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Part 1

Before starting i would like to thank the girl for giving me such a wonderful experience of lifetime.

Hi im abc from Goa. This unforgetful experience took place on 21st September 2013 when i had been for my cousins marraige which was on 25. I was persuing my engineering from Mumbai University and had been to Goa to attend my cousins wedding on 19. There were many relatives and it was fun there. It was then i saw this girl. She was medium height, short hairs which would often brush her cheeks when the wind blew. She was fair with a small mole on upper lip and a volouptous figure. She was wearing a traditional sharara, her boobs were looking great under the sharara and i could not let my eyes off them.I wanted her but did not had guts to even move near her.

That evening every one was dancing and so was she, she was shaking hips like shakira and i was going crazy. I thought she is not my type and she is too gorgeous to even look at a guy like me, so i slipped and went up the terrace. Finally at around 11 in the night the dancing got over and all aunties were tired and went to sleep, but youngsters were still dancing. My cousing dragged me back to room and forced to dance and i obliged, just to make everyone laugh. I never knew how to dance and was doing it like a monkey.

It all started there, she taunted at me saying "dancing is art not everyone can learn it....right ritusha?? " she said to one of my cousin and my morale was hurt, i replied back saying "good or bad doesn't matter one should have guts to do what u can't...right vikram" and she turned red. I sensed it as signal to run and agian moved to terrace and sat in a corner looking up the sky. Finally at around 12.30 i heard footsteps and was totally excited to see her coming up, she didn't notice me and i too didn't made a hussle. Who could miss a chance to see a angel like her alone? She now started singing and it was good too. This was when she noticed me and stopped. A ironic gaze and came the words "Dont you have manners to say atleast u r present?". Why are you shouting at me? Have i done anything to you? i asked. She said "You had no right to insult me" this time voice getting louder. I was angry at her but my eyes were stuck on her lips which were driving me crazy. They were soft and pink and looked great when she was speaking.

I managed to control myself and said with anger "What right you had to insult me u silly girl" She jumped at me and slapped me very hard and came to do it again. I held her hand in middle and forced myself on her and i never realised when i started kissing her. It only lasted just a second and she threw me off....r u crazy what did u do?? she came again but this time with fist and this time i bowed down and held her sharara tearing it and there she was standing with visible back. I was in fear now and went to her who was in tears and held my hand on her shoulder, she pushed me away without a word and started crying again. Im sorry i said her which was of no use. She lifted her red eye face and said me "It was my favourite dress, why did you do it??Who do u think u are?? It was all my mistake, I should have never came to terrace". For a moment i saw her and i was completely aroused, she was looking sexy in that moonlight. I went to her and kept my hand on her shoulders again and whispered on her ear, dont worry ill get u a new one, but please dont tell anyone about it, i realise i did a great mistake but it was not intentional. I kissed you because i wanted to. I fell for u from the very first moment i saw u but i never wanted to meet u at this situation.I love you.I was so near that i could feel her breath over me and to this date i dont know what happened to her but i saw she closed her eyes. I waited for a moment but she did not open them and i slowly touched my lips to her again and she did not move an inch. Now i was completely out of control an started kissing her. She was motionless for some time but eventually hugged me and was tugginhg my hairs. Her lips were great and i could feel the taste of chocolate she might be having moment's before on my lips.I started rubbing her back and stomach and she was letting little moans out. Without a word she let her tongue inside me and i started sucking it. I forgot the world around me and only wanted her. She was licking my tongue and sucking it now.We were licking each other's tongue and we went on till 1.45 Am after which she said she wanted to leave. I hugged her tightly feeling her boobs inside her torn sharara and left her till her room which was at the extreme end of house. The house being a portugese type bungalow had 9 bed rooms. I was on the 2nd while she was on 8th room. The ninth one was vacant. We agreed that we will go for shopping the next day which was 20th.

That night i could hardly sleep. All i wanted was her. All my cousins were sound asleep but all i wanted was to go to her room. I controlled my emotions and tried hard to sleep waiting for the dawn.When i woke up it was already 9 n all were awake. I saw her supplying tea to everyone. She had taken bath and hairs were still wet. She wore a chudidaar without veil and i was out again. Slowly she moved to me holding a cup of tea and light smile on her face which faded away in a moment. She let her hairs fall on my cheeks and i holded her hand. Her expression changed and she moved away and signalled me to terrace. I quickly got freshed and went to where the angel was waiting. She was sitting in the steps and as i moved there without even looking at me she said "im waiting from past 45 minutes". Im sorry i said and asked her to go for shopping. We went out and we had fun. I bought 2 dresses for her and we spent good time together and returned back at around 6 in the evening.

Like every other day dancing and singing was going on but i was sitting there staring at her who was also gazing at me. I signalled her and moved from the crowd to terrace. It took her 20 minutes to be there and as soon as she came i without her permission hugged her. She stood sitll for a moment but then i could feel her hand around my back. I started kissing her again and this time she was doing it more passionately. She was biting my lips, licking them with her tongue and was rubbing my back. We kissed, sucked each other's tongue, played with tongue. With little fear in me i asked her to move to a room. She stood silent but said "someone will notice us". As room 9 was vacant i said we will move there. She was not sure about it but agreed eventually. We went to room and she closed the door behind as soon as we were in. She pushed herself on me and started kissing me again. I bit her lips and she said she is liking it. I bit again and slowly i escorted her to the bed. We closed all the curtains and i switched on 1 light enough to see.I slowly moved my hand to her boobs and she jerked and pushed it away. I thought it as no and continued with kiss.
Now i started kissing her ear, biting it with teeth, playing with tongue. Slowly i moved down to neck and started licking it with my wet tongue. She was shaking at this moment with moans. Suddenly she held my hand tightly and directed them towards her boobs. It was my day today, i holded her boobs and started pressing them.I lifted her hand and removed her chudidaar top and she dint resisted this time. she was wearing a sli inside and i started playing with her arms. I licked her arm pits. They were clear and clean, she was enjoying it i could tell my her motion and moans.

I bit her nipples and she let a "aahhhhh" sound. i removed her slip and bra and there she was half naked. The girl who i was thinking will never even look at me was lying in my bed ready for lifetime experience. I thanked God for it and started playing with her boobs. They were perfect round and nipples were small and stiff. I started licking them and she was moaning....louder this time. I bit her nipples again and her hand came on my head along with a "aaaahhhhhh" sound again and started rubbing my head. She was letting loud moans now and was breating heavily. I was busy biting and sucking her boobs. They were amazing. I never saw any perfect boobs than hers.She jumped upright, removed my t-shirt and started kissing my chest and neck. she bit my nipples and a current passed from my nipples all the way to lower stomach and my penis was upright stone hard. She started doing it often and i was so aroused. We continued kissing each others body, licking them. I did not had guts to ask her to suck my penis so i never mentioned it. But she came to her knees and started removing my pants. I was about to feel a mouth on my penis for the first time. I was totally in her control. She made me nude and for a moment she stared at my penis and smiled. "Hello tiger" she said to my penis and held her in her hand and the feeling was divine. She slowly came close and kissed it.

She then opened her pink lips making an "O" and let my penis in her mouth and my mind went blank. I was not knowing what is happening, i closed my eyes and realised i was moaning loudly. "ssssshhhhhhh" she said "let tiger enjoy the silence " and started her job again. I was on 9 sky. She held the shaft and was licking it from top to bottom. She moved my fore flesh back and massaged my top part of penis with her lips. At this moment my sense organs were quenching their thirst. Her tongue was playing with my penis and now after all this i was cumming. I said her to move away but she said "Let tiger give its hard work in my mouth". I was so excited and she continued and i came. The feeling was undefinable and she collected the cum in her mouth. She then went to wash room and threw it in basin and brushed and came back. I was lying on the bed naked letting out huge breaths. "U r an angel" i said but she jumped on me half naked and started wiping my penis with tissue. she took me to bath room and cleaned my penis and again started kissing me. Now i wanted to give her the best orgasm so i undressed her pant and pushed her to bed. She was there waiting for me to show my talent. I seperated her legs apart and started kissing her under thighs. She started moaning. I started moving up toward the destination with my tongue working on her thighs and as i was moving nearer and nearer her breaths were getting hard and she was letting "aaaaahhhhhhh" "ummmmmmmmmmmm"sounds. Finally i moved to her pussy and kissed her. I then let my tongue do all the work. I started licking her pussy lips and they were tight. Are u a virgin?? i asked in between..."Yes u idiot, dont stop just continue" came the reply. That day i realised even women get desperate for orgasm. I focussed on my job and was licking her pussy. It tasted great and i was liking licking it. Slowly her moans grew louder and heavier and her hands came on my head holding my head tight to her pussy. I increased my pace and i could feel her pussy gettin moistened. I slowly touched it with my finger and started playing with slowly. I slowly inserted my index finger inside her and she groaned in pain. I held it there and started licking her pussy again. Juices were flowing and i started moving my finger to and fro. I touched her G-spot under her pussy and motioned it. Finger on G-spot and tongue on clitors, i was working hard. For a moment she was totally silent and then suddenly she came on my mouth with loud moan and her body started shaking violently. Juices flew from her pussy on my mouth and she jumped and started kissing me tasting her own juices. She laid on me for next 2 minutes and her hand started playing with my penis again.

"I dont have a condom i said". Its ok periods r very far and pregnancy rate is negligiable she said. First time without condom was a nightmare but letting such a beautiful girl go was a sin so i made my decission. I moistened her pussy again and even she lubricated my penis and we were ready. Slowly with utter care i directed my penis into her pussy and first time i failed. I changed my position and let her on top so that she can control the motion. She directed my penis into her pussy and let out "ouuuchhhhhhhhh" sound and waited there. Even i was feeing little pain but i was feeling great inside her pussy. She guided it deeper and "aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaa" came the sound. She forced it to its full length and sat on my penis for a second. Then she started slow up and down motions and i was feeling like king of the world. slowly she started increasing her pace and was now lettin moans out.I sat up and pushed her in the bed below me. I slept on her and guided my king into her queen and this time the pussy allowed the king to enter her. I started digging in with uniform motions and she was moaning.I increased my pace and she asked me to slow down as it was paining and i obliged. Now i turned her into a dog and started doggy style. My penis was rubbing her G-Spot inside and she was letting out moans with "ummmmmm", "aaaaahhhh" with each thrust.I increased my pace and started stroking her harder and her moans got faster and she came over my penis again. I continued stroking her increasing my pace further. I did not even realised when i came, i held her waist tightly and came inside her. Even she did not moved a bit and i laid on her back. We slept on the bed my penis still in her pussy all wet with my cum. Now what i said with a fear in my voice, my penis still in her pussy. "I dont know, y did not u pull it out" she said. I lost control i said. She cleaned herself and me and we kissed again in bathroom naked and we dressed and went out for wedding.

The wedding was over and she left to her city back dropping me her number without a word. I messaged her my number but we never spoke. After 14 days she said she had period and i was so relieved. After that i proposed her officially and now she is my girlfreind and who knows may be future wife. We are planning to meet again on this Deepavali and who knows we may love each other again.

Please wish me good luck and thanks for being with me till end.
Part 2

Hello friends.....Here im again as i had promised i will be getting back with a voluptuous sexual experience once i meet the girl who gave me great first

experience in Goa. Thanks for all who prayed for my luck and to others you can still pray and earn my thanks in the next possible episode Wink....Those

who are new to this part please have an eye on the previous story named "First time in Goa and the best sex ever" as there is link between the two


I Finished my college in a rather hurry i rushed to my room. I did not wanted to waste even a single moment. Bag was already packed. I circled my

eyes at the entire room to pick every possible necessary thing and then it striked me "Condoms". How can i be so stupid to forget them. Last

time i neglected them i almost had a mini heart attack every day till she said she finally got her periods flowing along with my fear. I carried my bag and

with each step i was getting closer to one more rejuvenating experience of my lifetime. I took condoms from one of the druggist on the way and

guided them into my bag.

That night i could not sleep properly in the train as every blink was bringing the previous memory back, kissing her lips which were softer

than ice cream, sucking her tongue which was red with juice, she soothing my penis with her tongue and i was uncontrollably hard inside

the pants. I don't know when i slept but it was the crowds chattering that woke me up as train was nearing Madgaon station.

I reached my home and was waiting for the much awaited evening as there will be a singing ceremony during deepavali and all of our known

persons, friends and neighbors were invited, of course not missing their family. One by one everyone started walking into our house as it turned 8 pm.

It was then i saw her and my heart started punching my chest as if it will tear open it. She wore a pink saree which had golden embroidery at ends. Her

blouse was worn with a perfect planning just blocking the cleavage with the golden embroidery on saree. Her saree would permit to look at the slim

stomach and wasit line along with navel at times when wind blew. I looked at her signaling she was looking killing hot. She bit her lower lip in a manner

that turned me on and winked at me smiling sheepishly. She then guided her right hand inside her stomach circling her navel with her index finger and

to further tease me. I was out of control and i msgd her "i can do it much better than you" for which she replied "ill figure out that lust filled

lover Tongue ". I was having such a strong desire to hug her and love her, and she on the other hand was playing with me.

The singing ceremony started and there were almost 150 members approx. She placed herself behind 2 aunties facing me and started making

signs to me and enjoyed watching me getting uncontrollable. She started licking her lips with her then red tongue and nodded her head as if to

ask want it pointing to her tongue, i nodded saying yes. She then turned her eyes towards her boobs and i nodded again saying yes, she started

sucking her index finger and i was out of my mind totally and was getting uneasy. I wanted to get up and go but my rock hard penis was

standing like a pillar which made me impossible to get up for next 20 minutes. However after that i struggled to get up and move dropping message to

her cellphone "If you are getting lonely you know my room" to which she did not reply. I was stunned by her behaviour and annoyed a bit and then

changing to anger. Its been 15 minutes and she hadn't replied yet. my head was heavy and i lied in my bed when i suddenly heard a knock. I opened

the door at the 5 knock to see her outside with a smile. Even though i wanted to lift her up and kiss her i controlled myself with a wry face and turned

back and lied down again.

She came in locking the door behind her. Coming close she sat beside me eventually lying down facing me. I closed my eyes to avoid her as she

placed her hand on my head soothing it. I felt a little better but again the anger of not replying my msg leaped into me and i spoke up "What the hell

were you doing?? You were so busy you couldn't"even reply my msg, I was waiting for you and you didn't even care, You........". My voice was shut by

her lips over mine and i forgot the anger at once. After kissing for a whole 5 minute she asked me with her lips still on mine "Is my king angry with

me??" I smiled and said "yes he is" cunningly. She brought her body over me now and said "I know how to cool him off" her lips still locked with mine.

She turned my head and started licking my ears. I felt a strong current passing from neck to bottom of stomach as i moaned. She then murmured

into my ear in a husky voice "You will never forget this night". Her tongue traveled all the way from ear to my neck, my reflexes sharp and body

developed goose bumps. I sat up as she started unbuttoning me to make it quick but she pushed me down, sat on my lower body and started rubbing

herself to me. Her every move this time was die hard sensual. She bent down to kiss my chest and bit on my right nipple which fired a thunder moving

up to my lower abdomen. She started licking them teasingly and all i could do was shake vigorously and moan. She took my hands on hers and

guided them onto her buttocks and asked me to hold and squeeze them as she kept herself busy licking and biting my nipples. I moved my hands

over her body and slowly started lifting her saree till my hand could feel her smooth skin. she removed my shirt and moved to stomach with her tongue

and started playing with my navel. She was performing like a master in sexual experience giving pleasure to my every body part. she placed her hand

on my pant feeling my rock hard king and said "its dying to come out". In a minute i was lying naked and she was in saree. She stood up and

glanced at my naked body and without wasting a single minute she jumped on me."I like you naked" she said and started kissing me. I turned off

the light but she turned them back on saying i want to do it while i watch you.She started kissing me hardly. Slowly she slid her tongue in

between my lips and i obliged. It traveled deep in my mouth playing with my tongue. Eventually i started sucking her tongue. She asked for mine

and i obliged again. She started sucking my tongue like it was the last left lollypop in the world. At times she would bite my lips.
"What if someone comes here" she asked. "No one comes here when i'm in the room" i replied. Suddenly she stood up and said "Undress me". I

moved behind her and hugged her hard with my penis poking her buttocks. I held her boobs from behind and pressed them hard as she moaned. I

started rolling her saree out till she was in blouse and peticot. Her peticot was also pink in colour. Her boobs were making motions as she was

breathing heavily with her eyes closed. I kissed her neck while i removed her peticot. She opened her eyes and started kissing me hard this time.

She bit my lip so hard i almost thought she will tear it. I unhooked her blouse to reveal her green bra and underwear. She understood what i was

looking and said "Both are giving Green signal to you". I smiled and slapped her buttock to encourage her. She started to rub her hand over my body

and eventually held my penis in her hand. Soothing it like a child she cam on her knees and asked to my penis "Do you like massage tiger??". "Yes i do i

replied on behalf of him". she smiled and licked it once with her tongue. She moved my foreskin back and took the whole tiger into her mouth and all i

could do was "OOooohhhh", "aaaahhhhhh". She started sucking it with a moderate

pace. At times she would massage the head of my penis with her red juicy tongue. She had learnt a new way she was using her teeth on my shaft this

time which was feeling amazing. Gently she was making biting motions on my shaft and it felt great. She continued for next 5 minutes after which i

grabbed her and pushed her on bed. Before even i could tell she spread her legs wide open and displayed the destination hole to me.I licked her toe

while she let out "ummmmmmmm" and slowly i came up till knee. Then i jumped to neck and started licking it while

she kept onmoaning. "I love you" she said and i felt new energy in me. I removed her bra and panty as I guided my tongue down to her

boobs and bit her nipple. she let out a sheer "aaaahhhhhhh" and held my head stretching her body. Bite it again she said.

I followed this time to right nipple and she cried again. i licked her nipples as they were getting harder and stiff and she was shaking her body not

stopping the "uuummmmmmm", "ooohhh mmmmmy godddd",

"mmmmuuummmmyy", "aaaaahhhhhh" effect. Then i traveled all the way to stomach licking her navel and

playing it with my tongue. "Move down, have mercy on me" she said. I slowly licked her thigh moving upwards to the magical hole. i made circular

movements around it without disturbing it. She was making motions and dragging the bed sheets along with noises. I used my fingers to widen her

pussy lips and she was already wet there. I licked her pussy and felt her juice on my tongue. I licked it again as i took all the juice inside

me. I started licking the clitoris and she was moaning uncontrollably and uniformly, "aaaaahhhhh, aaaahhhh, uuummmmmm"

and her body was getting stiff. I increased my pace of licking as well as i guided my middle finger into her pussy. I guided it deep under

and made come-to-me motions inside her hitting the G-Spot. I continued fingering her with my tongue licking her clitoris with increased pace. At

this point her body was totally stiff, shaking, She was moaning heavily and she held my head tight uttering "yyyesssss yesssss yesssss

yesssss yessssss" and finally a long "yyyyyyyyeeeeeessssssssssssss" and she was all out. her juices on my

tongue while i was enjoying sucking it. Gradually her body losened up and she was breathing as if she had ran a 1500 mt sprint. I moved on top of her

and started kissing her. I saw tears dropping from he eyes and i stopped. I was baffled as to what happened. "Did i do anything wrong" i asked

her. She did not uttered a word sat up and started kissing me. Once she was done she said in a husky voice "I love you, and i'm so happy and

satisfied tonight. Now don't stop lets make love".

I pushed her down the bed and with my knees bent over her boobs my penis pointing at her. She lubricated it and i was ready to go. "Shouldn't i

be using the condoms. Last time we forgot it, we almost landed in a problem" i said to which she replied "Lets face it. If its to happen it will happen. I

don't want condom". i slowly with great care was trying to go into her. It was a little tight so i used my finger first to loosen it. Then on the third try it

slid under her and i felt her nails scratching my back with a slow "oooooouuuuuch". I stopped but she asked to continue. i

started making slow to and fro motions inside her. She held me tight with her legs over my hips and hands hugging my back. We both were in third

world. She turned her body and this time she started stroking me with slow then eventually faster strokes. She then sat upright with my

penis still inside her and started a rider position. she was moving up and down with her hand on mine for support. She was guiding my

penis's full length into her and no feeling was better than that for me. She continued stroking me and i was attaining orgasm slowly. "I'm

cumming" i said. "I want you to cum inside me" she said. I was aghast, she sensed it and said, its ok ill not get pregnant, today pregnancy rate is

negligible, i have already looked into it. So without any fear you can throw all your love inside me. Let's see how much juice my tiger has got she said

teasing me. She increased her strokes and i came inside her with a loud moan. She continued stroking me until she collected my entire cum inside

her. She then bent down kissing my chest and licking my nipples, she bit my lips and kissed them, slid her tongue inside me so that i could

suck her. After a couple of minutes she slept on my chest holding my penis and cum both inside her......Thanks a lot to all readers for being till the

end. Hope to see you all soon with next experience if possible. Don't forget to wish me good luck. Smile
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