hamaare to saare hathiyaar dhare hee rah jaaten hEn. to saaleejee ab Ap jaldee se AjaEye aur jEsa Ap'ne kaha Age peechhe......

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09-07-2014, 12:00 AM
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Naa baba naa mera to kachumar nikal jayega , thinking about Jiju I
said, and all the scenes about Cheenu’s marriage , the way I teased Jiju,
sang gallis and didi’s suhagrat, Jiju interrupted my reverie and said,

kyon salli kahan kho gayi and I said,

khayaalon main Jiju, and added, if you want me to settle accounts of 20
days of jiji also. meri to phaT..... He too laughed and said,

salli ji jo hona hai vo to hoga aapne vada kiya hai isliye ab darne se
koi phayda nanhi. He said, aur tumhare vo, when will he come for lunch.
I said in one hour but he in his typical double-entendre tone said, to
karte hain ek ghante tak. And I responded in the same tone, in husky

na baba na ek ghanTa.. He laughed and said,

arre I meant baat karna aur tum kya samjhi thi, you have single track
mind. I too teased him saying,

you have single crack mind but I have to prepare lunch and he will go
at 3 to uske bad kariyega par kariyega jaroor like him I put emphasis on
‘kariyega’ and before he could give a repartee I put the phone back.


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09-07-2014, 12:01 AM
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aur tabhee meree jindagee ke beete panne ek ke baad ek khul'ne lage.
meree mauseree baRee bahan cheenu mere saath hee nanihaal men rah'kar mere saath paDhaee kar'tee thee. Hey but it is no way to tell a tale and as they say one must begin from beginning and proceed further.

My mom got married even as she was just turning 16 and exactly after 9 months I was born and I am the only child she has. She is not only extrovert, bold but while indulging in her jokes she will not even
sometimes spare me. She was youngest sister and my chhoTee mausi was only a year elder to her while the eldest mausi was 4 years elder to her. And both of them like mom used to indulge in bawdiest jokes and songs. At my nanihal my mama and mami were there. When mom will come to nanihal mami will offer water second but will welcome her with gallis first. And mom will pay her back in the same coins. And they will not mind using choicest abuses that I am around rather my name was used, as they could not take each other’s name. Mami will welcome mom as,

‘Ragni ki mummy pakki chhinaar (Ragni’s mom is top slut) and mom will respond

"Ragni ki mami badi chudvasi unki bur main ghus gaye 10 -10 yaar"
(Ragni’s mami is a top fucker and in her cunt she devours 10-10 lovers). And it was not limited to songs they will hug each other and invariably mom will either squeeze mami’s boobs or pinch her on her hips saying ,

lagta hai raat bhar khub chakki chali hai’ and mami will respond

kyon aaj aap bhi chalva lijiye apne bhaiya se’. But when Mausa ji will
arrive, both mami and mom will join and he was not only welcomed with choicest lewd songs but feast of gallis will continue during lunch
dinner. Along with mom and mami, maid servant Champa (who being bahu of the area was called bhabhi by mom and will treat Mausa ji as her favorite nandoi) will also attack and here too my name was used,

Ragni ka Mausa bhandua hai uski bahna chhinaar khoje naya yaar vo to salla gandua hai (Ragni’s Mausa is a pimp her sister is a slut and she keeps on looking for new lovers, he is a bugger). And they will practice many pranks on him. When he will go to bath, mom and mami will replace his pajama with her petticoat, when he is in slumber they will go and put bindi on his forehead and mausa too will answer strongly. He will pull mom in his lap and tease her, he will sometime pinch mami on her hips innocently saying there was an ant. When chhoTee mausi will come, mom and mausi will join front against mami but she was not alone as Champa will join along with her against both nands and jokes and gallis will flow throughout the day. So wet words were not taboo rather they were part of vocabulary of everybody around us. Sex was in the air almost constantly.

And to some extent mami was responsible for it. She was very caring and loving but she will tease. When mom or mausi was not around she will use her colorful vocabulary with us. And more was Champa, when I and Cheenu were only in std 10th she will tease us by singing,

Ragni teri Bho Ragni teri bho …. and will keep on teasing us and to
Cheenu she will tell Cheenu ki phat gayi chu… at that age we did not know what words begin from bho and chu and even in front of mom and mausi she will tease us and everybody will join in laughter. One day I asked her Champa bhabhi (like my mom and mausi we too used to call her bhabhi and she used to tease her young nands)

Bhabhi tum ye Ragni teri Bho kah kar kayon chidhati ho , she laughed and lifted my skirt indicating my vagina,

bho matlab nanad rani tumhari ye, tumhara bhonsada, abhi to tumhari phuddi hai par chud chud kar tumhari mummy ki tarah bhonsada ban jayegi . I felt ashamed and got myself released from her but mami joined and held me giggling and said,

aare isme sharmana kya Champa chudavati hai main chudavati hun aur teri mummy aur mausi bhi chudavati hain aur bina chudai ke teri jaisi Esi hasin ladki kahan se paida hoti and saying that she pinched me on my budding boobs. Mami and mama used to indulge in sex almost at every opportunity, totally oblivious to two growing teen girls in house. Our room was next to their and every night loud moaning and creaking of bed will tell us what is happening.

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09-07-2014, 12:03 AM
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One day I remember it very vividly even today, I was in 10th and alone as Chinu has gone to her parents place. It was winter and evening came early. My school closed before scheduled time and I came. Mami was busy somewhere so I went to my room and entered into my bed. It was very cold and weather was gloomy. When my sleep broke I heard some sound and opened the door slightly. Light has gone out and in dim light I could see mami being held by mama who has bend her. In this situation neither of them could see me.

Mami was whispering hey leave me let us move to bed room. Mama quizzed, hey Ragni must be still in school so we are all alone so what difference does it make and I’m feeling so hot after your five days break. Mami confirmed that I have not yet come from college (as normally I used to go to tuition after school) but she protested meekly that still they may move to bedroom. However he realized that protestations are mostly symbolic and as his one hand was grabbing mami’s boobs he lifted her saya, saying he cannot wait. He stripped very fast and in no time mounted from

I was transfixed. I could see the joyous way in which mami was
responding, glow on her face and when he squeezed her boobs she gave small moans. Soon pounding started in real frenzy. Mami was responding in unison but she asked hey what happened today you are in great josh. He answered by bringing his organ almost fully out and shoving it full in one thrust,5 din ka Bhookha jo hun.

To kya sari bhukh abhi bujha loge kuch raat ke liye to bhi chhodo, she
teased. Mama put her hands between her thighs and apparently squeezed her clit as she gave a very loud moan, which further inflamed passion of Mamma ji who asked,

hey aaj to bahoot dinon baad ghar main koi nahin hai aur main khul kar chod sakta hun. To chodo na mami also challenged him. It went on and on. I was mute and I don’t know when my hand went inside my skirt and I was caressing me over my panty. Only when they came and I realized what I had seen, first fucking of my life and I’m almost wet I walked inside on my toes and went back to bed. Mami came after sometime and was almost shocked to see me, but when she realized that I’m sleeping she felt solace. She put the tea on table and woke me up gently I smiled and took the tea. I went to kitchen where she was preparing dinner. She asked,

hey Ragni aaj jara help kara de meri, and I too joined in the chores. I
hey mami aaj jaldi kya hai and she replied your mama is feeling hungry;
I smiled impishly and said,

kyon kya shaam ke nashte se unka pet nahin bhara. She realized what I meant and said hey it means. And I said,

nahin mami maine kuch nahin dekha. She took the rolling pin in zest and said,

abhi sara andar dal dungi to pata chal jayega ki banno ne kya kya
dekha. As light was out we took dinner in candle light and as mamma was taking dinner fast I could barely suppress my laugh knowing well that what he is in hurry for and looking at me mami also realized that what I’m smiling about and she too started smiling. When I went back to my room, mami came and offered two candles to me. One she lit and other a real huge and thick one she gave me winking at me. She made a whole with her thumb and index finger and pushed candle in it .She said,

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09-07-2014, 12:04 AM
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yeh isliye ki is jade ki raat main aaj achchhee tarah candling karo aur
han is'ke pah'le yahan vaseline kee shishee bhee paRee hai aur meree
banno Tangen jara achchhe se phElakar rakh'na. That night as lights were out they did not even close the window but I could listen not only moaning and creaking but also all the words being uttered which was almost like a radio commentary and I knew that as mami must be knowing that I am listening she was giving detailed description.

From the next day we became closer friends. Not that there was any
parda before. She taught both Cheenu and me how to measure our breasts and it was not done over our dress. We were striped and Cheenu resisted but I also joined in disrobing her. And then both of us were taken to purchase our first teen bra.

Once I entered in her room and saw a special oil, women’s body oil and asked her hey what it is for and she asked giggling for most important place and then she became serious and said mammon ke liye. She taught me you must realize that most important part for a girl are her boobs and that is what make a man crazy about her so she must take proper care. And she even made me lift my kurta and massaged it on my boobs. She suggested that it is the proper age for taking care of boobs as when they don’t develop in this age girl’s start worrying but the time for normal development is gone.

When mom visited us both of them discussed this and mom purchased a breast massager for Cheenu and me. By this time we were in 11th. I had learned how to touch me. A friend of mine who was pro in such things told me how to caress labia and rub clit. I even read some books kept in mami’s room about oral sex, various positions. I used to discuss this with Cheenu and as for as listening was concerned she was an avid listener but when it came to active participation, she developed cold feet. And knowing her nature I used to tease her by lifting her frock and squeezing her over her panty.

Came winter vacation and it was time for family reunion and as we could not leave because of exams therefore everybody came here. Mom dad had arrived and so did chhoTee mausi and mausa ji. And last came badi mausi and she was top amongst all sisters. When I bowed to touch her feet she lifted me and told mami,

‘arre Ragni to puri jawan ho gayi hai’ and she squeezed my breast in no uncertain manner. Showing it to mami, she said, dekh iske mamme kitne bade ho Gaye hain, kisi ladke se dabvane lagi hai kya. I was nonplussed but she giggled and said Aare I meant they make you really beautiful. And she kept on caressing and fondling them.

Nahin mausi i am not like that, I defended myself. She laughed, arre isme sharamne ki kya baat hai tum se sirf 2 mahine badi tumahri mummy thi jab tum unke pet main aagayi thi . You know, caressing my young teen boobs she said,

jaan'tee ho inhe choochee uThan kaha jaata hai. are yahee to umr hai
in'ka maja lene ka. in'he laR'kon ko dikhao aur jaan'tee ho ve kya
karenge 'chaxoo chodan'. to tum ap'ne shareer ko haath lagaae diye bina kaeeyon ko maja de chukee hogee. And then mom came and she said,hey kya kar rahi ho. Without leaving my boobs, she said,

aare bitiya ke joban ki tariff kar rahi hun. Mom showed mock anger and said,
thu najar laga rahi ho arre tumhaare kaun se kam bade the. Meanwhile Neelu didi, her daughter and our eldest cousin came and we hugged each other and I dragged her to my room. She was eldest and most mature amongst us. She had spent most of time in Punjab and used to behave like a Punjabi kudi. She had most ‘experience’ and will tell bawdiest jokes, and methods on how to seduce boys. But as badi mausi was located far away they used to visit only 2-3 times in a year. She hugged me again and almost measured my boobs and said,

hey tere mamme to bade mast ho gaye hain maslvana suru kar diya hai kya. I laughed and said,

nahin abhi nahin.She squeezed and asked, how big 32, yes I confirmed and added 32 c.

Vow arre to ab kiski raah dekh rahi hai maslvane ragdvane ke liye to
ekdam perfect size hai and she pushed me inside the quilt. She lifted my skirt and squeezed my cunt over my panty. Hey do you touch yourself here. I could not speak lie to Neelu did so I admitted hesitatingly yes. She felt happy and pressed her fingers hard, chalo kuch to progress Hui. But she did not stop there and said,

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