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Mr. Satish Reddy 47 years of age was popular as a Granite King. He
owned quite a few quarries in Southern Andhra Pradesh. His quarries
yielded best quality of Granite which was exported world wide. He
lived in a majestic Bunglow in the peaceful locality of Srinagar
Colony in Hyderabad with his 43 years old wife Mamta Reddy and 20
years old son Jagan Reddy.

It was first of week of January 2006. His 22 year old daughter Ramola
had joined them a couple of days ago. Ramola was doing her Masters at
Alabama University- USA and has come down to Hyderabad to be with her
parents for the forthcoming Sankranti Festival.

Ramola was about 5'-6", was tall and very fair like her mother with
very sharp features. She was not skinny like most of other girls of
her age. Ramola hated hair anywhere on her body except her head. She
had beautiful shoulder length hair which she had recently dyed to
golden colour. She did regular workouts and had a very beautiful
figure of 36-28-36.

Her boobs were firm and even when restrained under an expensive bra
they declared there prominent presence. Her deep cleavage showing
between her large, firm, white breasts to the taper of her slender
waist and the rounded outward curve of her luscious hips that sloped
to her long full-swelling thighs and, lower, to her well-formed calves
and ankles.... Hell, yes, she was absolutely mouth-watering to look
at!. She had beautiful and shapely legs and her regular work-outs
added beauty to her ample thighs. Her ass was round and fleshy. Her
walk was graceful like a model's walk on the ramp.

Arrogance was Ramola's nature. She knew very well that she was very
beautiful and rich. These facts made her more haughty and rude. She
always preferred to have friends who belonged to her class. She hated
poor and middle class.

Ramola noticed that her father had newly employed a Gardener who was
filthy, completely bald and about Fifty years old. She loathingly
asked her Mother who this dirty old man was and why he was allowed to
work in their Bunglow. Ramola was informed that this was his Fathers
choice from his native village and was working at heir place since a year.

This Gardener – whose name was Akbar was like an animal. About 6 feet
tall, dark complexion, almost bear like hairy body, big tummy and
yellow stained teeth. He was a half-wit who was well-trained and
obedient but too stupid to observe certain formalities. Always wearing
a sweat drenched filthy torn banian and lungi …he rarely talked and
was always busy in the garden attending the trees and lawn.

It was two days after her arrival. Ramola was examining a White Rose
in the garden. Akbar was working nearby. Ramola was wearing a tight
jeans and a short top. She had not noticed Akbar's presence. She was
busy fondling the Rose buds. Accidentally when her eyes fell on Akbar.
She was shocked. Akbar was barely few inches from her. She noticed
that the bald gardener was examining her and his eyes were locked on
her crotch and his nostrils were quivering as his deep-set eyes
hungrily scanned the girl's curvaceous limbs. Ramola was stunned.
Akbar immedaitley got up and rushed towards his quarters without
uttering a word.

A second after he was gone, the lovely distressed girl slumped down
limply with her back against the trunk of a neem tree, shaking so
violently that she was barely able to support her own weight with her
legs. Gradually, re-gathering her senses little by little, relief from
being alone again coming over her, she began to relax and breathe

It was a day later. Bholu the male-servant has excused himself for a
day off. Ramola's mother, instructed Akbar to clean the Master bedroom
and re-arrange all her clothes in the wardrobes . The Master Bedroom
was adjacent to Ramola's room.

Ramola had just finished her bath and was in her room drying her hairs
with a hair dryer. She had only a towel wrapped around her chest. She
was engrossed in her thoughts when a husky male groan shook her.Good
heavens, who could be in there at this time of day? she wondered. What
was going on? Ramola straightened up bravely and walked slowly toward
the door. When she was a mere six or seven steps from her destination,
she heard an even louder groan. My God, someone is hurt in there in
her Parents Bedroom, she thought, her first reaction naturally being
to rush forward and throw open the door as fast as she possibly could.

As she reached forward to grasp the handle on the door, the sound of a
low menacing animal growl reached her ears and caused her to freeze
again. She stood there for an endless moment, wondering what she could
do as she listened for more sounds with every ounce of her
concentration, her eyes glued to the floor. Gradually, she was able to
make out noises beyond the door even though her own heart was thumping
so loudly that it was difficult at first. She could hear heavy rushed
breathing punctuated by occasional grunts and moans of what almost
sounded like passion. But that could not be, she reasoned, for
everyone was supposed to be downstairs. Her whole body tensed
automatically as a nearby male groan suddenly erupted again inside the
room. This one came from only a few feet away from where she stood,
petrified, her lovely white teeth chattering slightly from the fright
and incapacitating confusion she felt. Her heart stopped and she
hardly dared to breathe as the closest male groan resounded in her
ears again. Finally, curiosity got the best of her and she slowly
lifted her eyes from the floor to see if she could catch a glimpse of
the source of the sound.

As her eyes adjusted to the brighter light that streamed into her face
from the next room, she was able to make out a tall male form standing
beyond the partly open door to her right. She blinked several times to
clear her vision and sharpen into focus the hulking form which stood
in towering profile only slightly over a yard from her own position.

The color in Ramola's face ebbed suddenly as she sucked in her breath
in horror!

She saw that it was Akbar, the bald, half-wit filthy Gardener. He was
standing there in front of her completely naked and holding his
enormous rigid penis tightly with both hands. The long hard shaft of
male flesh looked almost as thick as a young tree trunk and glistened
all along its jutting length. It was incredible! she knew that … she
had seen photographs of other naked men with erections in the
illustrated marriage manual that her friends had shown her in the
Campus. She had studied the text and pictures carefully, she was able
to remember the manual's statement that "... the average male sex
organ ranges from five to seven inches when in a state of erection."
Oh God , she gasped, Akbar was certainly not average! His huge
protruding member was at least eight inches long, maybe more, and even
his large hands could barely encircle its pulsing heavily-veined girth.

She saw that the bald moron's eyes were glazed as he stroked the long
hard penis up and down in lewd rhythmic time. She saw her Mother's
used clothes hamper was lying at Akbar's feet. Her Mother's used
panties and bras were lying scattered on floor. Akbar had one of her
Mother's used panty in his hand, he was sniffing the crotch part of
the panty and was also sucking the crotch area of the panty
ferociously. Occasionally Akbar stroked his cock by wrapping it with
her mother - Mamta's Panty.

Ramola was frozen. Akbar was so close to her that she was afraid to
even breathe for fear he might hear her. She stood there shaking from
head to foot, her feet cemented to the carpeted floor, watching in
horrified fascination as the servant's circumcised penis being stroked
rapidly up and down the full length of it, the huge bulbous head
bursting evilly into view, like a giant monster crawling from a secret
lair, with each hard down stroke that he made with his hands. She was
close enough so that she could see that it was wet on the top from the
white, sticky lubricating fluid beginning to ooze forth from it.
Akbar's breath sounded thick and heavy now and she could see thin
white flecks of spittle joining each other to grow heavy and run down
from his lips as he stared like a man in a trance at the bed just out
of her view. His penis frightened her so much. She was seeing one for
the first time. It was monstrous and she could not even imagine having
something that big inside her.... My Lord, such a massive thing would
ruin her for life if she ever tried to take it between her legs! Then,
in her dazed state, the lovely girl thought she saw an almost
imperceptible flick of the shiny-headed man's beady eyes toward the
spot where she stood. What if he should turn a little and discover her
watching him? How on earth could she possibly explain the fact that
she had been caught spying on the idiot as he obscenely masturbated
himself? No one would ever believe her when she tried to tell how she
had been a victim of circumstances and had seen Akbar only by accident.

Ramola heaved a soundless sigh of relief when she saw him turn
slightly away in fits of passion. As the tempo of Akbar's groans
increased, she had to admit that her curiosity to know what was going
on had been piqued to an almost maddeningly intense desire to chance a
look in for herself. At last it became too much for her and she moved
cautiously backward out of Akbar's range of vision to lean against the
wall a few inches from the stationary frame of the doorway. Then,
leaning forward, the girl placed her fingertips against the door
itself and gently eased it forward until Akbar came into view by
degrees. Her whole body was shaking violently and the fear she felt
made it almost impossible to draw air into her lungs without feeling

Ramola's own desire had finally overcome her principles, her aversion
towards people not belonging to her class. Her hand had probed under
the hem of the towel and the elastic top of her panties, her fingers
sliding along her warmly moistened vaginal slit and coming to rest on
the erectly pulsating bud of her clitoris. Now she began to rock
gently with silent pleasure as she massaged herself, sending rapturous
flutters of sensation through her belly that seemed to branch out and
touch every inch of her physical being. She was so totally absorbed in
what she was doing that she was oblivious to everything around her and
did not sense the shadowy hulking form moving stealthily up behind
her. It remained motionless then for a long moment, hovering within a
foot of the girl's slender shoulder.

Suddenly it moved with lightning speed.

"Oh!" Ramola cried out in fright, cringing away from the strong wiry
hand holding her arm in a powerful vice-like grip. She was caught
completely off guard and had to gulp to recapture her breath as she
quickly withdrew her hand from beneath her towel. The spell was
shattered, the rising flame of her passion suddenly snuffed out, and
she could only stand there quaking with terror from head to foot.
Gradually, the hand loosened its painful grasp enough so that she was
able to straighten up and relieve the pressure where her right
shoulder was crushed against the frame of the doorway. It helped her
breathing a
little and she began to wonder who was behind her. Slowly, she turned
her head back and saw with horror that it was the bald simpleton,
Akbar . The tall, grotesquely ugly servant was still stark naked and
his nostrils were twitching with excitement, just as they always did
when she was present, as though he were some kind of wild animal
catching the addening scent of a bitch in heat. There was a weird
twisted grin on his moronic face as he raked the lovely girl's
trembling young body with his hungrily-shining eyes.

She dropped her own eyes to avoid his and saw with a rush of panic
that Akbar's gigantic penis was standing out even further from his
sinewy loins than before. What was worse, she could see the tremendous
cock growing longer and harder even as she stared at it, its thick
blood-engorged head throbbing mightily as occasional droplets of semen
oozed from the eye-like hole at the end and dropped down in gleaming
white strings to the carpet below. She looked down lower then and
caught sight of the huge testicles sagging between his hairy legs like
fleshy sacs heavily weighted with balls of lead. My God, she thought,
they were as big as baseballs! It was the first time she had seen
them. The huge-sized spheres had not been in clear view when she had
watched the idiot masturbating himself just inside the other bedroom
awhile ago.

"It's big, ain't it?" Akbar snickered lewdly, his normally dull eyes
sparkling a little as he pointed down with one finger at his
abnormally large cock. Ramola could not answer or even object to the
obscene question as she felt her cheeks flush to a burning crimson
with the realization that he had seen her looking down at his
genitalia. Oh no, she groaned to herself, wave after wave of
humiliation and shame washing over her, making her wish with all her
strength that she could magically vanish from the room. Not only had
the half-wit caught her red-handed in the act of masturbating herself
as she was spying on him, now he knew that she had been staring openly
at his rigid penis and the sperm-filled testicles hanging down below!
She had never been so horribly embarrassed and overwhelmed with guilt
in her life!

"Okay, let's go," her naked captor grunted, his ugly face split by a
satisfied grin as he tilted his head toward the interior of the next
bedroom. A spasm of fear traveled through her, suddenly replacing her
other emotions, when she realized what he intended to do with her.
Akbar nudged her rudely with his shoulder, scowling to show his
impatience with her as he tilted his head again toward the entranceway
to the other room, indicating that she should step through the doorway
in front of him.

"No, please! I can't go in with you right now.... she whispered in
protest, hoping to bluff the weak-minded servant. The tall gangling
nitwit's narrow brow furrowed as his dim mind tried to grapple with
what she had said. Little by little, though, the puzzled expression on
his face changed and slowly hardened, a glint of ominous malevolence
lighting his beady rat-like eyes.

Ramola knew that her strategy had failed when she saw that Akbar was
glaring at her in such a hateful way, the sullen anger in his face
causing her to fear that he might ball his free hand into a fist and
smash it into her face at any moment. She winced with pain as he
cruelly tightened his iron-like grip on her arm, bruising her flesh,
and then pushed her roughly through the doorway between the two bedrooms.

Akbar held her in front of him at arm's length as they walked across
the room, the beautiful Ramola's heart pounding fiercely in her throat
as they approached the bed. Ramola throttled the panicky impulse she
had to escape by trying to twist away from him and then run back
through the master bedroom to the stairway. Actually, she felt almost
thankful that the brute's hand was locked so solidly on her arm, for
her legs were so wobbly with fright that she needed even that strange
form of support to walk at all. In the melee Ramola's towel dropped
heavily to the floor. She stood exposed in her balck panty and bra.

Akbar's pulse quickened, his nostrils twitching again, as he watched
her full rounded buttocks sway enticingly before him, each cheek
making a provocative circling motion under her panty as she struggled.
Even though his huge erect cock had fallen to semi-hardness, the
movements of Ramola's perfect young ass made the great shaft jerk
higher, its colossal length swinging from side to side with every step
he took.

"No, not this way! Not that-I can't!" Ramola wailed staring at Akbar
in disbelief as the powerful idiot forced her toward the bed, a
strange crazy fluttering deep inside her stomach beginning as she
realized fully the complete helplessness of her position as though for
the first time. Her protests were cut short by Akbar's fingers
clamping harshly
over her mouth, muffling the resisting girl's sounds of complaint.

Akbar's nostrils flared in undisguised desire as his fingers coursed
greedily over the smooth silky softness of her naked thighs. He
pinched the globe of one of her ass-cheeks, grinning lewdly as she
groaned against his fingers still clamped over her mouth. There was
nothing between his hand and the roughness of his blunt fingertips,
bunched tightly up in the crevice of her buttocks, and he could see
silky tufts of her soft pubic hair. The rounded globules of her soft
young buttocks stood out brashly, exposed to his lust-crazed eyes and
quivering convulsively as he moved his eager hand upward to run it
lewdly over the curve of her right hip.

Ramola wished she could faint, mercifully fall unconscious to the
floor, for she knew now exactly what was going to happen to her. She
saw thin lines of spittle drooling from the bald moron's hideous mouth
and his eyes were gleaming with animal desire as he moved closer yet
to her, pressing his vile repulsive body up to her side until suddenly she
became aware of the massive hardness of his penis digging against the
naked flesh just above her waist. In his very excitement, he lingered
a moment to rove his hand higher up on her back, suddenly becoming
frustrated in his obscene anxiousness with the obstruction of the dress.

The lust-maddened idiot slapped her hard, flat across the cheek,
jerking her head to the side so hard that she thought surely he had
broken her neck. She struggled to twist away from his cruelty but the
bald servant caught her by the hair and jerked her back to face him,
delivering another brutal blow to her other cheek this time, bringing
a stinging sensation to her skin as though she were being doused in
raw gasoline. She was terrified more than ever now, afraid to struggle
or offer any resistance at all for fear he would
become even angrier and kill her right where she stood.

Akbar giggled dementedly as he devoured her partially nude body with
his eyes, his hands roaming over her bare back and shoulders. The
smooth satiny softness of her skin was interrupted above only by the
thin black brassiere that laced across her back. She could feel a
small wet circle of seminal fluid seeping from the huge throbbing
glans of his penis and smearing where it touched her flesh. Then,
locking one hand on her shoulder to hold her fast, she felt the
fingers of his other hand rummaging behind her, working clumsily at
the clasp of her brassiere. Suddenly, without warning, he hooked his
under the strap in anxious frustration and yanked harshly at it. Her
full resilient young breasts fell free, the cooler air attacking her
pinkish-brown nipples and perking them to sudden erection. She gasped
as he pulled the torn piece of now useless nylon down over her arms
and the two large, firmly rounded mounds came fully into tantalizing view.

Akbar wasted no time now and gazed down at his own hands cupping the
maddening cloud-like softness of the two naked breasts in both of his
hands, squeezing their ripeness until they overflowed from the bony
fingers and made her groan with humiliation. Still not satisfied,
though, the grotesquely ugly moron proceeded to knead both hard
rubbery nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, rolling them
tightly between them as a lewd grin came over his lips. He saw a
wincing expression of pain momentarily replace the embarrassment and
sense of degradation on her face, and it evidently amused him. He
continued to pinch and knead at her breasts with an ecstatic
intensity. His eyes gleamed with inflamed desire as his shaking hands
dropped along the sides of her quivering body. down to the elastic
band at the top of her sheer, flimsy panties. Hooking his fingers into
the thin nylon with an instinctive confidence, he began to peel them
slowly down over the lush curves of her almost still adolescent hips.
Trembling in abject horror, Ramola flinched as she felt the last of
her protective clothing being removed from her almost entirely exposed
body. She dared to glance down at the bald surface of Braun's head
below her as he jerked the brief panties from her ankles and finally
freed them altogether.
She was completely naked now.

She felt her stomach turn as she stifled a deep piercing scream in her
throat when the idiot's warm breath blasted on the skin of her smooth
flat tummy just above the soft silky triangle of pubic hair. His mouth
was a mere three inches away from the triangle, his eyes closed as he
breathed in deeply of the sweet, feminine aroma from her cunt, rising
and wafting to his nostrils teasingly. Leaning forward a little to
place a wet, slobbering kiss on her soft tummy from his kneeling
position. She swayed dangerously, almost losing her balance as she
felt his lips pressing tightly into her nude flesh. The sudden moist
contact sent an unexpected chill racing along her spine and she
automatically jumped from the electrifying wetness of the pressure,
losing her balance completely then and staggering backward toward the
empty bed. The edge of the mattress caught her behind the knees and
she sprawled backward to land face up with her arms and legs opening
wide as she hit. Akbar rose from his kneeling position a little and
leaped forward to catch her there as she kicked desperately to close
her legs. He dropped his hands at once to the full rounded moons of
her buttocks and crawled up further on the bed between her open
milk-white thighs, crouching on all fours as his knees pressed outward
between her ankles and his face panted a few inches above the
hair-covered vee of her naked loins. And then he backed off slightly
to run his long pink tongue slowly and wetly over the tender inner
flesh of her thighs, causing her to groan in helpless humiliation even
though a strangely warm shiver ran over the tattered nerve-ends of her
lower body.

Ramola had geared her mind to fighting off pain and depraved abuse ...
not the tenderness and hateful tiny sensations of pleasure suddenly,
and without warning, beginning to lower inside her. She had not been
prepared for this and knew less about resisting it than the hysterical
attack she was certain was all Akbar could manage. The idiot's mouth
watered as he gazed down at her body beneath him.

Saliva dripped from his open mouth, drooling down to mingle with the
juices beginning to ooze from the delicious narrow slit that started
at the bottom of the smooth white belly and trailed down through the
snowy soft spheres of her creamy buttocks where they pressed tightly
against the bed. Ramola was almost out of her mind now with sheer
confusion as she tried to filter the unwanted pleasurable sensuality
from the feelings of horror she sensed as a still basically decent
person. Through half-slit eyes, she could see that shadowy form of the
bald man crouching between her open legs. Then she felt the flat palms
of his sweaty hands pushing outward against the tenderness of her
inner thighs, holding them wide apart. Her secret treasure was open
and vulnerable for the feeble-minded animal to do as he wished and she
watched with baited breath as he slowly lowered his head ... slowly
... slowly ... and at last his hot moist lips closed over the soft
furry mound at the base of her tummy!

"Noooo, oooohhh!" she moaned, jerking as his face disappeared from her
view into the female musk of the fleecy hair.... She felt Akbar's lips
planting wet tickling kisses on the cringing but moist aperture, his
tongue flicking out lizard-like, darting into the throbbing opening
and pushing up and down between the lips of her vagina. She swallowed
deeply as she felt his thumbs fastening on the moist folds, pressuring
them further outward, until finally his gaze froze solid, still,
locked on the completely open cavern exposed to his view and his heart
raced even faster at the sight of the pink fragile inner flesh, glistening
wet and tempting.

Lunging forward, he locked his lips on her and blew softly into the
naked hole, his long tongue flicking outward and probing into the
wetness when he felt her squirm and heard a groan escape involuntarily
from the now open lips of her mouth. The ravishing young Ramola's
elbows pressed tightly against her ribs and her head was beginning to
roll slowly back and forth on the mattress as Akbar's hot searing
tongue shot out its flicking tip, circling feverishly around the
quivering erected clitoris, his lips sucking to draw in the warm soft
folds of her cuntal lips deep inside his mouth. His tongue continued
its maddening licking against the straining pink bud of her youthful
sex and, even though she fought against the sounds as they rose to her
throat, she gave forth husky groans of passion. There was no denying
that something she had never felt before in her life was happening to
her ... something that was so different from the harsh blows he had
rained on her cheeks a few moments ago that she was at a loss to
understand it. The brute was actually sending soft, feather-like
sensations warmly and wetly up from her vagina to flood her entire
nervous system. She could no longer think but the moron was not hurting
her and that was all that mattered at the moment. That, of course, and
the fact that she was experiencing a light rising sensation of
floating, up, up, above the reality of the situation and the horror of
loosing her virginity to a mentally retarded gardener.

"Ooohh, oooohhh," Ramola exploded ecstatically into the otherwise
silent bedroom, her breath coming now in small quick gasps that came
out as small mewling grunts. Then, growing bolder, Akbar began a
sudden flicking and curling of his wet hot tongue, embedding it deeper
inside her and sometimes withdrawing it all the way to jab its tip
tormentingly at her tingling clitoris. He could feel the
elastic-rimmed opening of her pussy clasping at his pink hot lingual
spear, trying to hold him inside her but blossoming open fully when he
followed the primitive drive he never realized was in control of his
weak mind as well as his body.
"Oh God, Ramola gasped over and over to hating her body for the
steadily rising tide of forbidden sensual pleasure she felt rippling
deep down in her stomach and flowing up through her firm heaving
breasts to pulse in her nipples. In spite of her horror and revulsion
at the sinful things being done to her defenseless genitals down
between her open thighs, her nerves continued to flutter and send live
shivers of arousal through her limbs. Her vaginal passage contracted,
opening and closing tightly around the long smooth length of his
tongue darting into the wetness of her vaginal opening. The slaving
imbecile's bald pate began to glisten with sweat as he worked
frantically between her wide-spread legs, his tongue making a wet
sucking sluicing noise with each thrust he made into the valley
between her now hotly pulsating vaginal lips. The breathtakingly
beautiful Girl of Twenty Two had never before in her life imagined
that such an evil and lurid act could produce such exquisitely sharp
thrills in her ... especially not when someone as filthy , obscenely
ugly and stupid as Akbar was doing it to her. She actually wanted him
to keep on doing it now, she realized with shame, a tiny flash of
regret coming over her but quickly fading. At the moment, she could
not even remember why she was on the bed with the servant ... or even
if the reason mattered.

Her brown eyes glittering and her mouth flexing open with passion, her
cries of mixed protest and desire gradually became one long low
continuous moan. Then, surprising her, Akbar suddenly withdrew his
lashing tongue from inside the smooth warm passage and explored higher
up, probing the warm pink tip in the wetness as the fragrant black
tendrils of her pubic hair brushed tauntingly against his cheeks. At
last he found her hard, throbbing clitoris again and began to lick and
nip at it with his teeth until she was afraid she would scream with

The moron felt a lewd and triumphant sense of satisfaction as she
responded. Never in his vague dreams had he ever expected to have such
a gorgeous young girl squirming so madly under his tongue, loving it
so much that she was at his mercy.
The people at the mental hospital had taught him to be careful about
everything he encountered in the "outside" world and his Masters had
made him realize he was not as intelligent as most other people.
Little by little, he had come to understand ... under Satish Reddy's
unrelenting tutelage ... that almost everyone around him thought he
was worthless except as someone to work for "normal" people.

The impassioned Ramola - the beautiful and haughty daughter of his
rich master was writhing under him now seemed to be utterly oblivious
to the fact that he was a freak. Not now, anyway! She liked what he
was doing, he slowly concluded, so it must mean that Ramola thought he
was good and more than just a freak.... The labored conclusion filled
him with glee and he giggled again as he locked his mouth roughly over
the upper portion of the cleft between her thighs. This would make her
like him more than ever, he grinned, lowering his face a little to
flick the tip of his tongue down into the tiny tightly-puckered hole
of her anus nestling just below the moist portal of her vagina.

"Nooooo, pleeeeeassse, " Ramola whimpered as the unexpected wet
electric contact of his searing tongue against the sensitive rubbery
opening sent a tormenting prickle of feeling racing through her
nerves. She clenched her eyes tightly shut again and whimpered, trying
desperately to screw her buttocks deeper into the bed and away from
the hot snaking tongue licking without mercy now at her virginal
asshole. After a moment, though, he sensed that her first shock was
gone and that she was starting to enjoy it by degrees, in spite of the
fact that she was sobbing and groaning, as though she hated every
second of what he was doing.

Yes, he was right, because she was beginning to jerk back against him
a little, her cushions of soft ivory roundness lifting slightly off
the mattress and pushing forward in search of the pink hotness of his

The sex-wild girl knew that she had lost every shred of decency as she
felt her hands go out to find him like things with minds of their own,
suddenly clawing in vain desperation when her fingertips grazed the
sweaty slickness of his hairless crown. She heard him snicker as he
ducked his head lower between the cheeks of her ass to escape her
sharp fingernails. Then he clamped his open mouth over the brown
throbbing ring of her anus, bringing further combined cries of
pleasure and humiliation from her lips. He was in complete control now
and it would not be very long before he was allowed to do what he had
been waiting for all along. But it better be soon, he thought
sluggishly, or the pretty girl would cum before she was supposed to.

He sensed that she was almost ready to do it now as her shamelessly
aroused body began to jerk spasmodically forward in a deliberate
movement up against his tongue. He felt the abnormal hugeness of his
hard fleshy cock beating urgently against the mattress, the
lust-hardened head jerking out droplets of shiny semen that stained
the bedspread as he licked gluttonously at the tiny puckered lips of
her helpless anus.

Ramola's resistance was practically non-existent and yet she could not
allow herself to suffer this final indignation, knowing that anything
she admitted about how she really felt would be the final humiliating
surrender. The mere thought of confessing how much she really did, in
spite of her revulsion, ache to have the obnoxious imbecile's enormous
penis inside her now-if only to quench the burning need raging in her
loins at that very moment-was utterly unbearable to her. Her lovely
young face was white and straining as she lay there, afraid to let
Akbar catch her eyes.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, " she half-shouted, her face quivering involuntarily at
the corners of her brown eyes as her buttocks still ground impatiently
down into the mattress, wrinkling the bedspread in bunched folds. As
if on signal, Akbar then flicked his tongue out to swirl it
tantalizingly around the tip of her erectly throbbing clitoris.
"Oooooohhh, oooooohhh!"

"Do you want me what I am doing?" the Gardener taunted. "Nooo, oh
nooo.... Please don't stop!" "Well then, say it-say exactly what I
told you," Akbar rasped cruelly. "Say it!. Say that you need my cock
inside you "

"I ... I ... want your cock inside me," Ramola finally relented, the
last shreds of her dignity beginning to drain away from her
lust-consumed soul.

"No, I don't understand what you want when you say it that way," Akbar
baited. "You'll have to say exactly the right words if you want me to
slide this beautiful big cock up into your belly."

God, she despised even the idea of succumbing to her servant and
giving him that satisfaction. ... He was a sick sadistic deviate!...
And yet there was nothing else she could possibly do, Ramola realized
in desperation, nothing else that would rid her of the hot fiery ball
of animal lust blazing in the pit of her stomach.... Yes, it was true,
horribly true! She yearned to have it in her! Her vagina prickled and
ached for it!

"Oh God ," she moaned in final surrender, shrieking then, "I want your
cock in me! Please, oh please, Akbar I need your cock in my cunt and
fuck me !!!!"

Trembling, half in fear and half in anticipation, Ramola spread her
thighs wider apart as she watched the now voraciously greedy Akbar
lift his face from between her naked cuntal lips and shift himself
into position, his nostrils flaring wide and more of the disgusting
drool dripping from his chin from the overwhelming anxiety he felt.
Oh, forgive me, forgive me, she repeated over and over to herself.
Feeling as if someone pored burning hot liquid over her and scalded
the very core of her being.

The moronic servant did not have to be told twice and yet he paused
for a moment to gaze down pruriently at the narrow glistening slit of
her pussy pulsing in vitiation, the wet moist furrow held wide apart
by the pressure of his thighs pressing outward against hers. Then he
levered up over her, his arms stiff and his hands resting heavily on
her slim
shoulders. He dropped one hand down between their bodies, taking the
monstrous, throbbing cock in his fingers and guiding it forward, using
the thick rubbery head to part the full, fleshy lips of her cunt. She
turned her head to one side on the mattress, closing her eyes with a
shudder as she felt its soft electrical contact against the sensitive
ragged flanges of her moist pussy. She lay still in complete
subjugation before him, not even daring to breathe for what seemed an
eternity of seconds.

"Oooooh, pleeease," she breathed as she felt the first harsh pressure !!!!

Ramola remembered then her earlier fear of the abnormal size of the
penis when she had first seen it from the open doorway awhile ago.
Surely it would split her up the middle! It might even kill her! The
half-mad Gardener pushed a little.

"Aaaaaaaggghh! " she screamed as the huge tip popped just inside the
lips, cruelly stretching the tight elastic opening until Ramola was
certain that she was being ripped wide open from the agonizing outward
force of the pressure. "Nooo, stop, stop! It's too big! Ooooooh!" She
was suddenly shrieking at the top of her lungs. The filthy Gardener's
eyes glittered evilly and there was a cruel sadistic grin on his face.
He was actually enjoying the young girl's suffering beneath the
cruelty of his slow, relentless penetration of her virginal pussy. He
could no longer stand it, watching this helpless beautiful girl
spread-eagled under him with the head of his immense blood-swollen
shaft disappearing into the hair of her cunt. He had to do something!
He had to fuck her right now!

He shoved again, harder this time, and she felt the widely stretched
lips around her throbbing vagina expanding more. The elastic-rimmed
tightness resisted for a moment, then gave way before the cruel hard
pressure. The pain was excruciating and she struggled reflexively,
emitting a pitiful cry of anguish from deep in her throat, but he
ignored it, feeling only the delectable sensation of warmth and
wetness inside the entrance of her vaginal passage. But even that was
not enough, not nearly enough to fulfill his urgent animal desire to
push himself as far inside her as possible.

He crashed forward, his full weight smashing her large proud breasts
tightly back against her chest. He rammed his hips forward at the same
time, sliding his long thick cock into her passageway like a rampaging
bulldozer and pushing the soft moist flesh of her vaginal walls before
it in rippling waves. There was no stopping it until with a loud
smacking sound his balls whacked heavily against the upturned cheeks
of her tightly clenched buttocks.

"Oooohhh, aaauuuuuuggghhh! " she screamed louder than ever, the
pathetic piercing wail seeming to come from her very soul ... almost
as if it had been stored there for precisely this moment of unbearable
agony. Akbar's fantastic lust-inflated cock was buried in her all the
way up to the hilt and there was not even the tiniest ridge of flesh
on it that she could not feel distinctly as its hugeness pulsed within
her, pressuring outward against the soft sensitive walls of her pussy.
Painfully enclosed in the moist warm sheath like the trunk of a
sapling that had been greased and driven heartlessly into her belly,
the bald man's penis made her feel as though the merciless invasion
had ripped her tender vagina into a thousand tiny shreds. The cruel
sudden impalement had left her helpless, every part of her insides
filled now more than anything had ever filled her before in her life.
Her virginity was lost to a filthy man who she would have not touched
even with a pole. There was a trickle of blood flowing from her
ruptured hymen the streak of blood was running down her arse crack and
dripping on the bed sheet. Haughty Ramola lost her prized virginity to
a half mad filthy Gardener.

She lay pinned beneath him on the bed, his hideous repulsive face
directly over hers. Ramola was afraid to move a muscle for fear of the
pain that it would surely bring but she knew that he was not even
aware of her suffering now or of the possibility of injuring her....
Only one thing mattered to him now-the simple fact that at last he had
his prick wedged up inside of this exciting, beautiful young girl who
had been driving him crazy with desire ever since he saw her

Okay, he decided slowly, he would fuck her, better than her anybody
could, but he wanted to get back at her first ... for treating him
like he was too dumb to know what his cock was for ... and for always
making him crazy because she was so pretty and soft and
innocent-looking. ... He remembered with anger how his knees always
started to shake every time he happened to see this proud and arrogant
girl and how she seemed to always snub him, her big round staring
through him as if he did not even exist.... And shit, the way her ass
rocked and rolled to tease him when she walked across the garden ...
even though she had no idea anyone was watching ... was enough to make
him so hot that he had to walk around with a hard-on for the rest of
the day, just remembering. ...For the last two days now, he had spent
most of his time trying to picture her without any clothes on or
wondering if she had ever got screwed.

Then, after Akbar had been fantasizing…. . returning to sit on the bed
and play with himself while pretending the girl was in the room with
him ... at his side instead of. because she was no longer too proud to
come to a "freak" for the fun she wanted, he had stroked himself to
climaxes that merely frustrated him even more.

"Now I'm going to teach you a lesson for teasing me," he panted, his
eyebrows jerking up as he gave a short wicked chuckle of delight in
the thought. Suddenly, she felt a throb deep inside her quivering
belly as the blood-gorged thickness of his cock flexed where it lay
soaking in her already stretched vagina. She groaned at the sudden
spasm of pain, her face contorting with misery, but still not daring
to provoke him more by struggling against his fiendish assault on her
vulnerable naked body.

"Told you ….I will get you," he sneered, gazing down in lewd
satisfaction at the expression of suffering on her face, flexing again
and flicking up another impossible fraction of an inch inside her
aching pussy. "Aaaaaaaaaggggghhh, nooooooooooooooo, " she groaned, her
entire body twisting involuntarily as waves of searing agony filled
every particle of her, torturing her nerves until she was certain she
would either explode or burst into flames at any second. She could
feel the cords of muscle in her neck standing out from the effort of
trying to bear the punishing pain.

"I will rip you apart – can't I " Akbar slobbered, his tiny eyes
glittering sadistically as he dug his fingers into the yielding white
flesh of her shoulders and throbbed even deeper. Despite her anguish,
her mind was still able to fathom that he was becoming increasingly
bolder and more arrogant and she realized that his dim brain would
eventually come to the conclusion that any defiance of him deserved
worse punishment ... if it was somehow possible to be handed a worse
punishment than what she was suffering at that exact moment. She knew
that most of her strength and courage had been drained away by the
shock and agony she had already undergone. It was useless, she knew,
to fight such a losing battle any longer- especially since her
resistance served only to aggravate her tormentor more and the thought
of additional torture was unbearable. Even so, the thought of total
surrender to this animal sent cold chills through her along with the
excruciating pain.

"Can't I?" he demanded again.

"Yessss, oh yesssss.... You can," she hissed obediently, tears gushing
from her eyes as he spat out the obscene admission. The bitter
realization that she actually had begged for this a few moments ago
bored into her consciousness like an evil omen of what her future
would be. And now, now she had lost even the will to protest against
what was happening to her. She had allowed herself to lose control and
had fallen to this ... the very lowest thing she could imagine ... and
she was no better now than the common whores she had seen walking the
streets at night along the famous Necklace Road of Hyderabad.

Akbar grinned at his tamed young trophy, sensing the surrender of her
last bit of stubborn resistance as he felt her tense body relax a
little. Suddenly he drew back from her almost to his knees and
delivered a vicious crushing thrust that sent the giant heavily-veined
cock tearing up into her belly like a runaway freight train. She
jerked convulsively as its bulging angry head collided brutally
against her cervix, buffeting her head far back against the headboard
of the bed so harshly that her head was filled with winking stars for
a moment. It was like an uncontrolled monster crawling around inside
her and felt as though it was going to come out in her throat and then
her mouth! The sex-deranged imbecile leered down at her from above
with an insolent salacious grin on his face, his lips curled back
lewdly in obvious satisfaction as he listened to her moaning beneath him,
incoherent whimpers coming from somewhere deep in her throat. Her arms
were outstretched, the palms of her hands pressing flat against his
hips in a vain attempt to ease the pressure of the thick hard
cock-head pulsing against her womb like the blunt end of a live cannon
anxious to fire off its load. His prick was imbedded even further in
her now and he could feel the sensitive brown ring of her anus
twitching from the prickling of his big balls hanging down between her
buttocks, the crisp hairs on the swollen sacs tickling the nerves
surrounding the O-shaped tightness of the opening. He bent down over
her prostrate body and locked his teeth savagely on the erect
tremulous nipple of her lovely
upheaving right breast, his lips drifting around the aureole of the
peaked pinkness as he teased and nipped the tip, causing a light
feathery stir of pleasure in the white palpitating mound. Then,
growing impatient with the teasing foreplay, he raised himself higher
again and glanced down to see the tight lips of her cunt stretched
almost to the bursting point, the light pink outer rims clasping
tightly around the thick corded base of his penis. It was such a
delicious sight that he could almost cum right now just from looking
at it, without even moving again.

Now the bald Gardener began a still painful sawing motion, setting up
a slow rhythm of movement that skewered his mammoth prick wetly into
the depths of her pussy, stretching and bruising it with every
merciless thrust he made. He withdrew it until the head reached the
throbbing entrance between the flared cuntal flanges and then fucked
madly back into her distended moist cunt, battering her pain-wracked
body back hard against the mattress. Akbar could sense Ramola's body
coming to life again under him and he heard low humming sounds of
servile acceptance coming from her chest. He quickly slipped his hands
from her shoulders and moved them down her sides to clutch the soft
velvet globes of her buttocks, one in each band. They were flexing and
then loosening, oozing around his fingers as he pressed harshly into
them. He could feel her strain a little to open her thighs wider, the
wet satiny hole of her warm cunt flowering open and shut around the
girth of his shaft. The realization gradually came to him that she was
really and truly his now to do with as he wished.

Ramola also felt something strange happening inside her. The pain was
going away, slowly, slowly giving way to a maddening, uncontrollable
sensation of pleasure that began deep in her womb and seeped little by
little through the altered nerve-ends of her tormented body. It
rippled through her vagina and out from between the fleece-lined lips,
dancing like fire across her milky soft thighs, up and down the full
length of her widely-splayed legs, circling around inside her toes and
making them curl tightly against the bottoms of her feet. Eventually
it traveled up from her contracting belly and throughout her rib cage,
surfacing at the tips of her stiffly quivering nipples and making them
even more rigid than before. They were alive to the touch of the very
air in the room and she arched her back a little to press them solidly
against the laboring idiot's sweating hairy chest.

The pain was altogether gone now and she automatically closed her eyes
as she tensed the muscles in her thighs, writhing unconsciously under
him from the intensity of her feeling. Without knowing it, she rolled
her hips luxuriously from side to side around the huge cock fucking
into her cunt, its fleshy walls dilating the throbbing in time to the
cadence of Akbar's forward lunges. It felt to her as though the wide
fanning head of his penis had a heart beating in it, was a separate
being whose only purpose was to send glorious shivers of rapture
through her young body. It was becoming a part of her, melting and
fusing with her own flesh, until she was at one with it in an endless
soaring flight of exquisite sensation. She no longer felt any horror
or anguish ... nothing but a mounting ecstasy, building higher and
higher, reaching new heights of rewarding sensual titillation with
every passing moment. She felt only the animal lust that had taken
control of Akbar, this mental defective, this ugly and dirty bald
nitwit who was over 30 years older than she, this deranged Gardener
who was fucking far up into her flat belly with his wonderful long
thick cock ... his big vulgar prick!

Akbar could barely contain his tremendous elation as he worked over
her, enjoying the grunts and mewling sounds of her subjugation,
feeling the tempo of her thrusts up against him becoming faster and
more urgent. The rhythmic slap of wetness as his balls spanked the
unprotected crevice of her anus reverberated throughout the bedroom,
mingling with the sluicing noise of his ruthless plunges into the now
eager pussy she presented up to him. Suddenly he sensed an even
greater abandon to passion come over her, a wanton outburst of lust
that made her arc her body off the mattress in a struggle to
completely engulf him. He giggled to himself as he abruptly paused to
stare down at the thrilling sight of her pelvis screwing up to swallow
the shiny hard length of his cock. He watched with blissful
fascination as the tiny constricting muscles inside her young pussy
nibbled greedily at the large swollen head. Then the stretched lips of
her pink hair-fringed slit pulled hungrily away, sliding moistly down
the stone-hard penis for five or six inches, only to nibble back up
again until the soft down of her pubic hair brushed against his own,
darker patch.... He let the beautiful little bitch hump up and down at
will as she concentrated with all her female strength on giving back
to him the spine-tingling pleasure that he was giving her.

He remained immobile even longer as he gazed in trance-like
attentiveness at the tantalizing withdrawals of his cock from her
lust-saturated passage, pulling thin soft ridges of her flesh out with
it as she screwed her buttocks down into the mattress ... and then the
entry which pushed the soft glistening folds back into her as the long
thick rod was wholly consumed by the obscenely wanting vaginal cavern.
He allowed her to continue her wanton milking movements for awhile,
smiling to himself at the thought of his success in turning the
gorgeous, soft-bodied young Girl into a squealing helpless mass of
sexual desire. She sure as hell looked different now than she had when
she arrived at the house he remembered, picturing the fresh,
sweet-faced look of innocence on her face that he had seen her
wearing. Her lovely face was contorted now from the exertion of
straining to cum and he could hear the wet suctioning sound of the
ever-increasing flow of juices from her loins as she bucked wildly
against him, her feet planted flat on either side of his knees against
the quaking mattress.

He groaned and began to jar her again with merciless pile-driving
strokes that drove his big prick boring far up into the hidden,
untouched recesses of her womb. Her succulent snowy breasts seemed to
be swelling larger, quivering and heaving up against the pressure of
his chest, the hard rigid peaks of the nipples digging into his
perspiring flesh like small pebbles.

"Oh, oooh God, don't ever stop-please, don't ever stop! Fuck it,
darling, fuck it harder and faster! Ooooh, yessss, fuck meeeee!" she
begged hysterically, unaware in her delirious transport of erotic
pleasure that the sweating idiot was already hammering into her
uplifted buttocks with every last ounce of strength and ardor that he

He was pouring everything he had into her, the total sum of years of
anger and frustration, hate and need, lust and uncertainty- all of the
furious energy he had naturally inherited with the gradual realization
that he was an offensive freak of nature who had no choice but to
depend upon "normal" people in order to survive. Now, he wanted
revenge, not only against Ramola, but also against everyone who had
ever snubbed him or seemed to have thought that he was merely a
vegetable without feelings ... a dumb animal which they could afford
to ridicule without worrying whether or not he might be offended.

"Oh, it's here, it's here.... I'm cumming, I'm cumming!... Ooooohhh,
aaaaaawww!" Ramola groaned, her body vibrating wildly as her cunt
opened around Akbar and warm gushes of female juices drowned his
impaling shaft, trickling down over his balls and into the cleft
between her upraised buttocks. The moron went berserk as she grunted
out the last of her first real orgasmic seizure, her body still
jerking spasmodically, smacking up against him, the lips of her vagina
working and sucking at his penis as her breath came in short desperate
gasps. e reached back and grabbed her ankles, lifting them brutally up
over her shoulders until she was rolled up into a tight round ball of
helplessness, her knees pressing firmly down into the mattress on
either side of her head. The flattened plane of her loins was
completely open to plunder at will and Akbar fully intended to take
advantage of this opportunity to make her remember him all the rest of
her life. He had wanted to get his revenge but now it was his turn to
have some fun and nothing else.

He dropped his head to lock his saliva-covered mouth over hers,
thrusting his wet dripping tongue deep in her throat, stifling the low
animal grunts rising there. His shoulders pushing back against her
full rounded calves kept her locked in that defenseless position as he
rammed it to her. He renewed his clutching grasp on the white cheeks of
her ass and pulled them far apart with his spread fingers until she
sucked in her breath from the sudden flash of pain, moaning up into
his mouth. The nitwit started his long hard thrusting movements with a
fresh burst of energy, skewering into the hot slippery tunnel of her
cunt until each time the cock-head bashed against the mouth of the
girl's womb, she uttered a little yelp of masochistic pleasure. She
sensed that his body was now a mass of sheer primitive wildness that
was altogether unleashing itself on her tender, beautiful flesh. Her
arms were pinned down at her sides by her own updrawn legs and she
could feel his huge turgid glans sliding up and down inside her warm
viscous cunt like a turbine-powered piston. Ramola felt herself
building again toward another shattering climax and her hands wormed
themselves from under her legs to snake around his undulating back.
Her nails clawed a path of blood down to his flexing buttocks.
Straining, she tried to pull him deeper into her on his in-stroke, to
spit herself on the hot driving rod like a delicious feast roasting on
the coals for the delectation of a band of Barbarians from ancient
times. She sucked voraciously on the thick wet tongue that was shoved
deep into her throat and swallowed the moisture of his saliva as it
flowed lewdly into her mouth. Akbar's breath was foul and yet, rather
than repelling her, it incited her to new heights of excitement. The
beautiful girl of twenty two matched his pounding lunges with her own
rhythmic thrashings as their two tightly entwined bodies struggled
madly against each other. The sounds of deep lustful breathing and
moans filled the room, mixing with the sounds of their sweaty flesh
smacking together to form of the coupling a symphony of sex and liquidity.

"Shit, oh shit," the idiot murmured over and over to himself as he
ceaselessly slipped the blood-filled cock deep up into her white round
screaming little belly with fantastic long strokes. He could feel his
cum rallying for discharge, building up inside his swollen balls as
they banged against her ass like gongs lambasting water-soaked satin.
He was ready to explode. Ramola could feel her insides splitting
thrillingly as the head of the deeply gouging prick suddenly flared
into a hugeness that caused her to cry out in a surge of simultaneous
joy and pain. It began to spurt and she felt the delicious hot white
liquid shooting into her like scorching fire, ricocheting and sloshing
around inside her stretched
pussy like an eruption of molten lava. She clasped her supple female
muscles around his girth, drinking it in, her simultaneous cumming
spewing back in answer this time.

"Aaaaaaaiiiieeeeeee !" she screamed, squeezing her eyes tightly shut as
they reached the summit together.Her pink quivering cunt was brimming
over with their cum and her heart
pounded beneath her breasts with all the force of a sledge delivering
blow after blow against her ribs.

"Oh sheeeeeeiit! Eaaaaaawwwhh! " Akbar bawled out, his grotesque body
flailing spastically as volley after volley of sticky white sperm shot
up the thick tube in his cock and filled the vault of her belly with
his precious manhood. Clamoring out her second orgasm, Ramola reached
frantically down around her own buttocks with both hands and seized
the deflating balls pressed into the now shallow valley of her anus.
She began to squeeze and wring them to force everything into her as
her legs jerked out high in the air.

"Give it to me, all of it!" she begged, her words muffled by the
tongue still swabbing the inside of her mouth. The hot walls of her
cunt still milked at his jerking cock hungrily until at last he gave
one final involuntary shudder and there was nothing left in his
shriveling testicles .... He was finished ... empty ... sucked dry ...
and his close-set eyes were blank and filmed-over with gratifying
exhaustion. Suddenly, the bald moron collapsed on top of her, feeling
her insides still glowing with warmth around his softening penis....
She seemed superhuman, her limbs still twitching and contracting in
electric sensation as he lay panting across her tensed body, until she
too finally gave a last convulsive jerk and shivered to a limp
stillness, her legs splaying out lifelessly on each side of him on the
bed, one arm outstretched and dangling down doll-like over the edge of
the mattress. She was thoroughly drained, utterly vitiated by the
stormy finale of the first really fulfilling sexual encounter of her
life. It was strange, she mused fuzzily, that the end of the
experience should seem like a beginning of something for her, almost
as though her mind and body had just been launched from the
springboard of her youth into an orbit of maturity and real
womanhood-a realm of existence from which she knew she would never return.

Ramola and the exhausted moron lay still for another moment, her mind
wandering hazily as it tried to piece together fragments of thought.
Her concentration was broken then by Akbar stirring to life on top of
her, muttering to himself as he raised his upper body to the full
height of his straightened arms, only to topple over in a sprawling
position at her side, his cock glistening with the mixed juices of
their orgasms as it fell limp like a fat dying python between his
quaking thighs.
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