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My Sexy Mami

This story starts when I was 16 yrs old. We used to live in chawl at
that time. so we had very good aunties and bhabhis of all shapes and
sizes in the chawl. Our neighbor was a south Indian aunty. Her name was
smitha. she was 35 yrs old at that time. she was just like silk smitha.
She would always wear saris. Her height was 6ft, huge boobs 38c 32 34.
she was a fat woman, but all the fat at right places. She had curly
hairs right up to her buttocks. Fair skin and with a big red bindi on her
round face she used to look hotttt.

We use to call her Mami, our masala mami. She didn’t have child from
her 12 yrs of marriage. So she used to treat me like her son. She used to
call me lucky (pet name). At times she was also very free with me. So
we used to tease each other

Once a fruitwala came to our chawl, so as usual all the woman came to
take fruits from the bhaiya.mami also came outside I was surprised to
see her in maxi, because before that I have never seen her in that. She
was wearing a tight black maxi, and she had not put her top two buttons,
most probably she was in sleep and came like that. I was also buying
fruits for us and she came near the bhaiya and greeted me and bends down
to check some fruits. Seeing her tight thighs and big bulge on her
breast I had my john erect. As she bent more i could see her big rounded
boobs wanting to pop out, and to my amazement she was not wearing the
bra. Her breasts were bigger than the watermelon kept in the bhiyas tokri.
The dark nipples were almost the size of the black grapes. Seeing that
I had a real hard on. My penis was bulging in my pajamas. This was the
first time I have seen mamis boobs. She took one of the hardest kela
(banana) in the tokri and checked if it was hard enough. As she moved her
fingers on it I thought she will be using the kela to put in her soft
pussy rather than to eat it. Taking some 6 bananas she rushed towards
her house. I have never seen her in such a hurry, so being curious I
went to her house, as I wanted some reason I thought I would say I needed
the newspaper form them. So went near her door and found it open, she
might have forgotten to lock it in a hurry. I went inside the hall no
one was there I could hear some slow moaning noise coming from the
bedroom which was closed, feeling little tensed I didn’t called her just went
near the key hole and saw something which my eyes couldn’t believe .
Mami was sitting at the edge of the bed, her maxi was raised till her
thighs, one of her hands was inside the maxi between her thighs, and the
plastic bag containing the banana was lying beside the bed with only 5
bananas in it. I was assuming the hand inside her maxi was holding the
one. As she was trying to push it she was moaning with closing the
eyes. The initial movement was slow. Suddenly she removed the banana from
underneath and looked at it. the banana was not peeled. Now she peeled
the cover from the banana took it in her soft big lips and sucked it as
if 2 year child sucked a lollipop. I have never seen mami in such way,
and then I thought may be because mama was not able to satisfy her, she
was doing this. After making the banana little soft she pulled her maxi
up to her belly exposing her bulgy plumpy thighs. She was wearing a
white cotton panty with designs of flowers on it. There was some wetness
in her panty, may be because of initial rubbing of the banana on her
panty has made some liquid ooze out of her pussy. so this time she slided
her panty onto one side with one hand and with other hand inserted the
soft banana in to her thick hairy pussy. Seeing her pussy with well
grown hairs made my penis wet, she started pushing the banana into vagina,
moaning hard, in few seconds the big banana was whole inside her pussy
just holding the tip of it she was jerking. Seeing this I was
completely wet in pajamas. Without making any noise I moved from there because
if she had known I was watching her, it might have been embarrassing for
both of us. I came to take some milk from her, but my underwear was
full with thick white milk of mine. From that day I masturbated almost
daily just thinking of her.

It was my summer vacation and my parents had to go to the native place
on a very urgent trip. So they left me alone at home asking mami to
take care of me. After leaving my parents to station I came to my house
and first went to mami to collect the keys which we left with her. Her
husband was a freelance journalist so he was out most of the time. I went
inside she was a wearing a yellow silk saree and a low cut blouse, the
pallu of her saree was between the two big boobs of her , exposing the
two big mountains on the blouse. Seeing her I thought it would be such
wonderful time I could spent with her for the whole 1 week. She asked
me lucky ‘you dropped your parents at station, I said yes. Then to make
sure she was alone I asked ‘where is mama .is he gone to market. “no he
left for jaipur today on business trip for 2weeks it was a urgent call
from his head office, he didn’t wanted to go because day after tomorrow
is our wedding anniversary”. After hearing this I was so excited
thinking I would spend the most of time with her alone at home. mami told me
that she was going to market now, to get some fruits and vegetables,
she looked at my face and told me “hey don’t worry u will not get bored,
till that time u can sit here and enjoy the TV, I will back in 15 min.
I asked her if I should accompany her, but she said no lucky u be here
may be the maid will come to clean the house. I thought she wanted to
go alone and buy some hard banana for herself for 2 weeks until mama was
not there. I just teasingly said to her u r looking damn sexy today may
be the bhaiya (fruitwala) will give u the fruits for free. her eyes lit
up, she adjusted her saree on the breast and asked me, do I, pls don’t
joke.i said no mami your looking gorgeous, laughing at me she took the
bag and went outside, closing the door.
I was already hard seeing her swinging buttocks and soft cleavages. I
was alone in her house, casually I went to her bed room to check out,
and there I saw her white cotton panty lying at the edge of the bed which
she might have just changed. There was some wetness in the panty, which
look like some liquid oozed out of her vagina while masturbating. The
smell of the panty made my penis much harder wanting to come out of my
pants. As no one was there in the house, I dropped my jeans down then
pulled out my penis from the VIP underwear and it was really hard and
raring to go. As I took the soft panties more near my nose the smell made
my penis to bulge more. I dropped my undies from my thighs and threw it
away, so I was naked down from my stomach. Then the cotton panty of
mami which I smelled, thought of trying it on. So I slided the cotton
panty on my thighs slowly until it covered my penis. I made it tighter on
the stomach by pulling it more up, as the panty was soft enough, it
stretched to maximum. I rubbed my hands on my balls which were hiding in
mamis panty. Now the wetness of the panty touched my penis tips. I just
moved my finger on the panties wetness touching the penis tip. I went
near the dressing table and saw myself in the big mirror; it was so nice
to see wearing my mamis panties. Don’t felt like removing it. Near the
dressing table I saw a black laced bra as well which might be have
changed in the morning, I have never seen in my life such a big bra. As I
moved my fingers on the bra I felt some wetness on the tip of the bra,
it was like some milk might be oozed out of her big nipples. I just
could not resist myself, and I licked the tip of the bra with my tongue,
making my penis hard enough to come. I rolled on her bed taking the
pillow. Imagining the pillows to be her soft boobs I pressed it hard against
my Johnny. The wetness on the panty made my penis to burst, exploding
all the sperms. Just then I realized that I came on her panty. At first
I thought I might be caught now because after she comes she will search
for her panties, and finding the panty full of sperms, she will
definitely know what I did in it. So I went to the bathroom cleaned myself and decided to take the panty home so that I would use it more at home and she will not find it also after searching here.

After some time I came and sat in the hall waiting for her. The door
bell rang, as I opened the door, I saw mami completely drenched in sweat, as it was summer time. I could see her figure clearly as her yellow saree stick to her bulges because of the sweat. Tiny drops of sweat in her forehead dropping to her big lips were looking so sexyyy.i told mami ‘ aapko tho bath lena chiaye. “haan abhi lungi, pehle thoda saas tho leno dho. Her breasts were pumping up and down as she took deep breaths. I saw some big huge raw bananas in the bag she brought. I started imagining how she will be using it. She asked me ‘lucky can u get me some water. I went inside and came with a glass of water. As I reached near the hall door I saw her, she was sitting on the sofa with pallu in her one hand and swaying it across her body to remove the sweat. As she swaying
the pallu I could see her bare big boobs which were nicely held in her
blouse. the upper part of the boobs were raring to come out as she was taking the deep breath, for 5minutes I just stood behind the hall door and stared at her big mango boobs, then as I entered she put her pallu back to its place and said ‘thank you. I asked her how was her shopping, she said ‘lucky I wanted to buy so many things but because of this heat I could not, I had to come home back, lucky I also saw some new saree outlet may be if u don’t mind accompany me in the evening I will do some more shooping because alone I get bored and I think you have good taste of color selection and design. Then I thought may she was impressed by my comment in the morning that she was looking sexy in the yellow saree. I readily agreed to her but I told her on one condition, that she will wear and show me what ever she decides to take. She said ‘ok baba chalo tho’.So at around 5.00 pm I reached her house and I ran her bell, she opened the door and told hey lucky u r here, I thought u would come late so I didn’t dress up also. Just give me 5 minutes I will get ready now.
She gave me some juice to drink and went inside for change. She came outside with the same yellow saree and blouse which she was wearing in morning. This time she had a big bindi on her forehead and big earnings and red moist lipstick were making her lips ready to be sucked. As she came and stood near me I was stunned seeing her, looking so hot she once again wore her pallu in between her breast as if she wanted me to see her big mangos. She was hoping for some comment from me once again.
I pointed to her brassiere which was coming out from her back side of blouse. Looking at that she told “lucky please help me as my hands don’t reach my back so can u put it inside. I went behind her standing close to her, feeling her soft rounded plumpy buttocks against my crotch. I held her bra string on one finger and pushed it inside her blouse. Gaining some courage I patted her buttocks saying that ‘mami your getting fat day by day. The soft touch on her ass made me hard again. Getting embarrassed she herself had a look at her buttocks and smilingly said “yes I am.”
We reached first to the saree shop, we had a look at various saris,
mami was so looking so hot today in the yellow saree that the salesmen was also not able to take the eyes from her. I asked her to take a look at the chiffon red saree in the last rack. it was a silky stuff which I thought would reveal more of the mamis figure. mami also liked it but she said she did not have matching blouse for it. so she will look for another, then I suggested her that we can a take blouse from here and give it for stitching today, for which even the salesman added and told us that they can stitch for us within 1 hr at a special price. Hearing this mami was happy and I was more excited than she was, as I will able to see more of her plump body.
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