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Dipa chali gaon

i'm enclosing a old story of mine when chandni was not married and
it happened just afetr she lost virginity in Holi Main Phat Gayi.

After hectic events on holi (please read holi main….), when
Bhabhi blessed my Choot that I will be fucked by 100 Lunds in a
year and will do chudai for a thousand times. I thought it will be
continuous saga of sexual enjoyment, but it was not to be. Mare
pados ka chora's wife came and he became Bhaya from Saiyan
and any way they changed the house very soon. It was not the
lack of effort on my part or desire of my Yaars, but. I bid good bye
to dupaata, I learnt how to say no, while communicating yes and
mixing smiles with blushes. I used to wear very tight tops
pushing out my growing teen Mammes (which thanks to my
exercises and Bhabhi's ministrations had grown from 28 to
30,almost like hard tennis balls), my bottom has further firmed
up and coupled with my still young innocent childish face…I was
able to drive men crazy. However, one of my college mate gave
me notes which was only a vehicle for exchange of love letters,
and I too responded, but before it could have been converted into
something more physical those letters were caught by my class
teacher and after that my friend developed cold feet. Another boy,
much older, invited me to a movie, which I after many refusals
agreed. Without waiting as soon as movie started he opened my
T-shirt and grabbed my Mamme. After interval he took me to a hotel
room but looking at dark dingy room and atmosphere I could not
muster courage and mad an excuse that it's one of my those
days. Bhabhi scolded me and said I should have gone ahead
and therefore, when I next opportunity arose I decided to take
things in my own hands(pun intended).My partner took me to a
lonely place and I took bold initiatives, caressing his hardness
on top of jeans , kissing it and I even took it and sucked it which
few of my classmates do. But when it came to entering the much
protected castle, he tried hard I also caressed it and before
anything actually happening he came. I knew it happens
because of high excitement as bhabhi had told me and I solaced
him but he lost heart. He offered his hand, which I politely
declined. So in one day meri 6 bar chudai aur phir 6 mahine ka
upvas, but that's what life is…

Bhabhi got a message from her maika(parent's place) that she
should come for some days to attend marriage of a cousin.
This was also the time, when a big fair also used to be held
there. Bhabhi wanted me to accompany her and I too was
excited. As it was vacation time, my parents too readily agreed.
Bhabhi suggested that I must get few cholis made as in the
village even younger galls wear choli-saree .Bhabhi made a
tailor measure me and as per her suggestions they were made(
You can easily guess with Bhabhi's inimitable style how my
joban would have been measured for choli and what size and
shape it would have been.) But I still insisted to carry my top and
skirts too. Bhabhi was bubbling with enthusiasm. I used to tease
her " kyon bhabhi apne bjiyon se chudane ke liye utavali ho rahi
hain". She will squeeze my joban and answer back "nand rani
main soch rahin hun ki tumahri is khain main mare kitne bhai
kudenge," and whisper " darti to nahin ho nand rani". I would
push up my joban and answer "daren tumhanre bhai".
When we arrived at her village it was already dark. Her Bhabhi,
Champa Bhabhi came out to welcome us. Vow.. I was taken
aback. Kya choonchiya hain,it must have been at least 38
dd..and so firm and hard. She hugged me and said nand rani
apka swagat hai. She pressed my teen Mammes with her massive
joban hard and her hands started groping below my skirt,
fondling my firm white milky globes. While continuing to
measure me, she asked Bhabhi, inquiring about my brother, is
chandni ke bhandve ki kya hal chal hai. She took us in aangan
where other relatives were there in some time it was full of
ladies chatting with sudha bhabhi teasing making jest and
asking endless questions. Suddenly another lady who was
match to champa bhabhi in vital assets,(who I was later told is
sonia bhabhi, the entire village looks like a family,all the women
who are married in the village are bhabhis and all the daughters
are nanad),asked "are sudha wah jo baithi hain unse mulakat
nahin karongi." Bhabi in the same sprit brought me in the front
of everybody and told " vaise to mere sajan ki behan hone ke
nate yeh meri nand hain, par mare devar sai bhi yeh phansi hain
isliye meri devrani huin" and pinching my dimples added , " meri
bhabhi huin , mare bhaiyon se chudakar".

Soon it became night. Sudha Bhabhi and I slept on one bed and
Champa Bhabhi was on next. I could guess that something is
there between sudha bhabhi and champa bhabhi , the way they
were smiling at each other, exchanging glances and pinching at
each other cheeks and bottom. They kept on exchanging notes,
reminiscing about old things and I slept. It must have been past
mid night and I listened some chur chur sound and whispering.I
groped for Sudha Bhabhi but her place was vacant. I slowly
looked at Champa bhabhi's bed and I was transfixed. Sudha
bhabhi and champa bhabhi were holding each other, kissing,
licking biting and than champa bhabhi took the top position. She
grabbed joban of sudha bhabhi and started kneading it hard.
Her both hands were squeezing crushing pulling sudha
bhabhi's both choonchi very hard. Sudha bhabhi was moaning
very hard " han Bhabhi masal dalo meri choochi ukhar lo kinch lo
enko ….."Champa bhabhi too was whispering " sudha tumhare
joban to bahut rasile ho gaye hain masalva masalva kar" Sudha
bhabhi raised her legs and grabbed champa bhabhi's waist.
She was raising her hips and both started rubbing their Choot
with each other. Now sudha bhabhi has taken one hard erect
nipple of champa bhabhi and started sucking it hard. Champa
bhabhi has inreased her pressure and was trying to pull sudha
bhabhi'snipple very hard, while rotating her Choot on sudha
bhabhi's Choot. It went on and on. I too had become aroused
and my one finger was inside my gili Choot. Suddenly my ears
become more alert. My name was being mentioned. Champa
Bhabhi was cajoling bhabhi that she want to "do it" with me too. I
felt so thrilled, but when I listened to sudha bhabhi's reply, it
dampened me as she told her that I'm too young.Champa
bhabhi aroused by this reply shoved her three fingers in Sudha
bhabhi's gili Choot and accused " tum aur tumahari nand, agle
chaudah din main chaudah Lund se na chudvai to mera nam
champa nahin.Is se 2 sal se jyada choti thi soniya ki nand ,sumi,
abhi jhante niklana shuru huin thi aur usko mane aisa sikhaya
maja aa jata hai.Aur phir tumne bhi kaub choda hoga." Bhabhi
giggled and confessed that I'm no novice. She went between
champa bhabi's milky thighs and started lapping her Choot Both
started doing 69 and again very soon it reached to new heights.
Sudha Bhabhi told Champa bhabhi that holi main meri jasi
phati, kaise pahle mare jija ne phir bhahi ke bhai aur phir pados
ke chore ne mari li. Looking at there adventure, and rubbing my
Choot I came twice.

Next day I met sumi and rama, both of my age. They told me
about mela, boys in the village and other girly things. In the
afternoon we went for mela. What a spirit of celebration,
everybody was in colorful dress singing making fun, passing
comments, everything was on. Group of young women will sing
sexy songs and boys will pass very lewd remarks that will not go
unanswered. I was moving with sudha and champa bhabhi and
sumi and rama too were with us. A group of boys started
following us. Looking at my top one commented" choli ke piche
kya hai , choli ke piche" another commented "de do rani,aare bil
tum rakhti ho to lamba ham bhi rakahte hain.

Sumi answered on our behalf and told "are jakar apni behan ki
choli main jhanko jane kis kis se dabva rahi hogi." Aare gaon ka
maal to bahut chakha abki she har ka maal milega" Champa
bhabhi too supported them saying aare chandni dede na bada
punaya milega.We kept on moving from shop to shop, we rode
giant wheel rama and sumi purchased bindi and choli but the
grop of boys stuck with us.Sudha and champa bhabhi left me
with sumi and rama .Sumi told that she will drop me home. After
that sumi took us to another area which was more crowded. I
could see that in a group of galls boys will rush with their hands
crossed on their chest and finding any gall close, will squeeze
their Mammes. They were talking also "kitnon ka horn bajaya."Even
girls will exchange note "kitnon se dabvaya"
Sumi and rama took me to that area. Now group of boys were
very close and I wanted to get out. However Sumi advised me
that if we can go through that narrow lane we will be out. As soon
we entered the area a big pressure of boys came and rama was
taken away . I saw that two boys had pushed their hands inside
rama's choli and squeezing her joban. I felt scared, but when I
look at rama she was smiling responding to overtures of boys
and went along with them in a sugarcane field nearby. While
going she winked at me.I was not aware that lane has been
blocked and we can't go ahead and heavy pressure was there
from behind. And Suddenly I found that my Mammes too had been
grabbed and are being squeezed. I could not move. It was the
same group of boys and sumi too had her joban getting
crushed.Leader of the group of Ashwin( who was admired by the
girls, for his size and prowess )was holding me and asking me
to surrender. His hands were groping inside my panty. Slowly
arousal has taken place of fear. I don't know how but ashwin and
his friend took me a dilapidated room where hay was kept. Two
boys too pulled Sumi.

It was total dark inside. They pulled away my top bra and skirt.
Ashwin took a bottle full of liquid which had awful scent .he
pressed my cheeks which forced my mouth open and than he
poured country wine inside. It burned me right up to my Choot.
Than both of them finished the rest of bottle. I was put on the hay
and before I could say anything other boy forced his erect Lund
inside my mouth. Ashwin was moving slowly. He caressed my
joban pulled my tits and rubbed my clit. His hard big Lund
increased my passion . I was waiting that he will force it inside
my Choot aur mera 6 mahine ka upvas khatam hoga. But he was
teasing me. He rubbed it on my clit opened my labia pushed it
slightly and again started rubbing it on my clit. I was becoming,
mad . His friend too pulled out his Lund and started stroking it on
my choonchi. Now I could not control. I pleaded please "dal do
na" .He asked "kya chandni rani. I begged "apna Lund" kahan,
rubbing his huge erection on my Choot he asked innocently .
meri boor main aur nahin to kya apni behan ki boor main… and
it was enough . In one stroke he pushed his Lund deep inside my
Choot. I grasped and wanted to scream but could not as his
friend has forced his mota Lund in upto my throat. I was enjoying.
Ashwin will bring out his Lund and in one push will force it deep
inside me . I was moaning Ashwin asked me kyon rani maja aa
reha hai and I will respond by raising my hip and gripping his
Lund by my Choot muscles. I was scratching biting rubbing my
choonchi on his chest and he was doing my non stop
chudai.First his friend came in my mouth and I drank every drop .
it was my turn next and was a series of orgasm, which triggered
his cumming in me.

After that we relaxed. Aswhin pinched my gora gora gaal and
asked chandani rani narraj to nahin ho. I confessed no and than
he extracted a promise that I will come again next day and
submit my Choot to him.Than indicating at his semi limp Lund he
said mujhe kaise vishwas ho. I took her Lund in my mouth and
started sucking hard.And this time I came over him and
whispered "aab to man gaye raja ki meri Choot teri deewani hai. I
was on top and fucked him. After this I came out sumi was
waiting for me and she asked "meri saheli chandni ko jyad a
dard to nahin hua" and I said dhat.

She dropped me home and we decided to go mela again next
day. Champa bhabhi was waiting for me . She put her hand
inside my skirt and while caressing my Choot asked "kyon maja
aaya desi Lund ka" and I blushed.
I was feeling tired partly because of chakkars I made in mela
and partly after a long gap my Choot had been stretched full, twice.
Cream provided by Sudha Bhabhi has soaked the pain but a
lingering tiredness was still there and I slept with bhabhi , like
yesterday night and Chmpa bhabhi was in another bed,
alongside us.

It must have been late night, I realized my Mammes are open and
some fingers are wandering at it's base. Sensation was
pleasant and exciting but I realized they don't belong to sudha
bhabhi, as my joban had become used to texture and feel of her
smooth hands. I decided to wait and kept my eyes shut. Now
those fingers have started climbing on my growing teen buds
and I was feeling tingling `down there'. Now very slowly hand has
cupped my Mamme, trying not to disrupt my sleep and also
avoiding my tits. Pressure increased very slowly and was
inflaming my passion. I was trying hard not to moan or take deep
breath, but my erect nipples became a give-away. My Mamme also
became more full of ras and masti and started blooming with
pressure from fingers as lotus blooms. As soon fingers touched
the hard erect nipples of mine, crowning glory of my domes of
pleasure, Champa bhabhi shrieked, "Ssali chinar , sone ka
natak kar rahi thi aur chonchiyan itni mast ho rahi hain" She
pulled my nipples with force and pinched them .I giggled too
.Champa bhabhi hugged me, pressing her big firm 38dd
choonchi on my growing teen Mammes rubbing them very hard .Her
nipples too had become rock hard and they were pushing
against my tits. I too took bahabhi in tight embrace grasping her
waist with my long leg, but it exposed my Choot that was already
fluttering with anticipation.She started rubbing her Choot on my
Choot slowly .She did n't release her grip of arms and her joban
kept on crushing my choonchi and her Choot was pressing hard
against my Choot. I could not resist it. I started melting moaning
…bhabhi ohh please..bahoot achha lag raha hai….ohh.

She put me on my back and came over me insuring that no part
of her body was touching mine. And than her lips took a fleeting
kiss of my lips as a gentle breeze has whispered something to a
sharmili gulab ki kali. Taste lingered. But the second one was
more authoritative. Her lips imprisoned my tiny juicy sweet lips
and started pressing hard. She left my upper lip and slowly
started sucking my thick lower lips and her teeth give deep love
mark. I cried more in passion than in pain, and her tongue like
dart, entered my exposed mouth. She explored my velvety mouth
kissing, sucking, and biting, chewing my gora gora chikna rasila
gaal. Her hands which were approaching my mast joban timidly
had become more bold and started squeezing them hard.
Champa Bhabhi will knead my both choonchi together for some
time and than with both hands will pull only one. While
sometime her one hand will knead, rub one choonchi, palm of
other will stroke vibrate my erect tit as if she is playing with some
musical instrument .My Choot had become gili and was
demanding attention and it did nit have to wait. Champa bhabhi
pressed her Choot on mine and pressed it with full pressure and
slowly started grinding it hard. Ohhh I was becoming mad.
Although I had done it earlier with sudha bhabhi too but my Choot
was never assaulted by a Choot , it used to be either her long
fingers or sexy lips.Slowly champa bhabhi guided my little hands
to her firm Mammes hanging over me and I too started pressing
and squeezing them hard. Bhabhi's lips came lower, encircled
over one of my tits and bit them hard. It followed by hard sucking
of my joban and tits. One tit will be in her mouth being sucked
and other will be pulled beyond limits by her hands. I was feeling
pain but it was giving more joy and I realized that sometime,
even pain could be pleasant. I was raising my gora gora Chootar
and trying to reciprocate thrust of bhabhi's Choot. Bhabhi was
crying " aah chandani kitana mast maal hai ky a rasili Choot hai
aaj chod lene de man bharkar" I knew my orgasm is
approaching fast and I cried " bhabhi, ohhh han issi tarah han
bahut… chodana nahin.." and I came . it triggered her climax too.
We kept each other in tight embrace and chatted like long lost
Suddenly I realized that sudha bhabhi is no where. I asked
champa bhabhi, "Bhabhi sudha bhabhi kahan hain." She rolled
her eyes said " kuch karva rahin hai tumahri sudha bhabhi." I
could guess but I wanted to know, " kisse karva rahin hain , kya
karava rahin Hain." "Dekhna hai kya fees lagegi dogi". I was
becoming eager " han bhabhi agar diho do karvate to jo kahogi
dungi. Accha, to chalo sabse pahle meri Choot chato. She made
me sit on the floor, put her legs down, spread her thighs and put
a thick pillow below her Gaand. I got down and kissed her Choot,
which was not clean shaved like sudha bhabhi or mine and was
giving a different aroma. With my tongue I parted her labia and
thrust it hard . Between my lips I closed her Choot and started
sucking slowly. She was enjoying it and in no time she started
raising her Chootar , asking for more . I withdrew my tongue and
started licking her clit. I was teasing her by bring her almost to
climax and than totally stopping my licking. It was proving too
much. She got up made me lie down and started riding on my
face. She was rubbing her hot wet Choot on my lips. I had
brought my tongue out and I was not only licking her Choot but
also was taking it to crack of her ass, which was making
champa bhabhi delirious. And in one stroke I was able to catch
her erect hard clit and bit it .She didn't came she exploded.. And
kept on cumming, her body was shivering . I just let her cool
down and when she became normal, she took me out carefully
opening the door, ensuring that there is no noise.

Out there in the dark was a small hut. It was for Shyamu, who
used to do the daily chores of house. Chmpa Bhabhi warned
me o walk on tiptoes and when we approached very close I
could hear some labored breathing, moans. She guided me to
peep through a hole. When after sometime, my eyes became
accustomed to darkness I could see a perfect female form
sitting. When I looked down it was clear that she was riding on a
huge Lund. I slowly realized it was sudha bhabhi, her
mangalsutra hanging between her big firm round Mammes which
were glistenig with sweat It made me realize ,ki Bhabhi kya karva
rahin hain. Bhabi was gliding her Choot on Shyam's black ebony
like shining Lund Shaym has now started squeezing pulling her
milki mast choonchi I was in a trance and lost sense of time.
Champa Bhabhi too was watching. Suddenly Shyamu put
bhabhi like ghodi and shoved her Lund in one thrust. I was
feeling soo aroused. Champa bhabhi had started maslana
ragadana of my choonchi and her two fingers were in my Choot.
Realizing that in this state we will be discovered. we came inside
where champa bhabi sucked me hard and I came in her mouth.
When I asked about shaymu, bhabhi told me that he had
potential to last long as much as he wishes and it can be
sometime be more than an hour Later champa bhabhi revealed
" Shyamu ne hi sudaha ki Choot ka udghata kiya tha aur tab vahb
tumse bhi do saal choti thi."

Next day again we made preparation for going to mela but sudha
bhabhi said "chandani tum aaj champa bhabhi ke saath chali
jaana mujhe kuch KAAM hai and winked at me. Champa bhabhi
said in jest "tum yenha kam karwana aur tumhari nand maile
main". But both Sudha bhabhi and champa bhabhi made me
agree that today I will go in choli ghghara as Gaon ki Gori. Sumi
and Rama came in the after noon and they along with Champa
Bhabhidid everything, for converting me from sehar ki chori to
gaon ki gori. Sudha bhabhi gave me her 7 kali ka ghaghra,
which was passion red and had small ghunghru at margins. In
my gore gore paon I put pajeb, which used to make sweet
sound, mahavar too was put and my nails were painted red.
Sumi made my long black hair into braid with a red paranda
touching my sexy hips. She applied kohl in my already long black
eyes and put a big bindi on my forhead. Champa Bhabhi made
wear red lipstick matching with my choli and ghaghra,and she
made me wear churis right up to my elbow. On my arms she put
her bajuband ,a pair of big jhumka in my ear and a small nath in
my sharp nose. But the most dangerous thing was yet to come.
Sudha bhabhi brought my red black choli, which she got tailored
for this occasion. It was almost back less, and when I wore it
only with some effort I could put my joban in it. It was not only
padded, but also pushed out my hard firm joban and it made it
looked at least look 2 number bigger. When I looked in the mirror
and bend I blushed as although it was hugging my joban very
hard but it's cleavage was so deep that even a slight bending
will expose my tits.
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