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Before leaving I asked her for Tripti Bhabhi’s mobile number and once again requested her not to tell her anything about the oral pleasure which I gave to her. I came back to my room and slept for some more time.

Rita Didi called me in the afternoon to ask me for lunch and eventually sent her son with a food, by that time Suresh Bhaiya was about to come back home from last night’s party and I did not thought about meeting Rita Didi again in the solitude.

As expected my new year celebration did not ended even there, I was eagerly waiting for the night, I desperately wanted to fuck my most desired female Tripti Bhabhi and couple of times I thought about calling her but somehow I stopped myself and enjoyed my aroused mind state while thinking about the pleasure I was suppose to get in the night with her on my bed.

Gradually day came to end and I came down in the evening and first met Suresh Bhaiya to wish him Happy New Year. He met me with a joy and wished me back; at that time Suresh Bhaiya was watching TV while sitting in his living room, totally unaware of this fact that in last 12 hours I have fucked her wife twice.

I met Rita Didi too and we greeted each other like we use to and had half cup of tea with them. Next I moved out of the house to roam and eat outside and fortunately met Tripti Bhabhi too on the street with her son and mother-in-law. On the first day of the year they all were gone to the temple for worship and I met them when they all were reaching back home.

I must mention that Tripti Bhabhi was having orange color spiritual Tilak on her forehead which was adding religious flair to her sluttyness and opportunely there on the street itself, somehow I managed to tell her to retain this Tilak till night and that instant she just passed a smile on my request.

I came back home after long time, somewhere around 9 and somehow spent 2 more hours in day dreaming. I wanted to masturbate but controlled my desire. Finally my desperation ended, wearing warm track suit I saw Tripti Bhabhi coming out of her house around 15 minutes passed to 11 and she climbed to my floor rapidly but as I saw her coming out of her house,

leaving the door of terrace and my room open I was back and silently stood behind Elmira and instantly thought about taking off all my cloths and before she would have reached to the room I was stark naked. After pushing the door lightly Tripti Bhabhi looked around, entered in the room slowly and uttered my name in low voice and just then I came out and grabbed her from behind.

Bhabhi screamed a bit but I was prepared to shut her mouth with my hand, she turned and got shocked to see me stark naked and fully hard and erect. I instantly threw her on my bed and started taking off her clothes quickly and Tripti Bhabhi somewhat helped me in that. Truly speaking by that time lust was driving me badly and I was not at all in my senses.

Throughout the day I was planning for this moment, I wanted to blast Tripti Bhabhi’s fleshy body completely and to do that I was well prepared to suck her luscious fuckhole too which I knew that she will never expect at all.

Anyway with in no time like me Tripti Bhabhi was also naked with just Mangalsutra around her neck and spiritual Tilak over her forehead and while being on her back she was expecting that I am going to fuck her now and as I opened and widened her fleshy thighs, she somewhat tried to hold my hard monster to guide it into her fuckhole but I started fisting her pleasure hole roughly and Tripti Bhabhi started trembling erotically.

As it can be assume lust was ruling her senses too since morning, and she was also desperately waiting for this moment and may be that is why within a minute of rough plunging of her fuckhole with 2-3 fingers made her fuckhole wet and hot and she tried to stop me and asked me to fuck her by saying “Naveen please fuck me now…”.

Once again I parted her thighs and once again Bhabhi expected that now I am going to fuck her but suddenly dipped my mouth over her pleasure zone and started sucking her madly from the very first moment. Tripti Bhabhi was not at all expecting that and she just went crazy in pleasure of getting sucked like that.

Truly speaking in a way I was gone mad and by that time as such I was not at all feeling embarrassed while doing that nasty act and I use to see in movies I completely chewed her opening with my lips and tried to suck thick and swollen flesh of her fuckhole like a hungry dog, my rough tongue explored her fuckhole thoroughly and Tripti Bhabhi once again started trembling erotically while releasing fresh streams of her love juices and I gulped it.

She desperately wanted to scream to express her pleasure but that place was not at all safe to do that as compared to Rita Didi’s bedroom and somehow she kept on controlling her voice. I continued diving deep in her fuckhole with my tongue while sucking her opening and soon pleasure went beyond her control and she stopped me forcibly and asked me “Naveen aap pagal ho gaye ho kya?” I did not bothered to reply her;

I pushed her again on her back and positioned myself over her and plunged her fuckhole with a jerk. Once again Tripti Bhabhi moaned erotically and took my whole length deep inside her swollen fuckhole easily. I started with steady fucking and hips rose and fall over her in rhythm and Bhabhi started grunting while controlling her voice.

She was looking beautiful while lying under me like that, her massive milks were jiggling here and there randomly in the way I was thrusting her fuckhole, her Mangalsutra was dancing over her fleshy milks and in addition to that spiritual Tilak in the middle of her forehead was making me go harder and harder over her and within a minute of steady fucking I started fucking her rapidly

and banged her as if I am raping her and Tripti Bhabhi really enjoyed my passion and finally exploded like I never imagined. As she reached to her climax she held me very tight and went breathless and started humming in strange voice bit loudly with that Bhabhi trembled erotically with sudden jerks over her pelvis and her whole body shivered feverishly for a while.

As I saw her going through such a shattering orgasm I also exploded instantly, my monster also quivered like never before and I too grunted loud as I started spewing out my seed deep inside in Tripti Bhabhi’s womb.

Still I cannot say that my New Year celebration ended here because we fucked again after some time, around 12 in doggy style. After quick and shattering fuck we both were tired and ultimately lied naked under the blanket, I was straight and Tripti Bhabhi was bit sideways on the pillow of my arm while resting her massive milks over my chest and keeping her one thigh over legs and we started chit-chatting.

It was Tripti Bhabhi who started by repeating her old statement “aapne maar daala mujhe” and then she spoke again “aap pagal ho gaye the kya?” “Haan…aisa hi samajh low…I was waiting for you since morning” I replied back “that’s true but still I was not expecting all this…and you sucked me so madly…aapko ho kya gaya tha…?”

She replied back while showing bit of surprise in her tone over my sucking and then uttered again “aap to mujhe doggy style mein fuck karne waale the?” I smiled a bit and then spoke “abhi karunga naa…pahle aapse apna LUND Chuswaaunga…” while saying that slowly I rubbed my hand from her back to her hips and spoke again “fir aapke ye mote mote hips pakad ke aapko pecche se CHODUNGA”.

Bhabhi smiled on my use of Hindi slang as she could feel that by now I am out of my shyness and asked me back in same slangy tone “Hips!...Hindi mein bolen to CHUTTAD” I giggled a bit on her statement and before I would have said yes to her she spoke again “yaa fir GAND?” that was surprise to me,

I was not at all expecting the word “GAND” for ass from her side and I smiled on that and spoke “when you know…then why you ask?” “Just to arouse you” she replied back with a smile. “Ok…” I accepted and then spoke again “waise Hips ko CHUTTAD hi kahte hain….GAND asshole ko bolte hain….you know GAAND marna and all….!”

Bhabhi looked at me and initially replied with just “I know that…” for a moment she went silent but kept on looking into my eyes with a mild smile and from her gesture I could see that she wants to say something and she uttered on the very next moment, “I must tell you ki…mere husband meri GAAND maar chuke hain”.

I was really shocked with the piece of personal information she gave me about her sex life with her husband and I kept on looking at her lovely face and she spoke again “jab bhi India aate hain… meri ass achhe se fuck karke jaate hain” “aapko dard nahi hota?” I asked her back and she replied with “hota hai…lubricant daalne ke baad bhi dard hota hai…” “Then why you always agree…?”

I asked her again “I always try to avoid but kya karun…..last mein karwana hi padta hai….” She replied back with a casual smile and then spoke again “waise ab to mujhe bhi thoda thoda mazza aane lagga hai” in response of her last statement I also smiled back, “You know first time he did not even asked me…..he did it forcibly” Bhabhi paused for a fraction and then spoke again

“I remember without telling me anything Sharad ne mujhe ulta letta ke mere haath bandh diye the…aur fir mere oopar chhad kar meri ass ke andar daal diya tha”. Wow what a conversation I had at that time with Tripti Bhabhi, she detailed me her first anal experience with her husband in which she was fucked without her consent and I was feeling real good movement over my monster

since we were talking about anal sex and Tripti Bhabhi was also well aware of my arousal as her hand was resting over my crotch and in between she was massaging my balls and finally she uttered in that regard, “meri kahani sunkar aapka LUND to Khada ho gaya” “haan… aur ab ye pahle aapke muhn mein jaayega…aur fir aapki CHUT mein jaayega” I replied back in same fashion.

“to fir daal do jaldi se issko mere muhn ke andar…mera mann kar raha hai issko Chusne ka” Bhabhi replied back in sensual voice, told me to insert my monster in her mouth but I wanted to reach their gradually as I knew that after second fuck she will definitely go back to her place and I asked her to give me a kiss first by saying “pahle mujhe ek kiss to dedo” and soon after that we started kissing.

Like always it was a wonderful kiss and we explored each other’s mouth nicely. “Ohh…Bhabhi I love You” I spoke in a sensual voice after breaking the kiss and saying “Mujhe mera naam lekar bulaao…”Bhabhi told me to address her by name and I did that by saying “I love you Tripti” “I love you Too Naveen” she replied back and we started kissing again.

Certainly it was lust which drove Tripti Bhabhi to me and she convinced Rita Didi for this relation with me but particularly that moment was full of love and affection, we both were tied together into a deep kiss like husband and wife. “Abb main aapka Dudh Piyunga” I spoke again after breaking the kiss and massaging her milks with my hand.

Tripti Bhabhi replied by saying “Peelo…Jitna peena hai peelo…sab aapka hai” and next moment I started sucking Tripti Bhabhi’s luscious melons. I chewed her long erect nipples to make her moan and she started caressing my hairs and bare back and extended her hand to my monster and started jerking me somehow.

“abb Chuso mera LUND” next I asked her to suck my Penis and in reply she said “ooth kar Daal do mere muhn mein”. I got up and came beside her on my knees and bought my monster close to her mouth and told her not to peel my foreskin off while sucking and she accepted and in a moment Tripti Bhabhi herself guided my monster into her mouth and started giving me oral pleasure.

Ohh… Wow she was lying on bed with uncovered breasts as rest of her body was under blanket and while being on my knees I was fucking her beautiful face by lurching my bottom slowly. I must say that there is something in Tripti Bhabhi’s face and gesture that whenever I see her sucking me I go crazy, she was looking amazing while doing that nasty thing with a spiritual Tilak over her forehead.

Gradually excitement rose in my body and I threw the blanket away to see her luscious body. Tripti Bhabhi’s thighs were wide apart under the blanket and her thick swollen fuckhole was wet and dripping. I tried to extend my hand to touch her fuckhole and somehow reached there but not comfortably and in a moment I decided to get into 69 with her.

I lied over her upside down and told her to spread her thighs wider and she did that. Once again I was licking Tripti Bhabhi’s luscious fuckhole and down there she was sucking my monster with her full affection. We did not retained 69 for very long as we both were desperate for a real fuck and hardly after a minute I told her to get up and turn around and Bhabhi got up instantly and went on her four.

Oh…Wow her ass was so fair and plump, I slapped her fleshy mound lightly to feel the pleasure of making her fair skin turn red and she asked me to slap her hard by saying “thoda tez maaro…jaise ladkiyon movies mein maarte hain” I slapped her again, bit harder this time and Tripti Bhabhi hummed in pleasure of getting treated like a slut and I saw the impact of my slap over her fair skinned ass lump,

I slapped her other mound too and she moaned in pleasure again. I held her massive ass with both the hands and tried to play with it by squeezing them together and just then though about seeing her asshole about which we wre taking some time back, which was fucked by her husband forcibly.

And to do that once again I squeezed her ample hips together and tried to part them with my hands to get a view of her asshole. Tripti Bhabhi sensed my intentions instantly and asked me “kya dekh rahe ho hmmm….?...Naughty boy!” “kuch nahi” I replied back “I know…aap meri GAAND ka chhed dhundh rahe ho….”

She replied back and then spoke again “khol ke dekh low….lekin ussmein daalne ki mat sochna….” Ohh… Wow I cannot explain what kind of female Tripti Bhabhi is, I must say she is just mind blowing and for a guy like me it is really very difficult to believe that a simple homely lady can be so slutty and horny.

I parted Tripti Bhabhi’s ass mounds one more time and got a glimpse of her asshole and in the third attempt I succeeded to see her asshole clearly. Wow…even though it was fucked numerous times, it was very tiny and I could not imagine the level of pleasure I will get by fucking her tiny ass hole.

“Dekh liya naa…? Bass ab daal do CHUT mein” Tripti Bhabhi spoke again, she was getting desperate to get me inside her fuckhole. I moved my hand under her and rubbed her fuckhole to feel the exact opening and realized that it is really very difficult to penetrate her fuckhole from behind. Couple of times I tried to insert my Penis in her fuckhole in that posture but failed.

Once she guided my monster into her fuckhole with her own hands and took me inside her but I failed to retain myself in her fuckhole. As I mentioned so many times Tripti Bhabhi has a massive ass and for an amateur like me it seemed impossible to fuck her in that posture.

Finally Tripti Bhabhi came out with a practical solution, she lied down on the bed with widely spread thighs on her front with Pillow and a roll of blanket under her belly and told me to climb over her and fuck her by saying “abb chhad jaao mere oopar…aur daal do”.

Now in this posture, her bottom was lifted up I could see her fuckhole clearly, as she told me to do I climbed over Tripti Bhabhi and placed my monster tip over her opening and finally squeezed tip of my rod into her pleasure hole with my hand and went inside her slowly. “Ahhh….mazza aagaya” Tripti Bhabhi grunted erotically, I too moaned in pleasure and finally started fucking her in that posture.

Holding her nice fleshy body from her shoulders, I was riding on Tripti Bhabhi for the fourth time in last 24 hours and my pleasure was beyond any description. But I must mention that I really failed to fuck her for long in that posture, this position was so good and pleasurable that very soon I started feeling pressure building inside me,

at that time Bhabhi was no way near her climax so I stopped and told her to lie down straight and Tripti Bhabhi instantly went on her back and once again I started riding on her but in typical missionary position. Like always Tripti Bhabhi grabbed me in her arms and thighs nicely and I fucked her comfortably.

Fortunately I bought Tripti Bhabhi to her climax too before exploding inside her fuckhole and once again we remained tied in each other’s arm for bit long. Here I can say that after this fuck with Tripti Bhabhi I got a break from my New Year celebration because I spent next 24 hours in solitude as none among two females succeeded in making my next day a fucking day too.

Suresh Bhaiya was on leave that day and because of acute cold weather Tripti Bhabhi’s mother-in-law was going through bad time. But next morning once again it happened; Tripti Bhabhi called me on my mobile very early in the morning and told me to open the door.

Time was bit more than 5 and sun was yet to rise but we were not bothered about anything like that and very soon once again after taking off other’s clothes I was riding on Tripti Bhabhi on my bed like a mad and she was enjoying my passion for her fleshy body.

And on the same evening somehow Rita Didi also managed to take out an hour for me at my place and I fucked her too and realized that like Tripti Bhabhi she is also very demanding in bed as in the beginning itself she told me to fuck her like I always fuck Tripti Bhabhi; hard and fast. I tried my best but I myself sensed that I was not same with Rita Didi as I use to be with Tripti Bhabhi.

Anyway while ending my write up here I Promise I will write again if readers will say so but before that I would love to read comments of readers of this wonderful blog. No doubt that in future while being with Rita Didi and Tripti Bhabhi I will be having a lot to share on this blog as I could not see end of this heavenly time in my life soon because Sharad (Tripti Bhabhi’s Husband)

has a plan to come back India in May and as such I am not expecting any positive change in Suresh Bhaiya’s sex hormones, so for both the females it will be just me who can tranquilize their sexual urge, especially Tripti Bhabhi who is looking forward to spend whole night with me in the last week of Feb, on her birthday.

I must mention that I am planning an expensive gift for her on for this occasion and going to ask for her asshole as a return gift.
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