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I was studying in the same school my Aunt Laura was teaching in. Aunt Laura was a voluptuous woman with curves like a Goddess and it was for this reason that she was very famous with all the boys of my school. Even I myself could not resist her charms especially when she would dress up all naughty for class. She was a strict teacher and only ever smiled while she was teasing us boys. I was generally a good boy and performed well in all my other classes but found it hard to concentrate in Aunt Laura's class. As an 18 year old boy, my hormones were acting up and I would get really horny while watching my Aunt's curvy body. Her busty chest, her big, round, mature ass was just too much to handle even for a good boy like me.

One day after class, Aunt Laura asked me to stay behind and told me that she needed to have a talk with me. I got nervous and had sweat running down my forehead, "what does she want to talk about?" I asked myself and my curiosity grew as she approached me in her low cut black top and black high heels.

"Sit" She said in a firm tone and my body automatically obeyed her command as though she was in control of it.

She sighed and told me how my performance in class was terrible and that I had no hope of passing her subject if my performance did not improve.

"What would the other students say when they all pass and my own nephew fails my subject?" She said in a disappointed tone.

I had my head bowed down in shame and suddenly gasped as I felt Aunt Laura gently rubbing her hands on my lap, I blushed, feeling something stir in my pants. I looked up and saw Aunt Laura smiling at me.

"Tell you what Jibby...why don't I take you back home with me today and give you a private lesson? Your Aunt cares for you and wants you to pass. Will you come home with me today? It'll be fun, just like old times when you used to visit your aunty!"

She sounded excited and persuasive, I found myself unable to resist her offer and nodded, "yes...alright" I whispered softly and shyly.

"Excellent! then lets go!" She held me by my arm and almost dragged me out of the school and into her car. We drove for about half an hour and finally reached her place.

Once inside her place, Aunt Laura looked at me with disapproval, "whatever do you do at school boy? Just look at those dirty clothes! Take them off and let me throw them in the laundry!"

"What?" I said, stunned.

"You heard me, Take off your clothes and give them to me so I can put them in the laundry." "NOW!" She shot a stern look at me, and I knew she was not playing games.

She supervised my clumsy undressing, pretending to be impatient as I fumbled with my clothes. When I had finally removed everything but my underpants, I looked up at Auntie in utter embarrassment.

"Oh, I forgot, you're so modest" she said. "If you're ashamed to let Auntie see your body, I'll turn around. She turned around impatiently, while I removed my briefs. I noticed that she had turned away from me, but was now facing a huge mirror on the wall, and was shamelessly staring at the reflection of my body. I wanted to protest, but I knew Auntie had a short temper, so I said nothing. I stripped as instructed and handed my underwear to Auntie.

"Good boy!" She said as she walked off with my clothes, leaving me naked in her hallway. I had never felt so naked in my life before and to my horror, the cool breeze made my penis stir and rise slowly, "what would she say if she saw this?!" I asked myself in panic, attempting to quickly hide my growing arousal behind my hands as I heard the clicking of Aunt Laura's heels on the marble floor as she made her way back to me.

Aunt Laura had changed Her clothes. She was now wearing a black corset with garter-belt attached to her black stockings, the corset pushed her tits up and made them look even bigger than they already were. She wore a pair of black high heels with toe-peep space. My gaze lowered onto her beautiful feet which I could see through the stockings, her toe nails painted with exquisite red nail polish. For some reason, I had this odd urge of kneeling before her and kiss her beautiful feet, pamper them and suck them off and the thought only made my cock grow bigger and harder to the point where I could no longer hide my arousal behind my hands.

"So...about that private lesson I promised you" said Aunt Laura, I could see that she had a sinister smile on her face and she was looking straight at my crotch area but at the same time completely ignored it as if she didn't see anything, "follow me boy!" She finished, turned around and started walking.

As She turned around, I noticed that she was not wearing any panties, her big, round ass was completely exposed and I shamelessly watched my Aunt's buttcheeks juggle from left to right as she led me into her bedroom. I felt my heartbeat going faster, my body felt like it was on fire...I was sweating already, I felt teased and frustrated...I was horny.

Aunty locked the door behind me and casually placed the key in her purse and put it aside while smiling at me. I stood there, starting to wonder what this "private lesson" would be like and I got the answer to that sooner than I had expected...

My Aunt Laura held me by my ear and twisted it with all her womanly strength, the sharp pain immediately forced me to shut my eyes tight and bend over a little, "owwh~!"

"Listen you little piece of shit!" I heard my Aunt say, "you can't take your eyes off your Aunt when she is teaching you can you?" she spanked me as she said that and the sound of the slap echoed across the bedroom walls. "No reason you have been flunking in my subject you horny little piece of fuck!" She spanked me again, even harder this time if it was possible, the sharp pain making my eyes tear up. I wanted to sit down so she couldn't spank me anymore but she was still holding tightly onto my ear which only meant that trying to sit would only make her pull harder and hurt more.

"Ahhh~!" I screamed and moaned in pain, "p-please forgive me Aunty! It won't happen again I swear!" I begged but she replied me with yet another tight spank.

"This is how they used to straighten up perverted lil shits like you back in my day, primitive but effective, it's a pity they don't allow such punishments in school anymore, I feel it's still the best way to discipline naughty boys like you! KNEEL!" she shouted at me as she let go off my ear and my body immediately obeyed her command, I found myself kneeling before her as if I was her puppet, her commanding voice numbed my brain, making me unable to think for myself.

She put one foot forward and I looked up, she was looking right back at me with her index finger pointing towards her foot and I knew what I was supposed to do..."so she did notice me staring at her feet.." I said to myself before bowing my head in complete submission right at my Aunt's feet.

I began to sniff her stocking covered foot, inhaling all the scent in my nostrils before kissing it. I kissed her foot passionately, more passionately than I had ever kissed my girlfriend's lips. It just felt so right for some reason, it felt like this was where I belonged, right at my Aunt's feet, worshiping her like a Goddess.

I suddenly felt her grabbing a bunch of my hair and roughly pull on them as she made me crawl on all fours behind her, she stopped at the foot of the bed and comfortably sat on its edge, leaving me on the floor underneath her, "keep licking!" she commanded in her firm tone.

The more I licked and kissed her foot, the more she moaned in pleasure and the more she moaned, the more I wanted to serve mind completely overtaken by lust, I was lost in her.

I gasped as I felt Aunt's other foot gently stroke against my aroused cock, she kicked it gently, crushed it between the sole of her shoes and the floor and rubbed against it all the while I worshiped her other foot.

"Take off my heels" she said, this time in a soft whisper, her words almost like a moan, she was obviously aroused. I did as I was told and she immediately stuffed my mouth with her foot, "suck on it you little bitch boy!" and I did. I sucked on Aunt's entire stocking covered foot. I gagged and chocked a couple of times but she did not seem to care, her only concern was to deepthroat me with her foot and she did. I could see her touching herself while she humiliated me this way...I could not blame her, my own cock was leaking with precum, dirtying the floor underneath me and I hadn't even touched myself!

"That's enough!" she suddenly got up and I groaned, I just wanted to be in that position forever, licking, sucking and kissing my Aunt's foot for all eternity but she had other plans. She walked over to the dressing table and got some stuff out from one of the drawers. As she turned around, I saw her what she had taken out, there was some rope and a riding crop. She stood there smiling at me and my curiosity began to grow, "what is she going to do with that?" I asked myself. "Lay down on your back, slut!"

I blushed at her words and had no intention of resisting her, I knew that my resistance would be futile anyway at this point. I quickly climbed onto her bed and laid down on my back as Aunty casually walked up to me, held my hand and tied it to one corner of the bed, she did the same with my other hand and then both my ankles till I was completely spread, naked and exposed...left completely at her mercy.

"Excellent! this is how nasty little bastards like you should be trained! Are you ready to finally taste your Aunt's ass, slave?"

I did not answer that, her words made my cock leak helplessly all around my shaft, I had accepted my surrender to my Aunt at this point and realized my place, she owned me and could do whatever she wanted, I was her personal property.

Aunt Laura climbed onto the bed herself, she stood with her legs on my either side, giving me a clear view of her perfect ass before she squatted right on my face, "mmm sniff your Aunt's ass you little bitch? Aww can't breathe? Breathe through my ass!"

I sniffed her ass and licked around her tight butthole, teasing it with the tip of my tongue while she smacked my cock with the riding crop over and over. The mixture of pain and pleasure driving me crazy. She pulled up a bit to allow me to catch my breath, "thank you Aunt Laura" and the reply was another smack of the riding crop on my shaft, "shut the fuck up and stick your tongue out, stiffen it like a cock because YOUR little cock is obviously worthless, might as well use your tongue, it's still bigger than your cock!"

I did as I was told and Aunt Laura bounced her big ass on my face, my tongue pushing in and out of her asshole as she smothered my face all the while continuing to smack my cock harder and harder with the crop.

It was too much, I had been teased and toyed with for far too long, my cock had practically leaked a glass full of precum already and I could not hold it in any longer. I moaned as Aunt Laura continued to hump my face with her ass, my body trembled helplessly as I shot rope after rope of thick, hot, sticky cum all over her bed and Aunt Laura just kept smacking me harder and harder with the crop as if she was smacking the cum out of my balls.

"Just look what a mess you've made you dirty little fucker! You think you can just get away with dirtying my bed with your filthy cum?! Lick it off for Aunty! NOW!!" I just did not care any longer, I quickly sat on my hands and knees and started licking my cum off her bed, Aunt Laura was holding me by my hair again to make sure I lick each and every drop off while using the crop on my ass this time.

"Good boy!" she whispered softly, "you made your Aunt really wet...keep this up and I may perhaps pass you in my subject my slave nephew, you are to come serve me tomorrow as well, same that clear boy?!"

"But Aunt Laura...I have a date with my girlfriend tomo-"

"Does it look like I give a fuck?!"

"No Aunt Laura, I'm sorry, I shall be at your service tomorrow..."

"Good boy, now get your filthy, disgusting self out of my sight!" She threw the room's key to me and laid back on her bed to relax.

I nodded and and quietly left, now as a property of my Mistress, my Aunt Laura...
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