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Hi. I am Sam from Kerala. It was 3 months back when I was like most of the guys of my age looking out for the 1st memorable sexeperience that I met this gorgeous lady who was by looks about 40 years old. Well I had to call her 40 years young. Like all women of that age she had an amazing figure. I don’t know the exact figure stats but any guy would go drooling over. How I met her.

Well here we begin my 1st story in this website. I walked into Varkeys supermarket at Palarivattom Junction to buy a deodorant. I went up to the 1st floor and went near the counter where all the deos were kept. In this supermarket the deos and some cosmetics are kept behind a counter with a staff to look after. When i went to the counter there was no one whom I could ask for. So I got into the counter to pick out a deo. I was deciding over two brands when I heard a sweet lovely voice directing to me asking “Hey boy, Could u get me that Gillette shaving razor?” She must have thought I was working there. It dint bother me much. I took the shaving razor and reached out to her when she frowned at me “I asked the one for women not this one.” I gave a confused smile and said “Ma’am, I am not …” when she said “Dont bother. Just pass it to me along with a Dove ‘some’ cream. I gave them to her and she gave me a smile and went. I took my deo and went downstairs to pay the bill. I saw the same lady at a counter and I decided to go to the same counter. I went behind her and I coud’nt resist noticing her lovely body. She was wearing a light green churidar with her hair tied into a pony tail. Not that fair in complexion she was but a total beauty and you could call her the perfect “AUNTY”. I was standing behind her and I felt I should talk to her and I knew if i dint talk to her I would be a big asshole. “Excuse me.” I began. She turned and asked “yeah?” and she was lookin at me and understood I was another customer and not a sales person.

She was like “oh my god. I’m sorry boy. I dint realize.” I told her that I would take it only as a joke and she smiled. Then she started laughing and told me “You gave me a men’s razor.” I was like “ ayyo aunty. Don’t be loud. Its embarrassing” She was like its ok and soon both of us paid the bill and were out. There I saw her with all her bags finding it difficult to catch the attention of autos. So I went to help her and I caught an auto for her to byepass junction where she wanted to go. I told her I am also going over there (which I obviously lied ) and which she obviously understood from my face. But then she asked me to get in. There was enough traffic on the road. So I knew it was gonna take around ten minutes to reach der.
I remember the 1st couple of minutes introducing ourselves. Her name was Meena (name changed). We talked too much that I came to know more about her and that her husband was in merchant navy and was coming home after 5 months. After talking for some time both of us remained silent for sometime. I knew I had only little more time to spent with Meena. Husband in merchant navy. Omg.. my heart was thumping. I knew I had a chance for the first time in my life. I broke the ice. “So. No wonder you bought the razor.” And i gave a teasing laugh. She replied “You have no idea son. I would advise you not to join the navy.” I laughed and all I could say was “I never will” She started checking for the bill in her 3 bags from the supermarket. On the process her hand was brushing my hand. I offered to help. While i searched inside the bag kept down near her legs she searched inside the bag on her lap. I took the opportunity to feel her legs. I could feel it on the back of my arms above her churidar pants. It was a very light material and I got turned on. We dint find it but i wanted to keep searching. She asked the auto guy to turn back to the supermarket. I was happy we were going to get some more time. She was getting worried as the bills were of some major use to her. She was worried and sayin “omg if i don’t get the bill its gonna be a huge loss.” I gave a pat on her thighs and said “Its ok. I will get the bill for you. You don’t worry.” I dint remove my hand. All i was thinking was my hand and i don’t know what she was thinking. The hand or the bill.

I slowly pulled my hand down besides her not to raise doubt but i somehow got the feeling she was totally ok with wat i did. I could see her worried. I patted on her thighs a couple of times more to make it comfortable. Next time i wanted to pat her I wanted to put my hand under her chuiridar on top of her pants. So the next time she said something about the bill, i guided my hand through the slit of her churi on top of her pants and rested it there. As a sudden shock she felt my hands but dint pull it out but sat there ignoring it. Her worries were all gone. I decided to take my chance. I comforted her by sayin its ok and we could get the bill and gave a small squeeze on her left thigh. WOW.. the 1st time for me. Something was happening. My hand laid on her thighs till we got to the shop without any movement as if it was frozen. Excitement has made it frozen i guess. The auto man stopped in from of the shop and I had to get out 1st for her to get down. I dint want to remove my hand so i dint move. I was waiting for her to do something. Soon she gave a move. She held her hand over mine as if to let my hand remain there and she asked me “ Arent you getting out?” She was asking me to get out but her hand was over mine confusing me. I trusted my hand and gave a big squeeze on her thigh. She tooke her hand off and pulled me closer and said, “I got the bill with me. You know wat u shud get from the shop. Right dear.” I was wondering wat it was. N i could not figure out. I came out empty handed and was confused.

I got into the auto and dint say a word. Menna told the auto guy to leave. Me still wondering wat it was. Both of us were silent. I thought I had everything blown up. I knew I had to make the move or time would run off. So i very slowoly put my hands over her shoulder. Now my right hand was over her right shoulder and I was sitting as if nothing happened waiting for her reaction. “So, How old are you, she asked?” That started a conversation. “I replied “20. You have any children.?” She replied “yeah 2” During this conversation I took the opportunity to to run my thump over her bra strap on her shoulder and our conversation was just to us as the auto driver was busy driving. I found no hesitation with her as both of us acted as if nothing was happening and was talking. We were talking about each other when she suddenly asked. “What are you trying to do with my bra?” with her left hand on my lap. It took me some time to realize the green signal. I was so excited. Something was going to happen today. Oh my god. I increased my grip on Meena. I looked at Meena. Meena started messaging someone. I could see a ring in her finger. Her nails were polished. I sat as close to Meena as I could. She was calling someone in her mobile using her right hand and i pulled her left hand on to my lap. I put my hand over her hand and rubbed the fingers. She was making a call. So i knew i could take my chance as she would not react quickly. The auto was now heading back to byepass junction. I took her hand up and started sucking her fingers one by one. I kissed all over her hand and she pulled back her hand at one point when maybe i got a bit rigorous..?? i don’t know. So I stayed quiet for some time waiting for her call to get over. But the call was for long. So i put my hand back to her thighs this time taking my time to find the slit and i started caressing. Within a few seconds she finished her call and turned to me “Why are you in such a hurry?” I was silent and took my hand off.
But it was off for just a few seconds and it was back to her thighs. She smiled. Like that me squeezing her thigh we reached her flat. She asked me to climb the stairs and come to apartment number ##. I dint ask too much questions as she took the lift. I reached her front door and recognized her chappals. I rang the bell and before i could take off my finger form the calling bell, the door opened and pulled me in. The door closed behind and she gave me one big hug and jumped over on to me with her legs wrapped around me. The deo fell off my hand. I was shocked and she understood and said “I thought you were in a hurry” All i had to hear was that. With one hand I tightened the hug feeling her bra straps and with my other hand under her ass over her churidar in between her legs i lifted her to position her more comfortably on me. I was losing out and i walked over to the nearby couch and fell over on it with Meena under me, my hand still in between her legs from her back. Both of us then adjusted ourselves with her one leg straightened and her other leg on top of the couch and myself positioning my dick on her thighs and hands under her shoulder. We looked at each other with lust with our lips just mms away from meeting.
I was thanking my luck gods for permitting me to be at the right place at the right time so that i am able to enjoy this lady. My lips met hers. The first time i am smooching. I have seen in it movies and have longed. This is happening for real. Our lips locked. Our hands exploring each other’s back. She started cupping my ass and in return i cupped her ass… She put her hands under my jeans and felt my ass. We were smooching. After a good long 10 mins taking seconds we broke the smooch. She had her eyes closed and I could see her enjoying the feeling of me on her. The lips slowly parting. The lips parted but lots of saliva threads were still joining her lips with mine. I wanted that saliva and sucked her lips to get the saliva and soon she was holding my head and pushing for another smooch. This was a much deeper smooch. We tried to get into each other’s mouth. She guided my hands on to her breasts and there i was feeling a woman’s breast for the first time. It was not soon before I got the full guts to explore each and every part of her lovely body. I was cupping her breasts so much smooching her. I could see it in her face the ways she was enjoying. I never thought making love was so much pleasuring for a woman. Soon her hands were on my dick. I could smooch for maybe 10 seconds and I broke off. It was a total different feeling to have a woman’s hand on my dick for the first time. She gave me a slight erotic smile for which I replied “I am a virgin” I dint want to hear her answer anything to it as I dint know how she was going to respond, so before she could respond I was hugging and kissing her in her necks with my one hand on her breasts and the other hand slowly finding my way from her thighs to her love spot. I could feel it so soft. Her churidar was already up to her breasts and I was feeling her pussy over her pants. Her hand was playing on my dick and I dint realize her hand go inside my jeans.

I was rubbing her pussy and biting and sucking her boobs over her churidar. Meena took her hand off my dick for sometime while I was still enjoying her. I thought something was wrong and I stopped and looked at her. Meena looked at me as if something was wrong. She said “Take off your jeans”.. And I dint waste time… I came back on top of her. She pulled my undie down and further took it down with her legs. I was on top of her with my dick as a rod. I could feel my dick so wet. Meena loosened her pants and I took off her pants. Now she was lying down with her chrui and her undies. Like most girls she was wearing a pink one. I understood why pink was such a favourite colour. I gave a kiss on her pussy and felt her bush. I joked “No wonder you bought the razor” She smiled and gave me a hard squeeze on my dick. I went “AAAaaaahhh” and gave her pussy a squeeze. Meena removed her churidar while I was busy kissing her navel and caressing my hand over her thighs and pussy. Now this aunty was lying in front of me in her bra and undies. I went up to her and kissed her face and lips. Now we were lying on sideways positions. Her left leg on wrapped around me. I removed her bra and felt her breasts. OMG. I never knew they were so soft. I adored them at that point. I sucked and worshipped them for about half an hour. I tried to take the whole of her breast in my mouth but I could not. Her one hand was pulling my head towards her breast while other hand was on my dick. She was squeezing my dick hard while I was sucking her breasts. I was in heaven and I knew I was going to cum. I don’t know how she knew it but the speed of squeezing turned high. I cummed with my hand grabbing her ass from behind, grabbing tight, the tightest I could and my sucking turned to sensual nibbling. I cummed totally. Slowly I released the grab on her ass and I took on deep suck on her breast. The sound of sucking her skin was so erotic. She was licking of the cum on her hand. I went to her left breast and started sucking that. I was sucking slowly remembering my first orgasm.
I kept on sucking her breast. I could not stop sucking the beautiful breasts of meena. I totally adored them. Meena was playing with my not so hard dick but within seconds my dick was back in track. Meena pulled me up this time and lied on top of me. I hugged her and enjoyed her weight on me. She then slowly went down and the next thing I knew was having my dick in her mouth with her tongue wobbling around it. God… I was having my first ever Blowjob!! She was sucking hard and fully playing with my balls. Her fingers were using my balls as lick an expert. Her other hand was running through my chest and my face. I sucked her fingers. I held her head and was massaging her head while she was sucking my cock. I lay there with my eyes closed enjoying every second. Meena was like my god. She was giving everything I wanted at that moment. Her sucking turned into nibbling and biting. I was getting too excited that I pulled meenas thighs towards me. She understood and I pulled her undies down soon she was on top of me in a 69 postion. I was sucking her pussy. The 1st time. I found it a bit odd but the more she sucked my cock, the more I sucked the juice from her pussie. The more she squeezed my dicked the more force I used to suck the juices out of her pussie. I dint care for the bush she had. I was sucking sucking suckin. I was in love with her pussy now. I had my hands on her ass cheeks squeezing them. Meena wanted me as much as I wanted her. She was an unsatisfied woman and I was a boy who hasn’t had so much of sexual pleasure. We lied there in 69 position for almost another half an hour. I had a lot of her hair on my mouth which I enjoyed having. Soon her pussy started to get more n more moist. She knew that n she got over to me. Now she was on top of me. Both of us completely nude. She held my dick and slowly guided it in. She said “Welcome to my pussie dear.” And I was guided in. My eyes automatically closed and was feeling the pleasure. It was fully in. I started moaning. Meena started ridiing me up and down. I was in cloud 9…

I started responding. She too started enjoying. Both of us were moaning. I held meena down and gave her a kiss on her lips. She pulled back and started riding faster. I could feel my dick in pain. I had no time to wonder why she dint put the condom over my dick. ! I knew I would cum soon but it was meena who was cumming . I could feel my dick feel soooooo weettt… n her grip on my dick with her pussy was getting tighter with every stroke. It was getting faster and both our moans were getting louder. Every object near us was flying. Meena and I were going mad in ecstasy. Soon she came and rested on my dick and fell over on to me. I hugged her and smelled her body. I was in total love with meena. I pulled her towards my side with still my dick inside her pussy and started fucking her. She dint open her eyes. She was enjoying. I came for te second time inside her. And hugged her. I caressed her body for a looong time and enjoyed my way to a nap. I woke up after how long I don’t know but meena was still der, she was lying with her back to me. I dint know whether she was asleep or not. I could see her ass. I went down and started kissing her ass. I started biting and nibbling her ass. Meena soon raised her right leg for me.i went n sucked her pussy from her back giving lots of kisses to her ass,. We woke up had a nice time in the kitchen as she prepared a meal. I was hugging and playing with her boobs and telling her “I love her” a million times all this both of us nude. She would turn back n kiss me on my cheek. After meal I went over to meena and lifted her and started smooching her. We had another long session of love making before we slept off in each other’s arms. I wonder how you people loved my experience.
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