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In order for the punishment to begin, there were drinks and snacks passed around while Nita explained with a stern and bitchy expression what exactly the punishment would be. I murmured my protests and expressed my inability. But I could see the spark ignite in my husband's eyes as Nita explained and the drinks got into him. His eyes were now openly staring at Nita, who was still clad in a short towel wrapped around her. It covered barely half her tits and reached to just above her knees.

I could see the bulge between my husband's legs getting more and more prominent as Nita explained in graphic detail. Jay's cock wasn't idle either. I could see the tent forming there between his legs inside the towel.

And finally, it started. Nita lowered herself on the waterbed.

"Strip your wife!" she ordered.

When Abhi is down to a couple of rounds, he gets pretty high. So, with amazing alacrity, he rose from the chair, and grabbing my shoulders, pulled me up to my feet.

"Abhi!" I cried, feigning astonishment.

He laughed drunkenly and unzipping the gown, lifted it up over me, exposing my still open bra and my panties, which I had managed to pull back in place.

"We do what madam says!" he chuckled, taking off the bra and pulling my panties down.

"Lift this leg," he said and when I did, he pulled off the panties. I lifted the other leg too so that he could now completely remove them.

"Now," Nita murmured softly, looking at Jay. "Unwrap that towel, darling and show us your hard on!"

He grinned, obeying her. It was indeed hard. Throbbing, it pointed up at the ceiling, almost touching his belly.

"Get on your back on the floor, Abhi," Nita instructed.

He laid on his back on the floor, his cock pointing straight up the ceiling.

"With your back to him, you hussy, lower your cunt over his cock," Nita continued the game.

As I was doing this, Abhi said, "But, but, I have to see her…er…tits…to remain hard!"

Nita laughed. "You can watch the mirror. And if it's tits that make you stay hard, you can watch mine!"

She pushed the top of the towel down to her waist. Her tits tumbled out, large and soft, the nipples erect with the excitement.

I moaned when I felt my husband's cock impale my cunt.

"Ahhhhh," I whimpered, till his dick was buried right to the hilt. I wriggled and rotated my ass.

Sure enough, he could watch my tits when he craned his neck, in addition to the reflections in the mirror above us. But he was more intent on watching Nita's tits, rising and falling as she began to breathe hard.

"Bounce on his cock, slut!" she said harshly.

I began to do exactly that. The drinks, the brief interlude and the snacks had re-ignited my passion, as indeed it had everybody else's.

"Walk up to the bitch and ram your cock in her mouth, Jay!"

Jay grinned and walked to me, his cock swaying. When he reached me, he grabbed my hair, pulled my head back and said,

"You heard the captain, whore! Open your mouth!"

Abhi had his eyes on Nita, who was now slowly fondling her tits. He quickly glanced in the mirror, long enough to watch Jay's cock thrusting into my mouth.

I gagged as Jay shoved his cock into my mouth without any finesse.

Abhi encircled my waist and slid his hands up to cup my jiggling tits. And for the first time, I had two cocks in me simultaneously.

As Abhi thrust his hips up and down to plunge his cock in my cunt, Jay fucked my mouth powerfully, holding the back of my head.

In the mirror, I could see that Abhi was intent on watching Nita who sat on the waterbed, fondling her own heaving tits. Her legs had parted slightly and I knew that what was happening on the floor, was getting through her too. I was right, because finally, she flipped the towel over her waist, wriggling her ass to do so, and spreading her legs apart, reached down with one hand to play with her cunt lips.

Her eyes were fixed on us and her lips were parted. Her tongue kept wetting her lips. Her nostrils flared and she was breathing heavily, her large tits heaving with the effort.

"Why don't you fuck her tits, darling?" she murmured huskily.
Jay was only too eager to comply. My heels were flat on the floor on either side of my husband's body and his legs were splayed out, outside mine. Jay gingerly walked between my legs and rubbed his glistening cock over my nipples.

"I said fuck her tits, honey. Don't fuck around with her nipples!" Nita commanded.

"Lean back, bitch," Jay whispered.

I leaned back, resting my palms behind me on Abhi's shoulders, presenting my jiggling tits to Jay.

He shuffled forward and I moaned when I felt his cock pressing between my tits. His hand slipped down my shoulders to capture my tits and squeeze them together.

The sight inflamed Abhi, I guess, because he began to sock it to me really hard, almost lifting me up off his body. As his cock repeatedly thrust into my cunt, neither Jay nor me, had to do any real movements. My body was almost suspended now and I began to move back and forth under my husband's savage assault. All Jay did was stand there, cupping my tits together around his stiff rod and looking down as my tits milked him. Occasionally however, Jay did thrust forward so that the skin of his cock peeled back as the tip emerged at the top of my heaving tits, exposing the angry purple head.

"Suck that dick when it comes out at the top, slut!" Nita commanded.

I briefly glanced at her. She was still on the waterbed, this time, a finger sliding in and out of her wet hole. The palms of her other hand were spread around her tits and she was kneading them alternately.

I bent down lining Jay's dong to my open mouth. When he shuffled forward, I clamped my lips around the shaft and sucked deeply on it. I heard Jay utter a groan.

"Fuck her harder, Abhi!" Nita shouted hoarsely. "Let me hear your balls slap her legs!"

My husband redoubled his efforts, his hands holding the top of my thighs as he shoved back and forth.

I moaned under his attack. Jay's cock was oozing pre cum and I let my tongue swipe the hard flesh. I could feel his cock pulsating between my tits even as Abhi's rod plunged mercilessly in and out of my cunt.

Up above us, the mirrors on the ceiling reflected Jay's ass and back grinding back and forth. Abhi was still watching Nita as he plunged into me and the sight of Jay's rod spearing my tits was incentive enough for me to come.

I felt it beginning to come and I wanted to shout, to scream and to beg my husband to fuck me faster. He was already doing so, but I suppose he could go that extra yard. What prevented me from uttering any words was the fact that Jay's cock head was firmly embedded inside my mouth as he continued to fuck my tits.

I could tell that Abhi knew I was having my orgasm. His strokes became shorter and faster and his nails raked my thighs. I could also tell that Jay too knew about my orgasm by the way he began to jackrabbit me, his hands almost cruelly pinching my aroused nipples. And in the mirror, I could see Nita adding another finger inside her pussy. She had her legs up on the bed now and was leaning back to fuck herself. Her other hand too was between her legs. She was using the fingers of this hand to rub her clit vigorously till all I could see there was a blur.

I began to move too, up and down, back and forth. When Abhi pulled out his tool from my quim, managed to rise off his body. At the same time, Jay pulled back, his cock throbbing between my tits. And I rocked my body back too so that his cock was poised just outside my cleavage.

When Abhi lifted his hips, I slammed down against him, impaling my cunt on his gorgeous tool, shuffling forward to let my tits gobble up Jay's dick.
The sensation of Jay's rod shoving back and forth between my tits was just as thrilling as the sensation that Abhi's dick caused inside my cunt. I whipped my head to my left and then to my right, moaning as the two dicks caused me to spasm like I never had before in my life. Flashes of the tapes that I had watched with Jay kept running inside my head. Only, this time, the two guys had faces, as did the girl.

I had kept my eyes closed, concentrating on the two cocks, struggling to suck on the helmet of Jay's dick as he rocked back and forth. I started when I felt a soft and sweaty hand on my shoulders. Jay was holding my tits together as he fucked them and Abhi's hands gripped my thighs. So I knew that the hand on my shoulder had to be Nita's.

I opened my eyes and there she was, standing at my head, facing Jay. My eyes were drawn to her wet pussy and she was so close, I could smell the musky odor.

She leaned forward, using my shoulders to support her weight and kissed Jay squarely on his mouth. I was pretty sure that this was driving Abhi wild: after all, her pussy was now directly on top of him as he lay below me. His strokes amazingly began to pick up the pace and he groaned. I could feel his cock expanding in my hole.

I was thrashing between the two guys, my orgasm complete and the second on its way. Jay released my tits and his cock popped out from between my tits. He rose to his full height and shuffled forward, his hands going around Nita's shoulders as he pulled her to him, kissing her hard.

Supporting myself with one hand still on my husband's shoulder, I brought my other hand up and grabbed Jay's bobbing prick. I forced it down and raising my head, gobbled it in my mouth.

He began to pump his hips to and fro, his dick almost gagging me. It was as if my mouth was a cunt that he was fucking now.

Nita spread her legs apart and stepped even closer to Jay, her tits flattening against her husband's chest, her hands going around his shoulders. I heard Abhi groan and I knew why. I had a closer look at Nita's pussy, now stretched wide open, revealing the pink opening. Her pussy was brushing against my forehead as I sucked her husband's cock deeper into my mouth.

Nita pulled away and I heard her voice, as if she was speaking from a great distance.

"Darling, do you want to fuck her cunt?" she whispered, pushing one finger inside his mouth. His lips opened and he latched on to it, sucking on it as if he was sucking on a cock. She had had just a while ago fucked herself with that finger and he must have tasted her cunt on it because he moaned.

I saw him nod when she asked him the question. Pulling her finger out of his mouth he said, "Oh my god, yes! I want to dip my dick in her hole! I got to, baby!"

"Stop!" she commanded Abhi and almost instantaneously he did. Frustrated (because I was close to my second orgasm), I kept rocking up and down on him, still sucking hard on Jay's prick.

"I said stop, you slut!" she snapped at me, smacking my cheek. It stung!

I obeyed, ceasing all movements, even relaxing the muscles of my cunt. I slumped down on top of Abhi, lying with my back on him.

"Pull your cock out of her hole," Nita said.

Abhi was like an automaton. He pushed my ass cheeks off him and there was a sound of a ‘pop' when his cock slid out of my cunt.

"Raise your ass, you little whore! Keep your hands behind you on his shoulders. Better, keep them on the floor beside his head…yes, like that, one on either side of him. Lift your whore body up, further up, you bitch, yes, like that! C'mon now, you can spread your legs farther apart, oh yes, that's like a good slut!"

She directed the three of us and then grabbed Jay's hands in hers. She carried them to her pussy and rubbed them there.

"Aahhhh, Jay! Rub me a bit there, oh god yes! This is fucking fantastic, you know? I never thought it would be so exciting watching the slut get it like that. But now, why don't we try out another thing? Abhi, I want you to fuck your wife up her ass!"

I froze in horror. I never had anything up there up until this point of my life. Jay had often caressed and kneaded my round and firm ass cheeks, but beyond that, I never really had anything else between those cheeks.
Jay had pulled his cock out of my mouth and had stepped back till his prick was brushing against my cunt.

"Darling, why don't you get her ready there?"

I was scared. Abhi too had become silent. He was no longer groaning: instead, he lay down, still and unmoving.

Jay playfully squeezed my buttocks and his stiffened cock rubbed over my inflamed cunt lips.

"B-but m-ma-madam, I – I have never…" I choked out.

"There's always a first time, you slut! You dared to spy on my husband and me and this is part of the punishment. Understand?"

We had never spoken about this part when we had sipped the drinks and tucked in the snacks as she had related the punishment that Abhi and I were about to receive.

"Go on, darling, grease her up!"

Jay grinned, dipping his head down to lick at my nipples tantalizingly. He toyed with my ass cheeks and then slid a finger back and forth over the crevice there.

These strokes of his fingers over my crevice were slowly beginning to have the effect on me and it became impossible for me to remain still, impossible not to sway to and fro. Abhi's cock head rested against the bottom of my back, just above my ass.

I had to wiggle my hips and flex my thighs when I felt Jay's cock rubbing my slit.

I gasped when Jay probed my ass hole with his finger.

"She's dry here," he announced. "Too dry."

"Wait," Nita replied, rapidly walking away.

"Please Jay," I implored when she had disappeared. "I have never done this!"

"As the lady said, there's always a first time for every thing," my husband chuckled, rubbing his rod over my bare back.

"You seem to enjoy this, don't you?" I shot back.

"Well, I have done this before as well," he said. "But I have a feeling it's going to be real good, huh?"

Before I could say anything, Nita reappeared. She was carrying a plastic bottle with her and she handed this to Jay.

"Use the Vaseline, darling, she said, resuming her position at the top of my head. "Meanwhile, you little slut, you are going to have to lick my pussy!"

She had shuffled forward, her legs wide apart, planted just beside my hands behind me. Her cunt was wide open and she lowered her body gradually till she was squatting on my upturned face.

I put my open lips against her cunt. I heard her moan and then cry out when I began to suck on the whole flesh there. She was dripping her juices.

I suddenly gasped when I felt Jay's Vaseline covered finger at the opening of my ass hole. Nita grabbed the back of my head and pulled me closer to her.

I felt his finger gently probing my ass hole, exploring and trying to enter inside. My legs quivered and I shuddered as he began to wiggle his finger inside my back. On its own volition, my ass clenched.

"Relax, relax," Jay murmured, rotating his finger, slowly sliding it in.

I cried out, my voice muffled by Nita's cunt pressing against my lips.

"Just continue sucking me, bitch," she snarled.

I tried to focus my attention on sucking her aromatic cunt. I slid my tongue inside her and heard her purr.
Jay's cock lay pulsating between my thighs and Abhi was dragging the tip of his cock up and down my spine. Jay was gently probing inside my ass and Nita had pulled my face between her legs. I suppressed a scream when Jay suddenly slid the tip of his greased finger inside my ass. At the same time, he jabbed a couple of fingers of his other hands inside my cunt.

I was a writhing mass of confusion. There was pain in my ass and I tried to relax the muscles there. At the same time, there was the pleasure that his fingers were giving me by wiggling inside my cunt and I tried to snap my cunt muscles against them. The pleasure increased when Jay spread his palm and used his thumb to rub my clit in gentle circles.

"Oh my god!" he exclaimed, "She's real tight down here!"

"Perhaps you want to fuck her up her ass, darling!" Nita gasped, pushing her cunt into my face.

I could see Jay's face lighting up. "Should I try?"

"I don't see why not," she told him.

"Okay, I guess." He said, with more than a hint of excitement on his suffused face.

"Okay, you slut," Nita said, stepping back. "Spin around and lie on top of your husband."

Abhi slid his hands off his cock and very tentatively, pit them on Nita's legs.

Her reaction to this was quite violent. She slapped his hands away and her leg shot forward catching him flush on the side of his face.

"I didn't say you could do that, you bastard!" she hollered.

I felt a secret pleasurable feeling run up my spine. Serves him right, I thought, as I rolled off him and then mounted him. After all, he had laughed wickedly when Nita had suggested that he fuck my ass.

Though the look on his face was funny, my heart went out to him. He was my husband and the poor sod had absolutely no idea what had occurred between the three of us before this. He wasn't aware that this was a set up. So, as I straddled him, I leaned forward and kissed him on his mouth, shoving my tongue inside. I was sure he could taste Jay and Nita on me, but he kissed back anyway.

I gasped when I felt Jay's tongue licking my twat from the rear. I reached down to open my cunt lips to him wanting to feel it inside. But he pulled away from me and began stroking my pussy with his fingers.

Finally, he slid his stiff cock between my legs from the rear, bathing it with the juices that were flowing from the hole. He did not fuck me there; he merely rubbed his shaft back and forth, getting it lubricated.

When his cock was wet (I could see our reflection in the 3-way mirrors positioned at odd angles in the room) he pulled back and rubbed his cock head against my ass hole. I groaned, flinching as the tip stretched the round circle of muscle and then slipped partway inside me.

"Ugghhh," he grunted, bringing his hands to my ass cheeks and pulling them farther apart. I lowered myself so that I was lying on my right side and lifted my left leg over my husband. This way, I hoped that my ass hole was open wide enough to Jay's probing cock.

I cried out when he began to feed more of his cock inside the tight hole there.

"Oh my god, it pains!" I cried out.

Once again, Nita grabbed my head and guided it to her moist pussy, muffling my cries.

"Oh yes, oh fuck, she's tight, honey, so tight, it's like fucking a virgin cunt!" Jay panted.

His dick inched inside me, and though he was gentle about it, it was hurting like hell. Abhi must have realized it because I felt his hands caressing my cunt gently, rubbing my clit. The tip of his wet cock brushed over my belly and he slid down, adjusting the height and getting his cock in line with my cunt.

Jay paused, reaching under me to fondle my swaying tits, pinching the aroused nipples. Another shuffle, and some more of his shaft went inside my ass.

I relaxed my sphincter muscles as much as possible under the circumstances. There was no escaping the fact that I was finally going to be buggered. Plus, the heavenly smell emanating from Nita's pussy and Abhi's fingers gliding over my slit was intoxicating my senses.

Suddenly I realized that my ass hole was definitely yielding! Jay's cock, as rigid as a steel cylinder, was easing inside my now soft anal passage.

Then I felt Abhi's cock pressing against my wet cunt, and as Jay's powerful cock pushed me forward, I felt my husband's cock begin to slide through the slippery opening of my cunt.
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