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The sales man asked us to come upstairs to take the sizes for the
blouse, so taking the red silky blouse piece mami followed the salesman, who himself decided that he will take the measures. I was sure that seeing mamis big bulges he himself wanted to feel it so took mami with him. Feeling awkward to go with her, I stood there, hoping that she will call me. As they reached the stair to go up. She turned back and called me “lucky u can come up and help me in deciding the design, if your not shy and she winked at me. this was enough invitation for me. as we reached the top floor which was quite congested the salesman brought with him a small tape and paper and ask mami to drop her pallu to get a good measure what she wanted.

As mami dropped her pallu, the sales man and myself
were not able to take the eyes out from the sight in front of us. it
was like two huge ripe watermelons were hiding inside the mamis blouse, I was sure the sales man had never seen such a big breasts. I suggested mami to keep sleeveless hand as I desired to see her armpits too. at first she disagreed saying that ”common lucky I am not so young to wear sleeveless blouse” the salesman then came to my rescue saying that” madam yeh silk kapda hai tho apko slevelees design bahut acha lagega” and she accepted. as the sales man took the tape and measures the boobs size by holding the tape right in front of her nipples, may be touching it also and asked mami” itna tekh hai madam” mami said “aur thoda tight” the kutta sales man aur thoda chance marne ke bhane made the tape more tight
around her breast almost pinching the nipples. Then he took
measurements from all sides until he was happy. Mami asked him to put the hooks at the back. “arre haan 3 hooks khafi hai” “par thodae doori par” to which the salesman nodded. May be she wanted to reveal more of her back.

After finishing he asked us to come after 2 hrs, to get the blouse. so
we were thinking were to go next, suddenly then mami told me” lucky I have to get some ladies things for myself so I will visit the lower bazaar and be back in 1 hr so till then u can wait here” I knew she was going to buy herself some panties and bra but pretending to be ignorant, I asked her what she meant by ladies things. Shying away she said u don’t need to know I insisted ’batoo na mami” may be it will be use for me when I get married. holding my ears she told me “lucky your getting very naughty, its women undergarments like u men also wear” u mean to say bra and panty’ “she laughed at me and said so u know. I told her “mami please take me also with you na I will get bored sitting alone here” atlast she agreed and we reached the bra house. Not much people were around, only the old sales man was there.
He asked mami her size. smilingly she told its 38. The salesman was amazed and said” madam itna bada size tho hum rakhte nahi hai, I have to check on my next shop, give me 5 minutes. so he went leaving mami and me alone. roaming around I saw a designer white silk panty with frills on the side worn by a dummy model. it had small designs of flowers all over it. I touched it to feel the softness of it. it was like moving the hands on a cream. I was sure it
would not cover mamis full gand and vagina area. As I have wore her purple panty which far bigger than this one covering most of her parts.
As mami looked into me I forwarded her attention at the skimpy panty. She came near me and told me u naughty cat. Teasing her I said u can call me your “pussy cat”she smiled at me holding my cheeks. I asked her mami I think u should buy this designer panty. at first instance she also liked, but looking at the price she ignored, then I convinced her that sometime we should buy what we like. She told me that the size will be tight around her 34 waist. As it was only 30. Then I told her it’s on of the piece so she should not leave it.
Gaining more courage I went near her ear and whispering into it I said “mami the silkiness of the panty will give you such a feeling that as if you are not wearing anything. Hearing this she was amazed and she pounced on me and told u naughty cat, no no pussy” she was also enjoying the banter. Suddenly the old man came with 2 pieces of bra and we behaved. The old man told that these sizes are difficult to get and these are specially ordered. He showed first the first black bra with 2 hooks on back and other red cotton bra with one clasp (one hook). Both were really large bra, mami took the red bra in her hand and imagined her size, whether her voluptuous boobs will fit into it. The old man said “madam its pure cotton”. The red one had a very curve cut which will be exposing the more flesh of upper part of her breast. She told the old man to pack it up. as we were about to come out of the shop. She told me what do u think should I buy that panty. Angrily I said you should buy but u wont I know. she told ok baba my pussy don’t be angry I will buy” she was so happy in calling me pussy, then as we bought the panty and
came outside I kissed her on soft cheeks and told “ so nice of u my mami u agreed with me, I hope I will see when u wore those” again she hold my ears and teasingly said” haan chal tuje dikati hoon” “ooh mami mera kaan dukh raha hai choodoo, I am sorry I was joking” then she smiled and we went and collected the red blouse and saree. after that mami collected some matching lipstick, earings, jumhka for the saree and it was almost 11.00pm in night when we reached home.

Both of us were totally exhausted after the shopping. She told me to
stay back as nobody was there at my home who waited for me. So I told her that I will wait on one condition that she will wear and show me whatever she has bought today. Teasingly she said” sub kuch” to maine kaha “haan sab kuch” abi nahi lucky kal subah,I am tired now and have to make food for us also. so I said “ ok mami lets go tomorrow for a movie also” she was excited at this idea as I knew mama was not very fond of going out and never had taken her out. Then she said lucky if u wana change for something go get your mama’s lungi as he doesn’t wear shorts and it is kept in bedroom, even I will change to maxi and have to start preparing for the chapatti.”Yes my mami I feeling really hungry otherwise I will eat you”. I went to mamas room and dropped my pants and shirt I was
wearing banyan and zockey black briefs. I found mamas lungi, I knew how to wear that, but I thought lets have some fun with mami. So I called her “mami please help”.”Ohh I am here in the bedroom. I went holding the lungi loose over my waist covering my undies. she was coming out from her bedroom wearing her black maxi( in which I have put a small kida when she went to bathroom which i thought would help me get what I want), showing her big assests,her boobs were jiggling she came running hearing me.”hey lucky u dont know to wear lungi,’no mami please help na” she took the lungi from my hand she opened it while opening she saw my big penis erect under my undies” I noticed her she was looking at my erect penis. She told “my god your becoming a man now” I told mami “u call me puppy I am still your little puppy” she kissed me on the cheeks with
her big red lips and tied the knot of my lungi tight around me. The lungi was so tight that anyone would see my erection on that.i thought see wanted to see more of that. In return for thanks I hugged her and gave kiss on her cheeks.

I could feel the softness of her huge breast against my chest. Didn’t felt like leaving her.”Ohh its ok puppy let me prepare some food for you. Then swinging her big ass she went to the kitchen.

I sat in the hall watching TV, thinking if the kida (insect) was doing
its work. after 5 min I heard her call from kitchen” puppy please come here” I saw she was sitting on the floor with her maxi raised to her thighs revealing her white milky thighs. Both her hands were busy mixing the flour in the thali (making atta for the chapatti). As she was bending and putting the pressure on the atta I could see her boobs jiggling. Half of her boobs were bouncing to come out of the maxi. I could see her long chain going straight between her two breasts. She was terribly sweating all over. Drops of sweat were flowing down from her forehead to her nose and to her sweet lips. Some drops stayed on her big lips which were looking so sexy ready to be sucked. As I was staring at her for few seconds in this position. she yelled” hey puppy please help me ”I told kya hua mami chila kuyn rahi ho” kuch kata kya. haan mere peet par shayad kuch kida hai. kujhle ho rahi hai”. waise mere haath gande hain kya tum mere madad kardo” I said to her “kuyn nahi mami apne mera lungi
bandi to appki itni madad to kar sakta hoon na” I went behind her and scratched her back on the maxi with my fingers. I was feeling her bra clasp while rubbing the back” kya mami acha laga” nahi thoda niche karo na.”arre mami aaap itni hilogi to kaise patta chalega ki khana appko
kujhlle ho rahi hai”. she cried “ohh amma”
I told may be mami a big kida (small insect) is there inside her maxi”.

she told “ may be I should change” then she was about to get up. I told her mami tum baihto mein nikaltha hoon. ohh please lucky phir jaldi nikalo na usse”. As her hands were dirty with atta she could not move it.

I told her mami appke buttons loose karne honge otherwise my hands won’t reach there. ”phir kardo na” I undid her top two buttons and put my hands on her back. I could feel the sweat all over her back slowly I moved my hand down to her bra clasp. I felt a small kida was beneath my one finger, but instead of removing it I left and it ran right in front of her. ohh mami I think it went to your front side. Teasingly I said its enjoying the ride on you. ”yahan muje taklif ho rahi hai aur tuje majak sooch raha hai” “chal jaldi nikal” I went very close behind her, my penis was touching her back now. It was almost erect when I was scratching her bare back underneath her maxi. I think she was also feeling my lund over my lungi. Slowly I moved my hands over her shoulder and slided one of my hands in to her maxi from front side of which two buttons were open. Now from top I could see her huge bulges nicely held in the bra. I moved my fingers near the bra and found the kida but instead of removing it I told her may be mami it went inside your bra.

I was caressing all around her bra feeling her curves. she said
“nikalona jaldi puppy agar khain kata tho” teasingly I said mami kata tho I will rub oil on it where it bites” .gathering courage I moved my fingers on her bra one of my fingers reached her nipples on the bra, then I moved my finger to feel it. I was almost about to burst in my pant. As I started twitching with both my fingers on her nipples. I was smelling her sweat aroma on her neck from back. I couldn’t leave her nipples over the bra”suddenly she broke the silence and told” puppy kya kar rahe ho” I told her I found the culprits between my fingers. crushing her nipples tight between my fingers. She shyed and said chodo usse.woh kida nahi hai kuch aur hai.”I said kya hai mami. Saying kida hai I just pinched her nipples more hard. My penis was almost rubbing her back now and I was about to come. I think she also felt that something was happening at her back. She said lucky it’s ok, I will check for myself she got up and went towards her bedroom and same time I busted in my underwear and I also left without saying anything.
I went to bathroom cleaned myself up and this time I wore just the
lungi around me as I my undies were totally soaked with fluids. After some time while I was sitting on the hall mami came from the bedroom. Her boobs were swinging more (jumping up and down) as she rushed to the kitchen. Her jiggling breast revealed that she was not wearing any bra beneath her maxi. as she brought the food from the kitchen I told her “ mami u should put some oil there where the kida was running on your body otherwise might be there will be swelling.’ no no lucky its ok I checked thoroughly my body doesn’t need oil massage but your hair does. Look at your hair its look so dull u should oil it every week” I will do it for u today after the dinner. So as we finished the dinner mami was waiting for me to massage my hair with oil. She was sitting on the sofa with her legs wide open but the maxi covered the view of her tunnel. I went
and sat on the floor near the sofa facing her in between the legs.
“Arre lucky thoda nazdik aajaoo, otherwise my hands wont reach your head”.

I moved forward so much that my face was almost in front of her two
huge ripe melons. As she put some oil and massaged my hair her boobs started jiggling vigorously, seeing my jhonny which was almost dead came alive. Now she started massaging so hard that my lips were sometimes touching her breast on the maxi. I felt that she wanted me to feel her breast. As she stroked my hair hard, I moved my hands on her thighs from side for grips. My face was now almost buried in to her boobs. She asked me “how r u feeling lucky?” its really nice mami but your very slow. Ok she said and pushed her hands more hard, almost making my lips touch her breast, now I adjusted little bit moved my lips near her breast. Now as she was caressing my hair. I put my tongue outside from my lips and
touched her tips. Bringing some saliva on my lips I kissed her right
nipple on the maxi. As she was not wearing a bra the saliva made mark around her nipple on the maxi.

As we didn’t wanted to embarrass each other, she continued as if she was really wanted to massage my hair and I pretended to enjoy the massage on my hair, but I knew she was also feeling the heat ,as the nipples has grown bigger in size with the touch of my lips. This went to for few moments. As the passion grew my hands now were holding her tummy tight. Then I shifted little bit making my mouth come near the left breast. Now she was gently stroking the hair with full of oil in her hands, I myself went little more forward and kissed her nipples on the maxi. Just the touch of my lips made her shiver and she tightly warped her legs around me. Her wet soaky nipples and heat from her thighs made my penis to drop few drops what was left from previous shag. she was almost silent without uttering a word to me to what I was doing, she closing her eyes pretended to caress my hairs.

I was almost going to wet my lungi. as I thought she would see this and shout at me, I told her mami I am feeling sleepy so I will go to sleep but before going I asked her if she will wear and show me everything we brought. She blinked at me seeing her reaction I was sure that she liked the little play she had with me now. But without embarrassing her much I went to guest room cleaned myself took a shower and wearing the mama’s lungi without any undies I slept.

In the morning when I woke up I saw that my Lund was naked and my lungi has slipped away. My thick grown pubic hairs and balls were lying stark naked. I saw that the door was little open and there was a glass of milk near the table. I thought “ohh my god what I did mami must have come here and saw me in this position without wearing anything”. I was feeling ashamed to go in front of her. After drinking the milk I went to her bedroom to look for her. She was not there but I could hear some noise from bathroom. She was taking a bath. Also I saw the new saree, blouse, panty and bra lying on the bed which she was going to wear. near the bed I found a banana, I took it in my hand and found that it was sticky enough, I smelled it , the aroma of my mamis juices gave me the hardon, I knew yesterdays play and today in the morning what she saw(my penis)
had mad her remember of mamas lund. I licked the banana to taste the juices of mami, it was sour in taste, but it was nice to smell.

She was probably missing him and sex too. As I heard some noise of her coming out, I ran to my bedroom taking the banana with me. The sticky banana in my hand made me wild and I could not resist myself. First I rolled on my lips and then took the whole of it in my mouth and sucked and bited. It tasted so nice. One hand of mine was shaking my penis up and down imagining how she might have inserted in to her pussy. After few minutes I came in my lungi.

I was about to drop my lungi to go for bath, I heard the knock on the
door. I tied my lungi loose on my stomach and open the door. “Ohh mami u r looking so gorgeous” mami was standing at the door wearing the red saree and red sleeveless blouse. She was looking Rolly Polly in the saree as it was silk saree and it defined all the curves of her body. She had put on nice make up on her face. The dark red lipstick on her lips and the big red matching bindi made her hornier. Today she did not tie her hair and left it open. It was covering all her back reaching up to her shapely buttocks. Her armpits were shaved today but some hairs were still there as I thought it was the first time she was wearing a sleeveless blouse. As she came inside I saw her back her ass was protruding like
anything, just like two soft footballs were jiggling with each other. I
have never seen mami hornier than this. she asked me “ lucky pls help na the sales man has kept the hooks of my blouse very low my hands are not reaching there” I put on the two hooks but the third one I cant, can u help me. as I went near her back I whispered” mami tum tho aaj bahut sexy lag rahi ho” she giggled. As I raised her hair from back and put on her shoulders at front so that I could view the hooks of her blouse.
I saw her bare back, only small portion of her back was covered by the blouse he had kept a deep curve. Seeing her fleshy back and rounded plump buttocks, again my dead Johnny was getting ready. As I put in her hook my erect jhonny poked at her soft fleshy gand. She gave a big sigh. I caught her from behind tightly and pushing my lund hard in to her gand.i told her ‘mami agar aaj mama hote to tum unhe pagal kar deti. “ acha, chal hat abhi, jaldi se bath karle phir hum movie challenge. I didnt wanted to leave her but my lungi was giving away, so before it would fall off and my bare lund poked at her I ran to the bathroom.
I wore a jeans and t shirt and came outside; she waited for me
desperately for taking her to a movie. I decided to take her to a nearby theatre where they were showing a film in which young boy falls in loves with a older woman (I knew the story as one of my friend told me that it also had some sleazy scenes in that). There were not much people in the theatre and we got the last row and no body in our row. Even the front row was empty. as the movie started lights went off, it was total black, mamis red saree was shining like anything while adjusting she made her pallu to on side of blouse, exposing the mountainous boobs in her blouse to my side. The blouse was so tight it defined the curve so nicely, the tip of nipples were pouncing to come out of the blouse. After some time she kept her hand on my hand on the seat. I thought by mistake she
has kept it. Taking the chance I wrapped my fingers on her. She smiled at me saying nothing. Looking at her it suggested that she like the subject. In one of the scene when the boy is staring at his aunt undressing. She pressed my fingers hard expressing her reaction. We were now holding our hands as if we were lovers. Some sleazy seducing songs in the movie s were making her hot, as she also pressed my fingers hard time to time.

As the interval happened I went outside to get some chips and juices. I thought I should do something now as I was getting signal from her too and this was best chance to do as there was still 1 hour movie left. so I went inside the picture has started and it was pitch black and I saw some people in our front rows has also left. I gave mami the chips pack and opened the juice for her. As I bent forward to give her the juice I purposely spilled some on her pallu and half exposed blouse. She screamed ’ohh my god, my new saree,I said mami its ok, the juice will dry out quickly, so she suddenly removed her pallu and laid it on her legs to get dried. I suggested “mami u should remove your blouse also otherwise your new bra will also get dirty”. At first she shyed (thodi sharmai) and then she looked around and found that the entire row in front were empty and no people were around.

I assured her saying “arre mami ek ghante ke liye koi nahi ayega yahan par” so feel free. Then she looked at me and turned her back to me and said “then help me”. I was first shocked at her boldness; my trembling hands reached her blouse hooks. I undid the first hook as I undid the second hook her shoulders relaxed as the blouse was fitting tight on her body. As I undid her last hook there was small sigh of relief from her.” mami acha lag raha hai kya, blouse bahut tight tha kya? “ haan usne choli kuch jyada tang kar di.

I was able to see the string of her cotton red bra now. I was dying to
see her bossoms in bare bra. ‘arre mami hooks to khul gaye, ab jara
haath upar kar lo taki mein appka blouse nikal sakoo. As she raised her hands, I could smell the aroma coming her little hairy armpits. As I lifted her blouse I brushed her breast from sides also feeling the sweaty armpits on way up. it was sticky under her armpits because of sweat. The softness of her armpits skin made a current run inside me.

Now the blouse was on my hand and she was sitting on her bra only. She was looking so gorgeous in the cotton bra. Her big boobs were trying to come out of it. For few seconds she was finding uncomfortable to be sitting in front of me with her bra only. As I kept her blouse to dry in the front row, I told her lagta hai mami tumne apne armpits ko aaj shave kiya hai, ”haan aaj hi kiya” par shave sahi nahi hua hai. Smilingly she said “khafi baal the armpits par, aur maine first time bahut dino baad shave kiya hai, she was now feeling comfortable and speaking openly to me like a friend. Then to tease her I said “agar mami tumhare armpits par itne baal hain tho niche kitne honge”. in reply she gave me an even more teasing reply.” ohh your mamas likes it that way and he himself help me to cut it”. Ohh I said “that’s good so lucky of mama, if u need my help mami please let me know” I replied. “chal hat natkat,”kuch bhi bolta hai”

Seeing her long chain running inside her bra through her cleavage made me hornier. As she was trying to concentrate on a sleazy screen where the aunty in the movie was seducing the boy, I could not keep the eyes from her and nor from her big boobs so close to me. Her nipples were pointing sharp from even the bra. I took the chips bag and moved closer to her boobs, almost touching my hand on her left boobs over the bra. “Arre mami aap kuch kha nahi rahi hai, as she inserted her fingers in the bag to take the chip she pressed my hand more to her boobs. my fingers were feeling the softness of her boobs on the bra.

Purposely I made the chips bag slip from my hand and all the salty
chips was over her. “Ohh mami I am so sorry, “na na beta its ok. She told me. To help her wipe out I moved my hands all over her breast. Some of the chips were stuck between her cleavages while some went inside it. As she was trying to remove the chips inside the bra her clasp gave away from behind and the bra became loose, “oops “she said and tried to hold the bra from falling down. her bra had almost reached down to expose her nipples tips where she held it with her both hands. Then I said “mami u better take your bra off and clean yourself otherwise the salt will make u uneasy. Also there is no one around, so don’t be ashamed, not from me also. She frowningly said:

” Ohh common I am not ashamed of you, u know I breast fed u when u were small, so u were playing with this thing when u were small so it’s ok and moreover its good idea, I clean myself up nahi tho muskil ho jayegi. Waise bhi abhi se khujlee jaise ho rahi hai”.

Finally she removed her hands holding the bra and dropped her bra there were two huge melons sprang free. Her tits were pitch black opposite to color of her skin which were fair. She really had big nipples. As I kept gazing at her nipples. She asked kya dekh rahe ho” ohh mami you’re really beautiful” can I help u clean the salt on your body. teasingly she said apni aankh band karke saaf karna hoga. I made a sad face and said” kya mami this is no fair “aankh band karke mein aapko dekhunga kaise aur muje kaise patta chalega ki kahan salt laga hua hai. actually she was trying to make me angry without giving it so easy for me to touch her. Then smilingly with a double meaning. she said “ok beta naraz mat ho , jo karna hai jaldi karo,”. as if she doesn’t wanted me to just clean her chuchis but to suck and cuddle it.
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